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Haya tena wale wapenzi wa chui wa barafu namna ya kumuweka katika computer huyo hapo

Discussion in 'Tech, Gadgets & Science Forum' started by MziziMkavu, Aug 6, 2011.

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    Aug 6, 2011
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    ENJOY !! The best
    operatingsystem serving the
    ENJOY !! The best
    operatingsystem serving the
    planet !! Mac OSX Snowleopard !
    This image comes with absolutely no warranty !!
    You are using this entirely at your own risk !!
    This image is designed to run Mac OSX SnowLeopard on generic Intel PC’s...
    And while I have done everything reasonable to ensure that it functions as intended, I cannot test it inevery situation. If this causes something bad to happen to your Mac or PC... Don’t blame me !! but
    yourself ......

    Full Mac OSX Snowleopard 10.6.2 install for bootable portable8GB (USB) disks for Generic Intel PC’s [MacOSX Install]

    iPortable Snow x86 optimized Mac OSX 10.6.2Snowleopard CopyCatX MBR image for genericIntel PC•s (32/64bit) and (SSE2/SSE3) or higher..

    Based on previous and never released iPortable 10.5.8 and Hazard’s patched Snowleopard 10.6.1

    10.6.2 and Snowleopard Server 10.6.2 distro, Empire EFI and MyHack releases...
    Re-ripped, tweaked and optimized by ProtocolX to make it almost booting on any Intel chipset PC!
    Powered by Chameleon 2.0 RC4 r684 bootloader

    Read carefully !!!
    AMD not yet supported.. Intel only [SSE2/SSE3] or higher..
    English and Dutch only !! All other system languages and left over PPC
    architectures are removed !! You can always re-install more languages very easy..

    This is a full Mac OSX Snowleopard 10.6.2 installation! No account is created, registration
    screen will be loaded at first boot. (Only removed big file is Alex’s voice)


    To prevent booting problems on serveral systems. They are zipped and moved to:
    Hackintosh tools/Snow Drivers/Video Drivers/Removed Video Kexts...
    Use Kexthelper B7 to re-install your videokexts before trying enabling graphics.


    The default bootmode of this iPortable Snow is 32bits. So it can run even on an old Intel
    SSE2 processor. (SSE3 is recommended..) But no 64bit code is removed offcourse... You
    always can still use this Snowleopard in full 64bits mode.

    To enable 64bit in Snowleopard

    Type in bootloader:

    arch=x86_64 (Boot in 32/64bits mode) or -force64 (Force booting in 64bit)

    INSTALL TO USB STICK (one physical harddrive install)INSTALL TO USB STICK (one physical harddrive install)
    Put your > 8GB USB pendrive or select other (USB) harddrive in your
    computer with MacOSX 10.3 to 10.6 installed (CopyCatX is universal).
    Start Diskutility in Utilities folder.. You’re whole harddrive will be erased!

    For USB stick: Partition drive to 1 partition: ‘Mac OS Extended (journaled)’
    Make sure that you selected ‘Master Boot Record’ by options (4) !!

    5. Select ‘Master Boot Record’ and click ‘ok’ and ‘apply’ (6)..
    You’re USB stick is ready for installing iPortable Snow now.
    Go to CopyCatX install instructions on page 5 to finish installation..

    INSTALL TO PARTITION (Existing harddrive partition install)INSTALL TO PARTITION (Existing harddrive partition install)
    1. Select your already existing partition on any harddrive attached to your
    computer.. 2. Select ‘erase’ and click on ‘erase’ as shown in step 3
    Your partition should be ready now to install iPortable Snow x86. Go to
    CopyCatx installation instructions on next page to finish installation.
    Note: Offcourse you can also select any other partition on an external orinternal harddrive attached on your computer (Hackintosh).
    WARNING: DO NOT install iPortable Bootfix on your internal rootdisk
    on a real Apple computer!!
    You may get a kernel panic right away when booting!!
    And a potential risk that your Mac will not be able to boot anymore..
    So watch out what you’re doing...

    CopyCatX iPortable Snow x86 installation:CopyCatX iPortable Snow x86 installation:
    1. Launch CopyCatX included in iPortable Snow installer.
    2. Select harddrive or partition you just prepared with Diskutility
    3. Click on ‘Backup/Restore’ You will see a window screen as shown in
    picture on page 6.
    4. Select ‘Restore‘ as shown in picture on next page 6.

    5. Click on ‘OK‘ to start iPortable installing procedure.
    Now you will be asked to select the image to restore, you have to select
    the iPortable_Snow_x86 image included in iPortable Snow Installer.

