Gunfire as Opposition FDC grabs Mbale seat



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Nov 22, 2007


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Forum for Democratic Change candidate Jack Wamanga Wamai was last night declared the new Mbale Municipality MP after humiliating six other candidates in a contest punctuated by gunshots. The FDC man polled 4,776 votes to edge the official NRM flag bearer, Mr John Wambogo, who garnered 3,875 votes. Dr Shinyabulo Mutende, an NRM Independent candidate came third with 1,199 votes. The other five candidates got less than 400 votes altogether.

A fractured NRM
For the FDC, it was a victory attained through skilful campaigning just as it was a triumph largely aided by a fractured NRM party that could not agree on a single candidate. Protesting alleged rigging in the primaries, Mr Mutende contested as an NRM Independent. Not even President Museveni’s late attempt to unite the camps bore fruit.

After FDC’s victory, supporters of NRM are likely to point fingers at themselves rather than at the FDC. Dr Mutende votes combined with Wambogo’s would have given the NRM 300 votes above what the FDC got but sharing them between two meant passing the victory button to Mr Wamanga Wamai.

“It is good news. I expected it because the people of Mbale are not fools. They have spoken. It is not my vote but a vote against a system which is rotten, riddled by corruption and this is the only way the people think the trend can be reversed,” said the victorious Wamanga. “I will do my best to turn this town from what it is now as a municipality to a city status.”

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