Have you ever become a Founding Member of a business with global outreach?


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Dec 9, 2013
Great opportunities are always blurred when they originate. Here is one of those, a free opportunity to become a Founding Member of next generation global App and hence get opportunity to leave the legacy that will outlive your future generations.

Perfect App will enable you to have fun, do business, sell your expertise, play skill games, watch PI Entertainment and News TV, get tipped of the great discounted deals in your local area according to your specification, watch the first online global interactive talents contest where audience is a judge, be your own editor by specifying what type of news you would like to hear, connect with friends across the globe, promote your businesses/programs for free using forums and much more free stuff.

It is getting even better and here is a kicker - you will be paid for each hour of opening this App in your computer or mobile phone and for each hour of opening this App by the people you will invite using your personal invitation link that you will get soon after joining and those who will be invited by the people you will invite 4 generations deep.

The first payment will be effected to you after your earnings have accumulated to at least $50 where $25 is the cost of Perfect Internet Debit Card that will be shipped to you and $25 is the minimum amount that Perfect Internet can load in any Debit Card of its members. Perfect Internet Debit Cards are international Debit Cards issued by Master Card which will enable you to withdraw money anywhere in this world from any ATM machine connected to VISA network as most ATMs of large local and international banks are. You also can do shopping anywhere in this world from shops that allows Master Card as a mode of payment.

Great opportunities don't last. They are finite. This one is not an exception. Only 2 months left before this opportunity lapses on 28th February 2014. After this cut-off date, only those who joined this opportunity before the deadline will be able to cash in for utilization of this App by people they will invite after the deadline.

The network you will create in this business model will be your permanent asset. In case of death, your asset will be transferred to your heirs.
REMEMBER, you have nothing to loose by taking this opportunity as you don't pay a dime to hold it but you have everything to loose if you will let it go.

Get the detail of this deal and other opportunities within Perfect Internet as well as a link to join Perfect Internet here http://www.allcakez.com/english-2

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