    Mount the iPortable Snow installer .dmg. (if not already mounted)
    Select the iPortable_Snow_x86.volarchive as shown in picture on page 7

    1. Select mounted iPortable .dmg image in Finder. The CopyCatX volarchive
    will be visible as shown in picture above.
    2. Select the iPortable_Snow_x86 image. (other files just can’t be selected)
    3. Click ‘open‘ to continue iPortable cloning procedure.

    Click ‘OK’ to start cloning iPortable Snow to your destination!!
    The iPortable Snow installation should be completed now in
    between 2 and 14 minutes!!
    Click ‘OK’ to start cloning iPortable Snow to your destination!!
    The iPortable Snow installation should be completed now in
    between 2 and 14 minutes!!
    It should be bootable now in almost any computer with Intel
    processor. Try to set (USB) stick or harddrive to 1st harddrive in BIOS
    or just select it in your BIOS startmenu.

    If iPortable won’t boot.. (Blinking cursor or MBR errors)
    Install iPortable Bootfix on destination disk to make it bootable!!
    You may check also your bootflag with G-Parted live CD!!

    Diskutility can’t repair the disk in this situation.. First be sure that thecloning procedure is finished.. Sometimes this error can occure before
    the cloning proces is finished. Sometimes you’ve got to ‘force quit‘
    CopyCatX. Look in iPortable First Aid package.

    With rebuilding volume with ‘DiskWarrior’ you can fix this!!

    You may have to install iPortable Boot Fix on destination disk after
    rebuilding volume with Diskwarrior in case it won’t boot anymore!!
    Select your iPortable harddisk and click ‘rebuild’ after a while you
    have to click ‘replace’.
    After rebuilding your volume you may have to install iPortable bootfix
    on destination disk. Otherwise it may not boot anymore! In case it stilldoesn’t boot check bootflag with G-Parted LiveCD!

    Set bootflag with G-parted editorSet bootflag with G-parted editor
    Download the latest release of G-Parted liveCD (or other Linux distro
    where G-parted editor is avaible. gparted-live-0.5.1-1.iso is currently the
    latest stable release. Burn .iso image to CD or obtain the USB installer
    to run from USB pendrive or disk. Put in your iPortable_Snow_x86 disk
    that won’t boot and start G-Parted LiveCD.
    Select your iPortable disk here:

    Select your iPortable partition here. Click right mouse button and

    select ‘Manage Flags’ as shown in picture. Set ‘bootflag’. And rebootyour computer. Your iPortable partition should be bootable now.
    Otherwise you may have to choose ‘device’ in Gparted and ‘set disk label’to repartition your whole drive to msdos label. Start the cloning proces

    Troubleshoot first boot iPortable Snow x86Troubleshoot first boot iPortable Snow x86
    Put in your (USB) pendrive or other harddrive like eSATA external
    device and check your BIOS to setup your iPortable disk as 1st boot
    device or check shortkey for BIOS bootmenu and select your (USB)
    pendrive or other harddrive with iPortable installed. If you might get a
    EBIOS read error: Device timeout you have to wait 1 minute or so..

    You should get a screen like this: hit spacebar or any key and type: -v
    or -v -f For Intel Dual Core processor you can type: mach_kernel -v

    Some Intel® i7 core processors also need different bootflags to boot. Like:
    busratio=20 fsb=133 cpus=1 -x -v or: busratio=20 cpus=1 -x -t -v or just:
    cpus=1 busratio=20 -v Recommended kernel for i7 core is: mach_kernel

    You can try different kernels but if you can run vanillakernel (mach_kernel)
    that should be the best option.

    Check picture on next page for example bootflag for i7 core PC’s

    Sometimes you have to rebuild your mkext for proper boot. Type -v -f
    (-f force rebuilding extensions cache)
    Boot in single usermode and safemode use: -x -s (recommended for
    Some other system with 4GB or more RAM installed need bootflag:
    maxmem=4087 or just maxmem=2048

    Some need to skip registration because it crashes on registration screen or
    just get a bluescreen with mouse. Just type: -s -v You should get a prompt
    now where you can type.

