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Oct 26, 2010
Hello esteemed members,
My namer is sharky
For months I have been following the very exciting discussion threads posted by various members of this forum and I have been very impressed by the quality, depth and intense maturity displaced by many of the postings. I have come to increasingly rely on the forum for up to date, nationalistic and on your face (amano amano) information, comments and recommendations (although a few I have read have ben a bit too scary!). I am honored to be a member of this progresive forum and would wish we break new grounds to become a movement for change to rescue our beloved country from the clutches of this evil, malevolent, corrupt, "chahakachuarish" and hated bunch who are raping our country and destroying our collective and individual destiny (ies). Recently, going through the posts, and especially during the election reporting process i have noticed a sense of deep collective frustrations and a sense of hopelessness from many a posting. Is this it? Are we going to let them get away with murder? should we just end up complaining and hurling insults to them through the JF while they sit cosyly with their "conscubines" basking in the sun sipping wine and farting down at us oblivious of our frustrations or simply not giving a damn? No sir!
I reckon it is time we transformed our forum into a movement with teeth and destiny- a collective think tank with a concrete ideology and a strategy (ies) for change.
Lets go guys! There is a future waiting for us to catch up with...lets not allow our destinies filter away like the sands of time!
Long live JF! Long live the Movement for Change!

NB: Kibongo nakimanya vilevile na lugha ya post zangu itategemea lugha inayotumika kwa topic jadiliwa


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Nov 1, 2010
we are looking forward to have u here......
ur so wellcome
enjoy ur time:smile::smile::smile:

Toa taarifa ya maudhui yasiyofaa!

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Fanya hivi...

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