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Heat at Butiama conclave, as expulsion appeals made

Discussion in 'Habari na Hoja mchanganyiko' started by BAK, Mar 31, 2008.

  1. BAK

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    Mar 31, 2008
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    Kama baadhi ya wajumbe wanataka mafisadi ndani ya CCM wafukuzwe, kitu ambacho kitaungwa mkono na Watanzania wengi, JK kama mwenyekiti wa CCM anangoja nini!? :confused:

    Heat at Butiama conclave, as expulsion appeals made

    2008-03-31 10:20:20
    By Lusekelo Philemon, Musoma

    Scores of CCM National Executive Committee (NEC) members have called for the expulsion from the ruling party of all those directly implicated in recent scandals.

    In particular, the scams are those relating to the emergency electricity generation and supply pact between the government and the controversial Richmond Development Company LLC and the embezzlement of 133 billion/- from the Bank of Tanzania`s External Payment Arrears (EPA) account.

    Sources have intimated that those calling for the measure include Charles Makongoro Nyerere, who doubles as CCM Chairman for Mara Region.

    They are understood to have demanded in the powerful committee`s two-day closed-door meeting at Butiama yesterday that all those associated with the corruption charges be stripped of party membership.

    Some NEC and other members interviewed here by The Guardian have called on party National Chairman Jakaya Kikwete to take a tougher stand on errant ruling party and government officials implicated in scandals.

    They were commenting on Kikwete`s speech at the opening of the NEC meeting on Saturday and made specific reference to CCM and government heavyweights linked to the two scandals who have adamantly pleaded their ?innocence? and refused to resign.

    ?There are people within the party who have been earning the party a bad name by engaging in disgraceful actions and behaviour, including corruption scandals.

    Chairman Kikwete ought to have used his speech to outline concrete measures against such elements for the meeting to discuss and endorse,`` said one of the respondents.

    ``The NEC meeting is an important avenue the party could use to discipline people whose actions and behaviour are unbecoming and contrary to the letter and spirit of the CCM manifesto,`` observed another.

    Opening the Butiama meeting, Chairman Kikwete declared that the party had no plans to revert to the nationalisation of people`s property.

    ``Contrary to what some people may be thinking, it is not the intention of the meeting to make deliberations set to lead into the nationalization of people`s property.

    All those with fears or worries to that effect should disabuse themselves of those fears or worries,`` he said, adding that the meeting would concentrate on ?important national issues``.

    A total of 196 out of the 208 NEC members are attending the meeting at Butiama, the home village of Father of the Nation and Founding President Mwalimu Julius Kambarage Nyerere.

    Until we went to press last night, there was no official press briefing on the outcome of the last session of the crucial meeting.

    But intermittent power cuts forced brief postponements of the meeting, once making members break for supper just before 8pm before resuming deliberations.

    Among other things, the meeting was widely expected to endorse modalities seeking to end the political stand-off between CCM and the opposition Civic United Front in Zanzibar.

    That would set the stage for improved relations among Zanzibaris, possibly including a government of national unity for the Isles.

    SOURCE: Guardian

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  2. M

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    Mar 31, 2008
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    Hii inaweza isitokee kwenye karne hii. Usishangae kama itaundwa tume kupendekeza kama mafisadi wafukuzwe au wabaki, au ikaitishwa kura ya maoni kuuliza wananchi kama mafisadi kina Mkono na Chenge wafukuzwe uanachama na kufunguliwa mashtaka au la.

    Zaidi usishangae ikiundwa kamati maalumu ya raisi ambayo itakuwa chini ya Lowasa kuchunguza na kupendekeza nini kifanyike katika suala la utata wa uraia wa Rostam Azizi