Good governance? Where?


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Feb 11, 2007
Good governance? Where?
Adam lusekelo
Daily News; Wednesday,April 16, 2008 @16:03

I DON'T know what the fuss is all about. A Tanzanian minister has been caught with a million dollars salted away in offshore account in Jersey. People have been fussing a lot about this matter. I don't know why. I mean its only a million bucks!

The mheshimiwa has admitted having some serious bread stashed away. But he has categorically denied that the dosh has anything to do with the sale of a military radar in 2001.Very honest guy, I must say. That is the type of rulers we need in Tanzania . Honest and upright!

Not the type of rulers who are pussyfooting with the EPA and Richmond rip-offs. Seriously, we badly need honesty. I am sure that the senior minister, as some hacks call him, can explain how he got million bucks salted away in Jersey .

He could say that he is a tight-fisted fellow and does not spend his money like some of us mortals who spend our money on food and drink and chicks or guys. He could say he saved his salary from the time he started his job as state attorney back in 1972.

He could say he had sold all of his cows. The minister in the president's office (good governance) Sofia Simba speculated could be the case. For a million dollars, that is a lot of cow. He could say that he has some stock in the Tangold company worth tonnes of money.

There are many explanations for salting away such sums of dollars. He could say that he bred chickens. Millions of kukus which he sold in supermarkets in Britain, the proceeds of which would be saved in Jersey.

The minister for great government, Sofia Simba, has said she is waiting for the law to take its own hand. I was just wondering which law is she talking about. Because there is law for the rest of us and law especially for rulers which always finds them innocent before and after the trial. We only jail people who steal chickens. The jails are full of them.

But I don't see the senior ministers even being questioned about how they made their millions. It is simply impolite and not in our culture! If anything, the guy could be promoted to deputy prime minister in charge of government procurement or something.

I suggest that we change the wording in the swearing-in of rulers. They should not hold the holy books and start lying about serving their countries steadfastly and honestly. I would be more accommodating with:

"I, Adam Lusekelo, hereby solemnly swear to loot this country to the best of my ability. Not a penny will pass in front of me which will be safe from my able clutches. I will steal like there is no tomorrow. So help me God!"
hawa mafisadi hawamuogopi Mungu jamani, wanafanya vitendo vibaya ambavyo ni sawa na kula nyama ya binadamu! Sura zao na hata maongezi yao ni tofauti na matendo yao. Walijiimbia wanamuziki MACHONI KAMA WATU LAKINI MOYONI HAWANA UTU, IMANI IMETOWEKA MABAYA YANAONGEZEKA
Bila accountability hakuwezi kuwa na good governance, na hili ni tatizo serikalini maana hakuna kiongozi hata mmoja ambye yuko tayari kuwajibika, hiyo hakutakuwa na good governance ndani ya serikali, wanaona pesa ya watanzania ni ya kula tu maana hakuna wa kukuuliza
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