    Type: /sbin/fsck -fy <enter>
    /sbin/mount -uw / <enter>
    touch /private/var/db/.AppleSetupDone <enter>

    You also can repair kextpermissions with -s (single user mode)

    Again boot with -s -v


    sudo -s

    rm -Rf "/Volumes/iPortable_Snow_x86/System/Library/
    Extensions.mkext" <enter>

    chmod -R 755 "/Volumes/iPortable_Snow_x86/System/Library/
    Extensions" <enter>

    chown -R root:wheel "/Volumes/iPortable_Snow_x86/System/
    Library/Extensions" <enter>

    touch "/Volumes/iPortable_Snow_x86/System/Library/Extensions/"

    kextcache -v -l -t -m "/Volumes/iPortable_Snow_x86/System/
    Library/Extensions.mkext" "/Volumes/iPortable_Snow_x86/System/
    Library/Extensions" <enter>

    kextcache -v 1 -t -m "/Volumes/iPortable_Snow_x86/System/
    Library/Caches/com.apple.kext.caches/Startup/Extensions.mkext" "/
    Volumes/iPortable_Snow_x86/System/Library/Extensions/" <enter>

    If you get a bluescreen with only a mouse cursor you might also usebootflag: platform=X86PC -v or with PciRoot=0 or PciRoot=1

    There are hundreds combinations of bootflags that might do the trick,
    but you should it find it out your self... Every PC has it own settingsand such. On next page a couple of bootflags with explanation

    more options for Darwin's promt:

    * -f This forces rebuilding of extensions cache
    * -s Boots into a single user command line mode
    * -v Verbose, boots in text mode showing all debug info and errors
    * -x Boots into safe mode
    * -F Ignore configurationfile

    * rd=disk0s1 - Tells Darwin to boot from a certain partition specified in BSD
    (Disk 0 specifies first HDD and s1 specifies first partition as 0 is the MBR.)
    * cpus=1 Tells the system how many CPUs or cores to use, useful for Core Duo users.
    * platform=X86PC - Can be used if problems with normal booting, ACPI is another option here
    * -legacy Boots OS X in 32bit mode rather than 64bit if 64bit is used due to a 64bit processor
    * idehalt=0 May stop stuttering
    * "Graphics Mode"="WIDTHxHEIGHTxDEPTH" (e.g. "1024x768x32")
    For VESA 3.0 graphics, you may append a refresh rate
    after an "@" character (e.g. "1280x1024x32@75")
    You have may have to put extra extensions in ‘extra’ folder on root.
    These will be loaded at boot with chameleon bootloader. check google
    for kexts. Downloads - Kexts.com may have the right kexts for you...

    Chameleon bootloader has it own bootflags also.
    Check Chameleon: Bring Mac OS X Developers Together for more info.

    On next page a few quick steps to do at first login...
    This will optimize your iPortable installation.

    First login iPortable Snow x86First login iPortable Snow x86
    Launch DSTD patcher GUI. As shown on next page. Select your
    iPortable disk as target disk and click: ‘Run DSDT patcher‘ It should be
    generated on your root partition.

    with ‘pfix’ find shortcut in hackintosh tools folder on root.

    Just run ‘pfix’ script and drag and drop your iPortable disk from
    desktop from your mac or hack into the terminal.
    Hit enter and type your password.

    Next page will show you the last step to do when you’re logged in Mac
    OSX already.

    When ‘Kext Utility’ is finished you may reboot...

    To enable Graphics you must install videokexts they are located:
    Hackintosh tools/Snow Drivers/Video drivers. Just run Kexthelper,
    drag all videokexts into Kexthelper window. enter password.
    Remove framebufferdisabler.kext from ‘extensions’ folder in ‘extra’
    Enjoy iPortable Snow!!

    Included kernels for switching and testing:Included kernels for switching and testing:
    chocolate_kernel 10.0.0 legacy kernel supports SSE2 and SSE3. Do not use
    on Intel 2 core duo and i7 core processors! Supports a lot ofdifferent configurations!
    anv_kernel 10.2.0 kernel for Intel and AMD 10.2.0 SSE2/SSE3. SSE2
    users might have problem with some applications. No full onthe fly cpuid patcher yet. It's still in beta stage. UseChameleon RC3 PCEFI 10.5 (recomended).
    To boot in 64-bit mode use -force64
    atom_kernel Rebuilded 10.2.0 kernel for Intel® Atom processors. Since
    update 10.6.2 these processors aren•t supported anymorewith mach_kernel. A lot of netbooks uses this processor!
    legacy_kernel New legacy 10.2.0 kernel made from sources of Voodoo
    XNU. This kernel includes emulation SEE2/SEE3 for old
    processors like Pentium 4's. It is also compatible with AMD
    processors. Don't use this kernels on i7 processors or youwill get kernel panic. Try vanilla (mach_kernel) instead.
    Some i5 core processors will work with this kernel withcustom bootflag.
    blackknight_kernel 10.2.0 kernel AnV/Qoopz/Voodoo-based with corrected
    Phenom FSB detection. No full on the fly cpuid patcher yet.
    Works with maximum overclocking on Phenom CPU-s.
    Chameleon RC3 PCEFI 10.5 (recomended).
    To boot in 64-bit mode use -force64.
    This kernel might also solve 100% CPU use with Intel SSE2systems.
    mach_kernel Orginal •vanilla• kernel 10.2.0 kernel from Apple. This is an
    unmodified kernel that ships with the Mac OSX Snowleopard10.6.2 update. This doesn•t work anymore with Atom
    processors. This only works with a SSSE3 processor or
    higher!! Intel2core Duo, i7 core processors can run thiskernel

