Government mulls helping Z`bar end power problems



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Government mulls helping Z`bar end power problems

By Felister Peter

30th January 2010

Zanzibar`s Chief Minister Shamsi Vuai Nahodha.

The government, through the Ministry of Finance and Economic Affairs, is looking into the possibility of assisting Zanzibar to end its power problems.
Pinda said this in Dodoma on Thursday when responding to a question from Chambani legislator Salim Hemed Khamis, who wanted to know efforts being made by the government to end electricity problems in Zanzibar.

Pinda said that his office had received a letter from Zanzibar's Chief Minister Shamsi Vuai Nahodha asking the government to help them end the current power problems.

"We gave all the responsibility to the finance minister who will see how we can support the people of Zanzibar to restore electricity services," said the premier.

He said the isles power problems were mostly associated with old systems which needed to be replaced or overhauled.
He, however, cautioned that Tanzania Electric Supply Company (Tanesco) had nothing to do with the current power problems besetting Zanzibar.

"It's only the government which can assist to solve power problems in Zanzibar and not Tanesco", he said.
Earlier, Chambani MP Salim Hemed Khamis had said that Zanzibar Electric Company (ZECO) had incurred a 200bn/- loss due to power problems.

Meanwhile, the premier has called on the authorities in Manyoni and Sikonge districts to find ways of solving land conflicts for the benefits of Kalangali villagers.
He also suggested that Kalangali villagers should continue to get important social services from Manyoni District, Singida Region, although, according to the country's map, the village was in Sikonge District, Tabora Region.

He was responding to a query from Sikonge legislator Said Nkumba, who had called for government intervention in the twenty-year-old land conflict.
"I visited the area and I was informed about the land conflict between the two districts, but this should not be taken as a big issue. Let the villagers continue getting social services from Manyoni District," said Pinda.

He said sometimes politicians contributed to making simple land conflicts to become big, stressing that in reality, such problems could be solved at a local governments' level.
He added that it was not wrong for Kalangali villagers to cast their votes in Manyoni District during the forthcoming general elections.


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