Google Threatens to Pull out of China



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Apr 16, 2008


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In a move that shell shocked lots of net citizens and analysts.Google released the threat through its SVP Dummond,and it's unlikely that the Chinese Government known for its stubbornness towards freedom of speech will bend to Google's ultimatum to provide a censorship free environment for Google in china.

To verify that Google is serious,a search of tianamen square in is now identical to the same query when done in move cheered lots of Human rights activists.

the question is,"is Google Big enough to stand against the words' 2nd biggest economy?).Likely YES.with billions in operating profits annually, a few hundred milions seems like pocket change.

Affected will be Google 80 million users in china mainland as well as endless partners in IT sector.

having a 34.5% market share Google will likely feel the pinch from walking away from $600 millions of profits yearly.BUT some analysts are predicting that this move by Google is a read in the future of censorship free china.and what Google is doing now will likely help them 10-20 years later..,not now.

also Google will likely close down its China offices,research centers as well as entirely pull out of partnership with Chinese companies.Since if is closed it will be nearly impossible for Google related business to survive in China due to government harassment.

Google's major chinese local comptetitor 58.5% market share) will likely dominate the market now that the main threat is gone for good.but experts believe that if this happens it will likely announce the death of as a global Brand,as it will appear as if they have worked out some magic with Chinese government for Total control of Information,not a good image in global Cooperate relationships.

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