    Included 3rd party applicationsIncluded 3rd party applications
    -EZ 7z-KCNScrew-LiquidCD-Property List Editor-Smultron-Stuffit Expander-Transmission-UnRARx-BetterZip

    (Very good file compressor)
    (january 2010) (a lot of information of applications and serials)
    (Very good CD/DVD burner without the need of CI/QE)
    (Plist editor from Apple)
    (Handy HTML editor)
    (Extract a lot of different compressed archives)

    (Lightweight very fine torrent client)
    (Extracts the populair .RAR archives, also parts..)
    (Can compress and extract zip archives)

    Included 3rd party Utilities
    -Appcleaner-Carbon Copy Cloner-CopyCatX-Diskwarrior 4.2
    -Clonetools H1

    (De-install applications in a proper way, removes also clutter)
    (Free and fine cloner for backup and rescue tasks)
    (Best solution for making exact copy’s of volumes)
    (Fixes corrupted harddisks)

    Also a cloner, this cloner can clone a live running OSX!!,
    so you can clone a live and running iPortable to your internal harddisk!!!

    Included OSx86 Hackintosh Utiltities

    32-64-bit Kernel Startup Mode SelectorAMD Patcher (leo)
    About This Mac ModifierAnyToISO 2.5.1 - KeygenAnyToISOAppleHDAPatcherv1.20BootCDMakerBootloadersCPU-XCPU-iChangeVisibilityChecksumCustom DVD SlimbuildGUI-1DPCIManagerDSDT Patcher GUIDSDTSEDisk OrderDisplayUtilityEFI partition MounterEFIStudio 1.1EFiXUpdaterEvOToolsX (snow)
    Extensions-RepairGfx UtilitiesHexEditorsHide FoldersINSTAHackintosh (beta)
    IORegistryExplorerIPObserverKernel64EnablerKext Helper b7Kext UtilityKextSpyKextStatInfoKeyViewerLizardMKextTool-1.0
    MSR ToolsMan ViewerMarvin's AMD Utility v.25NVCAP Maker 1.4NetbookBootMaker 0.8.3NetbookInstaller 0.8.3 RC4Network DiagnosticsOSx86 UpdateOSx86toolsPPCKextsRemoverPPF-O-MaticPPFMasterPacifistPackageMakerPartitionsListPlistEdit ProPref SetterPreferential TreatmentProperty List Editor 2.2Quartz DebugQuartzSimpleRepair & Set Permissions scriptsRepairKexts PermissionSMART UtilitySpindownHDSuper_PISwitchResX ControlUSB ProberUUIDGeneratorUniversal CheckerUniversal OSx86 InstallerWinclonefreeMemiASLMeiPatchmCoreTest64mkextMakerunHiddenIT

    BIG THX to: Kalyway, Maxxuss, Dune , Dense , modbin, jas , Joe75 , etorix , netkas ,
    rp4k , tehmachacker ,zef , kabyl , magicone, kaitek jacquesdupontd , lastexile ,
    chiva4ry , Uphuck, rofl , unisex ,asap18 ,iAtkos, XyZ, Crazor, fassl, iNDi, Turbo,
    mackerintel, mecurysquad, Munky, sckevyn, Zef, cosmo1t, dfe, , XxX, PCWiz team,
    VoodooTeam, Prasys, StageXNU, Auqamac, Steven Lin yourself and all the
    others ! U know who you are!

    Think of this as of a demo version
    and as of a free marketing
    campaign. Therefore, let it be...

    ENJOY ! the best
    operatingsystem serving the
    planet !.....if you love MacOSX
    think to buy it !!!

    Apple produces amazing software and amazing computers. Do yourself a favour and support
    them as we do !!!

    This live iPortable Snow should only be used to preview Mac OS X Leopard. If you really like Mac OS X
    Leopard and you want to use it............

    you maybe should get a real Mac. If buying a real Mac is too much, you can, at least, buy a
    license for Mac OS X Leopard...

    last update 03-feb-2010 by Protocol-X

    Website yake ni hapa Ku download iPortable Snow OSx86 10.6.2 Bootable USB image [Intel SSE2/SSE3] (download torrent) - TPB

    Kabla hujaweka unasoma maelezo yake pale palipo andikwa hivi iportable snow Leopard Read Me. Hii Kitu sio Mchezo nzuri sana Chui wa Barafu huyu......................