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Fresh clues about Deep Green

Discussion in 'Habari na Hoja mchanganyiko' started by Magezi, Nov 22, 2009.

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    Magezi JF-Expert Member

    Nov 22, 2009
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    The three men who formed the mock financial firm that stole billions from the Bank of Tanzania in association with the Meremeta Gold and Tangold mining companies were not working for the South African bank that was allegedly backing the ghost firm, but in fact were employees of the South African company that had originally invested in the Buhemba mines, The Guardian on Sunday has learnt.

    The company Deep Green Finance Ltd is believed to have been formed back in 2004 as a front company to siphon money from the Meremeta's successor-Tangold before it officially closed down its business in 2005.

    After the move, Deep Green Finance which, some of its transactions were directly linked to Tangold, declared itself bankruptcy and voluntarily liquidated, and the government has still not investigated the circumstances under which the country's Central Bank inexplicably paid close to $10million to the company.

    Deep Green Finance was registered in Dar es Salaam in March 2004 under the direction of South Africans Anton Taljaard and Rudolph Van Schalkwyk, and New Zealander Mark Ross Weston. The company's shareholders were listed at the time as Protas Ishengoma and Stella Ndikimi from IMMA Advocate, and what were previously assumed to be three subsidiaries of South Africa's Nedbank Group - Nedbank Ltd, Nedbank Africa Investments Ltd and SBM Nedcor Holdings Ltd.

    But although previous press reports had alleged that Deep Green's three directors - Taljaard, Van Schalkwyk and Weston - were connected with the Nedbank Group, South African officials have confirmed that at least two of the men are not affiliated with the bank, and instead are and have been employees of Triennex, the South African firm that originally claimed a 50 percent stake in Meremeta Gold in 2000.

    Mark Ross Weston from New Zealand was employed as Triennex's operations officer in March 2003 under the name Mark W Ross, according to available details from the company's archive in Johannesburg, and Rudolph Van Schalkwyk was also hired then as head of security under the name Rud V. Schalkwyk. Taljaard's true identity has not been established, but officials confirmed that he was not an employee of Nedbank South Africa.

    The revelation opens up a new clue on to who were the real owners of the Deep Green Finance Ltd, a company that siphoned billions of shillings under dubious circumstances in consecutive four months lasting from August to December, 2005.

    Was it really Nedbank South Africa?

    Meanwhile, the Nedbank Group referred The Guardian on Sunday to the Group's annual reports for the last five years, which show that it has never conducted any business in Tanzania. Upon close inspection, the names of the three entities listed on Deep Green Finance's registration material are strikingly similar to existing Nedbank Group subsidiaries, but all differ by a word or in the lettering.

    The Nedbank Group does not include any subsidiary by the name of Nedbank Africa Investments Ltd, for example, but it does include, however, Nedbank Africa Ltd-a branch of the banking group that focuses on expanding banking services throughout the continent.

    Nedbank Africa Ltd currently operates only in Namibia, Swaziland, Lesotho, Zimbabwe and Malawi. Similarly, the Group's corporate services section, Nedbank Corporate, is known as Nedcor, but the entity listed on the Deep Green Finance documents is cited as SBM Nedcor Holdings Ltd, which the Group maintains is an entirely separate thing.
    And any connection between Deep Green Finance and the Green Trust - the nonprofit organisation that the Nedbank Group established in South Africa with the World Wildlife Federation in 1990 - is an unaffiliated coincidence, the Group says.

    The Nedbank Group, one of the four largest banking groups in South Africa, did finance the 2002 construction of the Meremeta Gold Mine in a $70million loan to Triennex, for which the Bank of Tanzania acted as a guarantor. But this was the Group's only involvement with the Meremeta company, and it confirmed that it recovered its money before the company collapsed.

    This being the case, the true ownership of Deep Green Finance remains uncertain. The firm was registered with the Business Registration and Licensing Authority (Brela) on March 18, 2004, according to public records, but it didn't conduct any business until August 2005, when it listed huge transactions with the Bank of Tanzania that have still been unaccounted for.

    And on May 1, 2004, a public holiday when the banks were closed, the company opened its Current Account No.011103024840 at NBC Corporate's branch in Dar es Salaam, but the account remained dormant for 15 months before it first received the BoT payments. One year later, on April 15, 2005, Ishengoma and Ndikimi are alleged to have transferred their shares to Nedbank Ltd and Nedbank Africa Investments Ltd.

    The government's reluctance to investigate the company has been largely attributed to claims that the company is "untraceable" or that because it is somehow connected to Meremeta it is an issue of national security, because Meremeta was a joint venture between Triennex and the Tanzania People's Defence Force, and therefore cannot be investigated.

    Responding to a question posed by a Mwanza resident at a public rally early last year, Minister for Home Affairs Lawrence Masha claimed that IMMA Advocate had been instructed by the government to "register and finally wind up" Deep Green Finance Ltd, but what he meant by that is still unclear.

