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Germany will win World Cup Professor proves

Discussion in 'Sports' started by ngoshwe, Apr 22, 2010.

  1. ngoshwe

    ngoshwe JF-Expert Member

    Apr 22, 2010
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    World Cup 2010 - Professor proves Germany will win World Cup

    A university professor says he has proved that Germany will win the 2010 World Cup after devising a mathematical formula that calculates the winner.

    Prof Metin Tolan, a German physics lecturer, has written a formula based on trigonometry which analyses results from previous World Cup finals in order to predict the winner of this summer's tournament.
    Germany have won the World Cup on three occasions, in 1954, 1974, and 1990 with an average finishing place of 3.7, and Prof Tolan says his formula proves without any doubt that his home country will prevail in South Africa.
    "It is very simple, all my calculations prove this," he told German magazine "Zeit Wissen".
    "The last time we won the World Cup was back in 1990 and there have been four tournaments since," explained Tolan.
    "The average finishing place of the Germany team is 3.7 and the German team wins the title every fourth or fifth World Cup.
    "Nobody can beat us this year and you can already put the champagne on ice."
    Prof Tolan is clearly undeterred from his previous failed formulas, after he predicted that Germany would win the last World Cup which they hosted, as Jurgen Klinsmann's side were defeated by eventual victors Italy in the semi-finals.
    "My formula gave the winner for the following World Cup, this is why it works this time for sure," Tolan explained.
    The Professor's equations should also help England, who crashed out of the last World Cup after being defeated on penalties by Portugal, as he has a theory for shoot-outs too.
    "The weakest kicker should take the first penalty, then the second-weakest and so on," he said.
    "Then you have the greatest chance of scoring as many goals as possible."
    Germany face Australia, Serbia and Ghana in Group D in the first stage of this summer's finals and could face England as early as the second round.


    RATIBA: View attachment 2010fwc_matchschedule_1702_en.pdf
  2. Waberoya

    Waberoya Platinum Member

    Apr 22, 2010
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    Real? Historia ya kombe la dunia inaonyesha bara linalochezewa kombe la dunia ndio huwa wanakuwa washindi wa kombe hilo, japo Brazil ana tabia ya kuvunja huu mwiko.

    Je Afrika hatulibakizi? mwaka huu, achana na hizo hesabu za hao jamaa, wewe unaonaje, hata hal final, hatutafika, I need your view!
  3. Abdulhalim

    Abdulhalim JF-Expert Member

    Apr 22, 2010
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    Anaota huyu.
  4. ngoshwe

    ngoshwe JF-Expert Member

    Apr 22, 2010
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    Kwa kweli bado ni kitendawil kwa timu za Afrika kuweza kulipigania kombe hilo lije kikubwa zaidi ni kutokana mchanganyiko wa wachezaji wengi ambao timu za mataifa ya Afrika zinawategemea. Wengi wanacheza ligi za kulipwa na pengine staili za uchezaji wao zinatofautiana kutokana na nafasi zao kwenye timu wanazochezea huko nje na mafunzo wanayopta. Wengin wanapounganishwa katika timu moja, aidha wanakuwa wanajiamni sana kiasi cha kutocheza kama timu (kwa Mfano Nwanko Kanu anavyoonyesha mchezo wake katika mechi nyingi za Kimataifa ni kama vile hataki kucheza). Pengine, wale ambao si mastaa wakubwa huwa wanacheza kwa staili fulani kama si kutojiamni basi wanakuwa wanataka kuonekana matata uwanjani ili kujaribu kuvuta soko na hivyo kutozingatia zaidi mfumo ambao walimu wanataka watumie.

    Unaweza kushuhudia hata katika michuano ya Kombe la Mataifa ya Afrika ya miaka ya hivi karibuni unaweza kuona jinsi gani zile timu maarufu kama Nigeria, Cameroon, Ghana na hata Ivory Coast pia zilivyopoteza mvuto kwa kasi ya juu kutokana na kutegemea zaidi wachezaji wa kulipwa ambao wapo katika timu tofauti tofauti nje ya nchi zao.
  5. ngoshwe

    ngoshwe JF-Expert Member

    Apr 22, 2010
    Joined: Mar 31, 2009
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    Continent's hopes:Can an African team win the 2010 World Cup? [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] Written by David Ornstein, BBC [​IMG]
    Clockwise from top left: Steven Pienaar, Michael Essien, Samuel Eto'o, the FIFA World Cup trophy, Yakubu, Didier Drogba and Nadir Belhadj​

    Close your eyes and try to imagine the scenes of jubilation across Africa if a team from the continent were to win the 2010 World Cup.
    A celebration like no other, one billion people revelling in one of the greatest sporting and cultural achievements.
    For the first time in its 80-year history, football's blue riband competition is coming to the world's poorest and most underdeveloped land.
    How better to mark the occasion than with a first African champion?

