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From public servants to public serpents - a trajectory of public servants' behaviours in Tanzania

Discussion in 'Jukwaa la Siasa' started by Nzi, Oct 21, 2012.

  1. Nzi

    Nzi JF-Expert Member

    Oct 21, 2012
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    A public servant is someone who holds government position, either by being elected or appointed. He is a person who serves you when you visit a government health facility; a person who teaches you in a government education facility. Someone who protects you from robbers - as a policeman/woman. A person who channels you queries, problems and challenges to the government - as an MP or councillor. A person who conducts and administers judicial businesses on your behalf - as a magistrate, judge etc. A person who makes sure, you have clean and safe drinking from public water agencies, at your disposal. Etc.

    I have opted the above 'definitions' as they are to be of use in this discussion.

    I am not 'that' old, but history has made me old enough in attempting to have this discussion.

    Public servants are made to serve the public, and not otherwise. History has told me on how things were during the first leadership term of this nations. A public servant was a highly respected person in his/her locality. Neighbours did honour and admire him/her. They envied him/her on how the servant is serving the public for the benefits of the public. The servant had respect for the work and services that he/she was supposed to deliver to the public. The ways people were admiring and respecting the servant was exceptional. It was not uncommon for needy people to let the servant be served first in a situation where it happened to have a queue in getting the service. People adored the servant.

    In the second term; there it came and entered nightmares, in the names of 'globalisation', 'liberalisation', and 'privatisation' under demonic umbrella of IMF/World Bank Policies. Behaviours of the public servant started to change a bit. Even neighbours' behaviours towards the servant also started to change! Now the servant wanted to have a nice car like what he/she sees in his/her secondhand television set. He/she also met more frequently with his/her neighbours in a UDA bus; as the state has been instructed by the 'demons' to reduce her expenditures. So no more free rides to the work stations. The neighbours were no longer interested in letting him/her get a sit in the UDA as they wanted to hurry in their livelihood activities so that they may one day drive a car, own a used TV or music set. The servant took his/her grudges to the public office; his/her friendly delivering of services to the public started to deteriorate. Then, instead of envying the servant, neighbours started to be angry at the servant. Then, the servant started thinking of 'taking' some public resources for his/her own benefits. So that he can own that 504, like that owned by his/her co-worker.

    In the third term, under a full swing of devilish 'privatisation', the servant now owned a used TV set and 504. But he/she wanted more; as that began to be a trend within the public servants. He/she of 'taking' more public resources, so that he/she can own a mansion like that of his/her best friend working at an international UN agency. He/she also thought of 'taking' more public resources, and then 'run away' to be employed by a newly established NGO. His/her neighbours became more angrier at him/her as his/her service deliveries were further deteriorating, while his/her 'belly' further fattening. The servant's 'bossy' outlook also started to gain momentum. He/she wanted to be seen as he/she was 'helping' out the public with the services' delivering. The servant also started an habit of sneaking out of the work station in improper manners. He/she also started selling chapati to his/her co-workers and forgetting to deliver services to the public. Angriness amongst the neighbours and public skyrocketed.

    In the fourth term, under 'the unknown' devilish agenda. The servant's belly is almost bursting up. It is full of 'taken' public resources. The servant now does not want a used 504, he/she wants a Porsche Cayenne, houses in Paris, London and Cape Town. He/she wants a Gucci, Armani or Louis Vuitton tailor-made suits. Etc. The neighbours and public are no longer angry at him/her; they want him/her dead. The servant now is a bigger serpent, bigger than the Anaconda killed by Ice Cube. The servant is no longer feeling bossy, he/she is feeling godly. He/she no longer sees the resources as public resources, but as his/her own resource. That is why it is common to see him/her freely and openly cruising on a brand new V8 powered Land Cruiser VX on his/her to the shamba and 'nyumba ndogo'.

    What has happened to the adored and admired public servant, who had now turned to be a public serpent!!??!??
  2. Father of All

    Father of All JF-Expert Member

    Oct 21, 2012
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    Well said mwanangu Inzi.
  3. Capital

    Capital JF-Expert Member

    Oct 21, 2012
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    Thrilling piece of write-up. But let's not forget the circumstances this public servant found him/her self in after those who sat him in to serve gave him 'backs'. the best the servant could do was 'everyone for himself...' this is the current attitude, be it to an army general or a hospital cook. come back and tell us, the way forward.
  4. Nzi

    Nzi JF-Expert Member

    Oct 22, 2012
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    The way forward?
    Let's knock the serpent's head.