Google Chrome 8 Stable Build Released


Feb 11, 2006
Samir Makwana, Dec 03, 2010


  • Features built-in PDF Reader, Chrome Web Store Support and over 800 bug fixes
Google has announced the release of a stable build of Chrome 8 web browser. Apart from several bug fixes, it brings features like PDF Viewer and support for Chrome Web Apps store. New Chrome 8.0.552.215 version is a stable version that graduated from the Chrome 8.0.552.215 beta version. Google claims to bring over 800 bug fixes and stability improvement in this Chrome 8 build.

New Google Chrome 8.0.552.215 version uses the PDF Viewer with sandboxing technique that was available for Beta builds of the same. It's the same sandboxing technique that Adobe is planning to implement in the next major Reader as well as Acrobat releases. Chrome's sandboxing technique takes a particular tab showing PDF file in an isolation mode.

Even if the PDF file carries malicious code, it would not be able to modify and harm the system information or gain access to system processes. So if you kill that PDF page, you can still continue browsing on other tabs and the web browser doesn't crash much. Over 800 bug fixes and security fixes promise a hiccup-free performance of the browser and initial usage indicate that Chrome 8 is almost two times faster than Chrome 7.


Chrome 8 also brings built-in support for Chrome Web Store that will allow users to search free or paid web apps. These Web Apps for Chrome would be browsable by categories and would display auto-generated as well curated lists. Google Chromium Project software engineer Kathy W mentioned the existence of Chrome Web Store support in Chrome 8 even though the official blog post doesn't say a word about it. Developers can learn more about Web Store from here.


Google recently changed the Gmail home page with a new fresh looking icon. Google also plans to slowly update new icons for its Google Docs, Google Calendar and finally the Chrome Web Store icon. Check out the new icons spotted by Unofficial Google Operating System blog.

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