Goba water team disbanded over fraud


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Aug 30, 2007

Three people https://jamii.app/JFUserGuide it up for 11,000 :-(

Goba water team disbanded over fraud
Daily News; Friday,October 26, 2007 @00:09
A three-member team accused of embezzling 217m/- meant for provision of water to over 11,000 people at Goba in the outskirts of Dar es Salaam has been disbanded.

In a public rally over the weekend that was presided over by the Kinondoni Member of Parliament, Mr Charles Keenja and the Goba Councillor, Ibrahim Kisoke, the trio of the Goba Water Project, Mr Meinrad Lupenza, Mr Gasper Msasa and Mama Beda were dumbfounded after a two page message was read by Mr Emmanuel Chacha on behalf of Goba residents.

According to the message, the project was scandalously structured where it was registered under Mr Lupenza and the trustees had failed to remit 12m/- to the Dar es Salaam Water and Sewage Corporation (DAWASCO) and caused the residents of Goba to be without piped water for three consecutive weeks.

However, an official said registration in one name was not an issue because for ‘operation purposes’ in a community based project, it simplified the collection of funds.

Mr Chacha alleged that there was no way the project failed to pay 12m/- because taking estimates the costs of DAWASCO when the project begun in 2005 of 10.80/- with 98,187 cubic metres of water having ran to date, after all costs were paid, 217m/- should be in the bank.

He said according to statistics obtained from DAWASCO got from the metre at Tangi bovu, until it was removed, the reading read 98,187 cubic metres which is equivalent to 98,178,000 litres. The average of 20 litres per bucket is 4,908,900 and that the cost per bucket in Goba is 40/- (though it has shot up to 50/- recently) times the average is 198m/.

Mr Chacha also alleged that the trustees were extorting money from people for water connection where different people paid different prices ranging from 200,000 to 700,000 as a consultation fee on whether you deserved to be given water or not.

He explained however that assuming the 105 customers who needed water to be connected to their houses all paid 200,000 then what should be in the coffers should be 21m/- which when computed should total to 217m/-.

During the proceedings of the meeting, the crowd of hundreds comprising of women, men and children went into frenzy when an elder man from the crowd, Mzee Sultan Mheka broke down in tears, crying and pledging to the MP to help restore the water.

After the team was disbanded, Mr Keenja formed a task force comprising of four members of the Goba community and said that he would arrange for a government auditor to check the books of the water project.

Mr Lupenza after the water project committee was disbanded said that he was glad that the committee was dissolved for it was taking much of his time and had planned to resign from the chairmanship.

Meanwhile the Goba Councillor, Mr Ibrahim Kisoke yesterday said that he together with Mr Keenja had managed to secure 4m/- and had already paid it to DAWASCO who had agreed to open the taps after an additional 1.2m/- had earlier on been presented.
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