    David O, BBC Sport
    "Winning the World Cup would be one of the proudest moments in the history of that country and our continent as a whole," former South Africa striker Shaun Bartlett told BBC Sport.
    "Every African nation has its internal problems but football can do wonders for people and nations, which is a huge incentive."
    Nobody is saying it is going to happen but the groundswell of opinion suggests South Africa 2010 is the best opportunity yet.
    Unperturbed by his 1977 prediction that an African side would triumph by the end of the 20th century, Brazil legend Pele genuinely believes it can occur next year.
    His namesake Abedi Pele, a former Ghana international, and Liberian George Weah, two of the greatest players to emerge from Africa and still highly influential figures within the game, are equally convinced.
    Not only are the six African representatives competing on home soil but they will benefit from an advantage that the likes of Brazil, Argentina, Italy, France, Spain, Germany and England will never have - the support of an entire continent.

    Group-stage exit unless stated <LI class=bull>1934: Egypt <LI class=bull>1970: Morocco <LI class=bull>1974: Zaire <LI class=bull>1978: Tunisia <LI class=bull>1982: Algeria, Cameroon <LI class=bull>1986: Algeria, Morocco (last 16) <LI class=bull>1990: Egypt, Cameroon (quarter-finals) <LI class=bull>1994: Cameroon, Morocco, Nigeria (last 16) <LI class=bull>1998: Cameroon, Nigeria (last 16), South Africa, Tunisia, Morocco <LI class=bull>2002: Cameroon, Nigeria, Senegal (quarter-finals), South Africa, Tunisia <LI class=bull>2006: Angola, Ghana (last 16), Ivory Coast, Togo, Tunisia
    "The idea that one of our sides could win the World Cup is not going too far," said former Nigeria captain Sunday Oliseh. "African players perform a lot on emotions and that will be a powerful force.
    "When Nigeria played at the Olympics in 1996 we were not playing as Nigerians but as Africans because we had every African country behind us.
    "We had this psychological edge and if an African nation gets to the semi-finals on home soil in 2010, I would not want to be in the team who plays against them."
    All but five of the 18 previous World Cups have been won by teams from the host continent, while Brazil's victories at Mexico 1970 and USA 1994 and Argentina's triumph at Mexico 1986 were still in the Americas. There is little doubt that home advantage helped South Korea reach the 2002 semi-finals.
    Former Charlton forward Bartlett suggested the "spirit inside every African" and the various expatriate communities in South Africa will ensure huge support for each home nation, with fans of one African side rallying behind another once their team has been knocked out.
    Yet optimism stems more from the knowledge that, in terms of numbers, quality and experience, this is the strongest set of African nations to contest a World Cup.
    Cameroon, Ivory Coast, Nigeria, Algeria and Ghana constitute a fearsome quintet, while South Africa will be desperate to avoid embarrassment on home soil.

    Ivory Coast are viewed as having the most talented squad but much will also be expected of Ghana following their impressive World Cup debut in 2006 and Cameroon, revitalised under ex-Rangers coach Paul Le Guen and making an African record sixth appearance in the finals.
    Nigeria, Algeria and South Africa - the only African team who will be seeded - might be less fancied but all three are capable of reaching the knockout phase.
    "African teams have matured a lot, they no longer want to go to competitions to make numbers; they want to make an impression," stated Ivory Coast midfielder Yaya Toure.
    "The difference between the teams from African and European countries is no longer vast. In the past, African teams were taken for granted in big tournaments but this time it's going to be different."
    Since Zaire became the first African nation to qualify for a World Cup in 1974, the continent can lay claim to only two quarter-finalists - Cameroon in 1990 and Senegal in 2002.

