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German government to pay for better roads and services outside serengeti

Discussion in 'Jukwaa la Siasa' started by Kibanga Ampiga Mkoloni, May 29, 2012.

  1. Kibanga Ampiga Mkoloni

    Kibanga Ampiga Mkoloni JF-Expert Member

    May 29, 2012
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    A key issue in the zen-27 April in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania concluded negotiations with government was to support the Tanzanian government in its efforts to preserve the Serengeti. Federal Development Minister Dirk Niebel had intervened in the previous year in the debate on the controversial road planning in the Serengeti and a study to link the north of the Serengeti adjoining districts to the existing road network - without crossing the Serengeti - and to rural development measures in the Region on track.

    As a result of intergovernmental negotiations Germany will contribute a total of 23.5 million euros, with the support of German conservation organizations and international donors to ensure that people receive in the areas bordering the Serengeti without the construction of the road better future opportunities. As part of this package, Germany is also willing to participate jointly with other donors in the development of the so-called southern bypass.

    Sustainable economic development should be promoted nationally by the new emphasis on "renewable energy", for example, geothermal and wind energy. Further measures to achieve the Millennium Development Goals to reduce child mortality, provide access for all to safe drinking water and improve health care for people with disabilities.

    A total of 176 million euros for the 2013-2015 cooperation promised. The transparent and effective use of those tax dollars will be a regular review of: agreed, a new project to support the Tanzanian Court.

    ~ This is a Google Translation of the following German article
    Bundesministerium für wirtschaftliche Zusammenarbeit und Entwicklung - Regierungsverhandlungen mit Tansania abgeschlossen

    Here is a link to the German Ministries webpage which also confirms the agreement:Bundesministerium für wirtschaftliche Zusammenarbeit und Entwicklung - Regierungsverhandlungen mit Tansania abgeschlossen

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      • First of all,you STSH you are LYING to the world that the project is called serengeti highway which TOTAL not true.Why dont you tell the world the truth on this?Tanzania Gvt is constructing the road From Mto wa mbu-loliondo-Musoma which covers only 53km across serengeti.From now onwards tell the world that the road is LOLIONDO Hiighway and not SH.May 7 at 9:06pm · Like · [​IMG] 1

      • [​IMG]STOP THE SERENGETI HIGHWAY Wow, sure is interesting how after two years we suddenly have all these "pro" highway voices that have never been on before - all of which seem to be very uninformed of the situations and and issues. Perhaps you might stop listening to the propaganda and actually go to our website and inform yourself. BTW - YOUR government calls it the "Serengeti highway".

        May 7 at 9:15pm · Like · [​IMG] 4

      • Through your document above the money mentioned not for sure straight forward to Loliondo road,but for development of all people surrounding Serengeti.Therefore my issue still on LOLIONDO tarmac road and when the project will be materialized and not propaganda WHICH YOUR perpetuating now for your own benefits .May 17 at 5:13pm · Like

  2. Kibanga Ampiga Mkoloni

    Kibanga Ampiga Mkoloni JF-Expert Member

    May 29, 2012
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    There was a meeting a few days ago by NGO's and other stakeholders that are "pro highway". It was followed up by a press release that was run in the Tanzanian paper THE DAILY NEWS. We are giving you a link to the story but would also like to give you our views on several points.

    1) We find the timing of all this very interesting. For two years there has not been this type of concentrated effort to promote the highway through the Serengeti. We suspect that it has to do with swaying opinion prior to the ANAW trial against the Tanzaniana government through the EACJ (East African Court of Justice).

    2) When you read carefully between the lines, and do research on the people promoting the highway, you will learn that they, and their organizations, are really about Land issues for the Maasai people - ie - having land given back or being compensated for land that they feel has been unjustly taken from them over the years.

    3) It seems many people remain uniformed that the German government announced that they will be spending 23 million euros to build better local roads for the communities both east and west of the park, to the next largest towns, along with other critically needed services such as clinics and schools. You can read about it here in our notes section:

    They also have said they will work in partnership with the World Bank to fund the "Southern Route". This route would connect Arusha with the Lake Victoria region so that goods can more easily be transported between these major areas. Many of the roads already exist in this area - they simply need to be upgraded and connected to make them a viable route for heavy lorries, buses etc. This route will go through a highly populated agricultural area with 5x as many people. This will benefit MORE people to be able to get their crops and cattle to market.

    4) The article contradicts itself on the impact the road will have on Tourism. At one point it is stated that it will "benefit tourism" then later states that Kenya is against it because it will "impact tourism." Over 300 scientists from around the world categorically insist that building of the highway, the continued maintenance of the highway, and the high traffic volume (over 100 vehicles a day by the government's own EIA) will STOP the wildebeest migration and collapse the Serengeti ecosystem - predicting a large loss of first the herbivores followed by the predators. Tourists come to the Serengeti to see the large masses of wildlife, particularly the wildebeest. To say a road will help tourism is NOT correct. Tourists will in fact stop coming if the road is put through. Tourism is one of the largest income generators for Tanzania - with over $1.28 billion spent yearly and over 600,000 jobs tied directly to the industry. The gate fees generated from the Serengeti pay for the upkeep of all the other parks in Tanzania.

    5) No one opposing the highway was invited to the forum to give these sides to the story.

    We want to make clear - we have never been against the people of Tanzania and their continued need for better roads, clinics, schools, water wells and other services. Our desire to help these people is clearly stated in our mission statement on our webpage We feel there is a very clear win/win situation with the German and other world communities plans as stated above that will meets these needs. Our meetings with the people around the park through our partnership with the Wildlife Conservation Society have found that when we SPECIFICALLY ask the people what they want they say they want better roads to the next largest town. When they are asked if they need a road through the Serengeti - if they have business that needs to be conducted directly with the other communities on the other side of the park - they say NO. They clearly understand that a highway will impact their traditional ancestral lands bringing many other people to settle along the road. HIghways and the travelers on them also need support through things such as hotels, cafe's, markets, mechanics, petrol stations, cell towers etc.

    Our question remains - if the needs of the people in the villages east and west of the park will be meet by the German governments plans - and the Southern route will connect Arusha and the Lake Victoria region WHY does there need to be a road THROUGH the Serengeti? The question MUST be asked - who will benefit?

    Link to article in Daily News: DailyNews Online Edition - Fresh push for Serengeti road
  3. Saint Ivuga

    Saint Ivuga JF-Expert Member

    May 29, 2012
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    waandishi wetu wako bussy kuandika Lulu na Kapteni Komba wamefikia wapi

    CAMARADERIE JF-Expert Member

    May 29, 2012
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    Wakenya bwana....