Hawa watu ni wa ukweli?


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May 26, 2009
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Dear Enny,

Every year, the US State Department is giving away 55,000 Immigration Visas (also known as Green Cards) to people just like you, who wish to live and work in the USA.
You have a chance to win a Green Card too! All you need to do is register here, and let the USAFIS Organization handle your application for the lottery.

Click here to sign up for the Green Card Lottery

  • USAFIS organization guarantees your application will enter the lottery.
  • All the winners in the Green Card Lottery get Green Cards for themselves and for their whole family as well: husband/wife and children under 21.
  • Green Card holders become US residents, equal to US citizens in everything except the right to vote.
  • You may apply from any country, inside USA and out.

Dan Gold
USAFIS Organization

Don't hesitate to contact the USAFIS Organization through our online contact form, just use this link.

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OR Send a postal request to: USAFIS Organization, 2576 Broadway # 443 New York, NY 10025 U.S.A
Wanakuinga inga hao; ukijilengesha tu; watakudai pochi ya malipo mbali mbali; tena huwa sio nyingi ya hivyo. Ila ukidunduliza, inakuwa ndefu.
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