    The Minister indicated that the government had directed its law firm IMMA Advocate, of which Masha is a founding partner, to register the company, even though it did not own any shares in it and had presumably already been registered as the records show in 2004.

    Missing links

    Despite all, still there's another missing link-the government's involvement in the ghost company-that Minister Masha claimed ‘their law firms was instructed by the government to register, and finally wind up its business."

    However, the truth remain very clear-that Deep Green Finance Ltd was a front company established specifically to dish out kickback pays resulting from the winding up of the controversial Meremeta and Tangold companies that also pocketed close to $300million during that period.

    But Masha claims raise a lot of questions.

    Why would the government order the registration of a front company where it doesn't even own any shares? Why would the government use foreigners to operate a state owned corporation without following the existing procedures? Why would the government use a private law firm to register a state owned company? If the minister was accurate then should we believe that Deep Green Finance Ltd was a state owned corporation? What business did the company transact that led BOT to pay it billions of shillings between August and December 2005?

    To the investigators and law enforcers, investigating and finally prosecuting the people behind the mysterious Deep Green Finance Ltd remain tough assignment as top government officials connect Meremeta and Tangold with Tanzania People Defence Forces, adding that these were top national secrets that can't be investigated.

    To critics and anti-graft campaigner, Deep Green Finance Ltd was another proof of how the last days of Benjamin Mkapa's regime were marred with the business of looting the taxpayers' billions through ghost companies.

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    Ndahani JF-Expert Member

    Nov 22, 2009
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    Mambo ya utawala bora wa awamu ya Tatu haya. Sijui kama hawajui kama watu wanajiuliza ilikuwaje yakafanyika
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    Mp Kalix2 JF-Expert Member

    Dec 2, 2012
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    Kama kuchunguza hili limetushinda miaka yote hayo na bado tunazungushwa kila kukicha siamini hadhi ya kuchunguza fedha zilizo Ughaibuni itakuwa na maana yoyote na hasa nikuendelea kupoteza fedha za walipa kodi bure.

    Nitapata imani Kama uchafu huu wa Meremeta na dada zake nao ukianza kufanyiwa kazi maana wahusika kwenye haya mambo wanajulikana na wapo Tanzania .

    Mwendelezo wa habari;
    [FONT=&quot] [/FONT]
    [FONT=&quot] [/FONT]
    [FONT=&quot] [/FONT]
    [FONT=&quot]Nasaha za Mihangwa[/FONT]
    [FONT=&quot]Tusiwakingie kifua waliotorosha mabilioni ya fedha zetu[/FONT]
    [FONT=&quot]Joseph Mihangwa[/FONT]
    [FONT=&quot]Toleo la 269 [/FONT]
    [FONT=&quot]21 Nov 2012[/FONT]
    [FONT=&quot]ILIPOWASILISHWA bungeni na mbunge wa Kigoma Kaskazini, Zitto Kabwe, hivi karibuni, hoja ya kuitaka Serikali kuchunguza kashfa dhidi ya baadhi ya vigogo wanaodaiwa kukwapua mabilioni ya fedha na kuyaficha kwenye mabenki nchini Uswisi, Mwanasheria Mkuu wa Serikali, kama kawaida ilivyozoeleka, alijaribu, lakini safari hii bila mafanikio, kuzima hoja hii kwa madai kwamba haina mshiko kisheria.[/FONT]
    [FONT=&quot]Kwa tabia hii ya kukifu, itafikia mahali umma wa Watanzania uhoji uzalendo wa mtumishi huyu wa umma na mtu au kikundi cha watu anaowatumikia. Tunafahamu, kwa kuzingatia misingi ya kisheria, kwamba anayedai jambo kuwapo, lazima athibitishe. Lakini kitendo cha kuzuia jambo lisithibitishwe kwa kutumia mbinu na visingizio hafifu kwa lengo la kuatamia jambo, ni udhaifu wa kiroho na kimwili![/FONT]
    [FONT=&quot]Umma unamshangaa (Mwanasheria Mkuu wa Serikali), kwa kujifanya hajui kwamba kati ya mwaka 1995 na 2007, nchi yetu ilighubikwa na mikataba ya uwekezaji ya kifedhuli, iliyosababisha mabilioni ya fedha kukwapuliwa na mafisadi wa ndani na nje ya nchi na kufichwa katika mabenki ya ughaibuni. Atueleze, fedha hizo zimerejeshwa lini? Kwa kuwa Mwanasheria Mkuu anakingia kifua wachawi, basi ajiandae kwa yowe ya kuitwa mchawi pia.[/FONT]
    [FONT=&quot]Baadhi ya mikataba hiyo hatari ya uwekezaji, ni pamoja na ule wa mradi wa Independent Power Tanzania Ltd (IPTL) na Serikali, kupitia Shirika la Ugavi wa Umeme nchini (TANESCO).[/FONT]

