Hell is a bad place!

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Oct 24, 2010

Good Guy

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A guy died and was taken to hell.When he got there the devil told him that there are three rooms people like him have to choose to get inside.The man was taken to the first room where he saw another guy being cut in different parts of his body with a knife.The man said
"no not this one,lets try another room."
On the nxt room he saw people line up and being tortured.He said "No lets try the last one."
On the last room he saw a tired old man in chains f**king a realy beutiful young lady.The man said
"Hey this isn't that bad" then he told the devil,
"I want to be in this room."
The devil said "ok" then he looked at the lady and told her
"Lady your time is up,come out."
The man fainted.

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