    Late goals conceded in 2010 World Cup qualifying <LI class=bull>Algeria: Four goals conceded. One in the 86th minute, one in the 95th <LI class=bull>Cameroon: Two goals conceded. One in the 90th minute <LI class=bull>Ghana: Three goals conceded. One in the 89th minute <LI class=bull>Ivory Coast: Four goals conceded. One in the 78th minute <LI class=bull>Nigeria: Four goals conceded. One in the 89th minute
    So what makes them better equipped in 2010? Increased experience, maturity and tactical awareness are sure to play a part but, above all else, Oliseh points to the number of Africans now mixing it with the best on a weekly basis.
    "Nothing boosts a player more than playing at the top level each week and winning titles," added the ex-Borussia Dortmund midfielder, who rose to fame with a stunning goal for Nigeria against Spain at France 1998. "A lot of African players have won titles in the last four years.
    "Samuel Eto'o and Yaya Toure won the Champions League with Barcelona and Didier Drogba and Michael Essien reached the previous final with Chelsea.
    "They know what it takes to win at the very highest level of club football. If they can bring that mentality to their national sides they will be hard to beat."
    All six of the African teams have their weaknesses - Bartlett mentions "poor goalkeepers", "occasionally catastrophic defending" and "a tendency to concede late goals because they can't concentrate for 90 minutes" - and a lot will depend on their ability to stay injury-free, especially with January's Africa Cup of Nations looming in Angola.
    Yet that tournament will provide five of them (South Africa failed to qualify) with competitive game time to work on their plans - something that no other nation will benefit from between now and 11 June.

    Which is just as well because South Africa 2010 promises to be one of the most fiercely contested World Cups to date, with every past champion in attendance and no genuine contenders missing.
    The fact that no African team has gone beyond the quarter-finals does not bode well and they will be praying that Friday's draw treats them kindly.
    At Germany 2006, the Ivory Coast were pooled with Argentina and the Netherlands and Ghana reached the round of 16 only to be pitted against five-time champions Brazil.
    Good fortune also evaded Senegal in 2002 as they were eliminated on the golden goals rule and Cameroon in 1990 after they succumbed to England after two controversially awarded penalties. Serious question marks also surrounded Germany's 1-0 victory over Austria that knocked out Algeria in 1982.
    "If the Ivory Coast, Ghana and Cameroon have good draws and a bit of good fortune I can see them going as far as the semi-finals," commented Bartlett. "After that, the team who plays better on the day will go through so anything could happen."

    If you look at the way they play, the quality of their squad and the teams their stars play for, it's clear the Ivory Cost could do the unthinkable by winning the World Cup
    Former South Africa striker Shaun Bartlett
    Although the altitude at Johannesburg's Soccer City could favour the Africans, this will be the first winter World Cup since 1978 so cold temperatures should make for neutral footballing conditions.
    That will contrast sharply with the weather in Angola during the Cup of Nations, increasing the need for thorough and well-organised preparation - a lack of which has seriously damaged the African challenge in years gone by.
    "There have always been problems off the pitch which prevent our teams from having that extra edge to go further," divulged Oliseh.
    "In 2002 it took Cameroon two days to get to their base; they were the last team to arrive in South Korea. There were so many administrative problems, with things like travelling, flights and player bonuses, that the players weren't focused enough to win."
    Bartlett added that "one or two African teams will still be fighting over money when the tournament starts, organisation is a huge issue".
    If they manage to avoid such problems, we could be in for an absolute treat.
    African nations have been punching above their weight for some time, their progress severely hampered by poverty and a lack of resources.
    After battling against the odds for so long, who would begrudge one of their captains holding aloft the FIFA World Cup trophy at Soccer City on 11 July 2010?
    Additional reporting by BBC Sport's Alistair Magowan
  6. Oxlade-Chamberlain

    Oxlade-Chamberlain JF-Expert Member

    Apr 22, 2010
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    spain or brazil to win it.
  7. StaffordKibona

    StaffordKibona JF-Expert Member

    Apr 22, 2010
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    Huyu Prof anaota ndoto za mchana. FRG hawezi kuchukua kombe. Mimi naona Brazil au Spain
  8. Belo

    Belo JF-Expert Member

    Apr 22, 2010
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    Watu wanawapa sana nafasi Spain ,sidhani kama itakuwa rahisi kwao kubeba WC kwanza wachezaji wao wengi ni majeruhi.Torres,Fabregas,Iniesta,Senna na Carzola hadi sasa ni majeruhi.
  9. Che Guevara

    Che Guevara JF-Expert Member

    Apr 22, 2010
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    Media zinawatabiria sana Spain au Brazil.
    Ila mimi naipa nafasi zaidi Uholanzi ingawa haitajwi sana. Ina wachezaji wazuri na kukubwa zaidi wanaonekana ku-peak at the right time, eg. Aarjen Robben, Wesley Sjneider, Van der Vaart, Van Bommel etc...