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Oct 5, 2007
To Dear our customers, Good day to you,
Trust you and all your family members are fine.
This is Toru Ogawa, staff of Autorec Enterprise Ltd. Japan.

Thank you very much for your kind and daily support to us and we have been working hard and enjoyng doing business in Tanzania.

On the 6th of March, we have sent you a letter about the problem we have, re; confusion because of the wrong judgement of manufactured year of the vehicle by the Custom Authority in Tanzania.

As you know, in Tanzania, New Import regulation has been introduced since July, 2006. Now, if one will import used vehicles whose age is exceeding 10 years, they will be subject to the penalty of extra 20% excise duty.

And we are to respect the country's policy and your Government Laws.

But most unfortunatley, some of our customer were suffered from being charged such extra exercise duty as a penalty, even the vehicle is NOT of over 10 years old. Because, the Custom officials who must have found the Seat belt tag showing1998, judged the model is to be of over 10 years of its age.

But, as we have explained earlier, the year of the seat belt is not always correct to the manufactured date of the vehicle itself. The year of the seat belt, is Yes, the date of manufacturing of the seat belt itself, but quite often, such belts are being fitted on to the newer model vehicle, because of the over production or surplus, and that is not right way to judge the Model year of the vehicle.

And in order to solve this matter, we have been working very hard with the Japanese Embassy of Dar-es-Salaam, and have been approaching to various Authorities to review the whole issue. And this time, on the 27th of March, Commissioner for Customs and Excise, Mr. George P.E. Lauwo has invited Mr. Masao Kuwabara, Manager of Autorec Tanzania Ltd. to his office to have meeting over this issue, and they have had very serious discussion.

We will first, wish to say thank Mr. George Lauwo, Commissioner for Customs and Excise who has kindly given our staff Masao a precious time to discuss the matter. And this is our greatest honour to have the meeting with Commissioner.

We had explained all what happened, our present Japanese system, and how to improve the situation etc. clearly to the Commissioner, and as a result he has kindly understood the situation and kindly given us a word of promise, to treat our Official paperwork as genuine one, and we are to thankful to his wonderful solution.

The Commissioner has agreed to treat the Vehicle manufactured year according to the Official documents that is being supported by the Original Export certificate ( Registration Certificate ) and also by the JAAI Certificate.

Therefore, we understand that here after, all who purchase vehicles from Autorec Enterprise Ltd. will not face this kind of problem any more in the future!

We are very much honored to tell that this decision will encourage the business between our two countries, and we both can contribute to the progress of the society. When we heard such news through Masao Kuwabara, Manager of Autorec Tanzania Ltd, We are more than happy, and at the same time, we are to praise his name Mr. George Lauwo, Commissioner for Customs and Excise, and to respect his big decision.

Thank you very much.
With many thanks, Toru Ogawa AUTOREC ENTERPRISE LTD.
ADDRESS:2-1 Nishishijimi Yatomi Aichi 490-1427 Japan.

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