    [FONT=&quot]Chini ya mkataba huo wa miaka 20, nchi imeporwa mabilioni ya fedha na kutupwa gizani kwa kukosa umeme, ingawa itaendelea kuilipa IPTL zaidi ya Sh bilioni 5.0 kwa mwezi kwa umeme usiokuwapo, kuanzia mwaka 1999 hadi 2019. Walioiingiza nchi katika kashfa hiyo wanafahamika kwa majina, lakini wamekumbatiwa na kutakaswa ili watakasike kuuhadaa umma na kuendelea kutumbua vinono walivyopora.[/FONT]

    [FONT=&quot]Kashfa nyingine zenye kuhusisha mabilioni ya fedha, ni pamoja na ile ya EPA (Sh bilioni 133), ununuzi wa rada na ndege mbovu ya Rais kwa kile kilichoelezwa na Waziri wa Fedha wa wakati huo, Basil Mramba kwamba Rais hawezi kupanda punda kama Yesu wa Nazareth (Sh bilioni 40).[/FONT]

    Nyingine ni ubinafsishaji wa Benki ya NBC na uuzaji wa nyumba za Serikali kwa bei ya kutupa, pamoja na Mgodi wa Makaa ya Mawe Kiwira, bila kusahau sakata la mradi wa umeme wa kitapeli wa Richmond/Dowans; Loliondo, ufujaji wa Sh bilioni 150 za Mfuko wa Uagizaji Bidhaa Nje (CIS) na mikataba mibovu ya madini, kwa kutaja michache tu.[/FONT]

    Na ingawa, Serikali imejitahidi kuficha ukweli na kujaribu kutakasa ufisadi wote huo ili umeremete, kashfa moja kabambe, inayohusu Mradi wa Mgodi wa Meremeta, pamoja na juhudi hizo, umeshindwa kumeremeta kiasi kwamba ilifikia Bunge kuitaka Serikali iwasilishe hesabu za Kampuni hiyo kwa Mkaguzi na Mdhibiti Mkuu wa Serikali (CAG) ziweze kukaguliwa ili kukata mzizi wa fitina.[/FONT]

    [FONT=&quot]Tunaipa umuhimu wa pekee kashfa hii ya Meremeta kwa sababu ni kielelezo cha wazi kwa Serikali kuhusishwa moja kwa moja katika uporaji wa rasilimali za Taifa na kugeuka mbogo kuwahadaa wananchi baada ya kugunduliwa kwa kisingizio cha Usalama wa Taifa. Chini ya mkataba huo, zaidi ya Sh bilioni 155 zililipwa kutoka Benki Kuu (BoT) kwenda Benki ya NedBank ya Afrika Kusini kama malipo ya mkopo uliodhaminiwa na Serikali kwa mradi huo wa uchimbaji dhahabu.[/FONT]

    Na kutokana na Serikali kukalia uchafu huo, na kwa kukaidi agizo la Bunge, CAG Ludovick Utouh, alinukuliwa baadaye akilalama: "Nitakagua nini wakati sijapata hesabu zenyewe kutoka Serikalini…?" kuonyesha kwamba inapofika kulinda na kutetea ufisadi na mafisadi, Serikali yetu haina aibu wala hofu ya matakwa ya umma![/FONT]

    [FONT=&quot]Kampuni ya Meremeta, ambayo baada ya mambo kufichuka ilibadilishwa jina na kuitwa Tangold, ilianzishwa kama mradi, kwa lengo la kutorosha mabilioni ya fedha kwenda nje, ambapo asilimia 70 ya fedha za mradi ziliishia Swizerland, na Ofisi ya Rais ilitoa barua Kumb: Na. SHC/M.100/4/A kwenda Benki ya Deutsche Bank, Tawi la Uingereza, kuitambulisha Meremeta na kampuni ya Nedcor Trade Services Limited ya Afrika Kusini ili ipewe mkopo huo, kama tutakavyoona katika makala haya.[/FONT]

    [FONT=&quot]Je; kuna ukweli gani kwamba kampuni ya Meremeta haizungumziki kwa sababu inagusa Usalama wa Taifa? Je; ni kampuni ya Serikali?[/FONT]

    Kampuni ya Meremeta, ambayo inadaiwa haijasajiliwa chini ya Ofisi ya Hazina kama Kampuni au Shirika, tayari imechota malipo tata ya zaidi ya Sh bilioni 155 zilizolipwa na (BoT) kwa kampuni ya Nedcor Trade Service, baada ya udhamini wa Serikali kwa kampuni yenye hisa humo, ya Triennex (Pty) Ltd ya Afrika Kusini. Malipo haya na mengine, kama tutakavyoona baadaye, ndiyo yaliyozua utata na Bunge kuagiza hesabu zikaguliwe.[/FONT]

    Napenda kutaja wazi hapa kwamba Serikali ya Awamu ya Nne, chini ya Rais Jakaya Mrisho Kikwete, kwa namna yoyote ile, haihusiki na sakata zote hizii, ingawa inazijua fika, lakini imejitahidi kuziatamia bila mafanikio kwa njia ya kufunika kombe mwanaharamu apite, kama anavyoendelea kuzuia Mwanasheria Mkuu, Jaji Federick Werema.[/FONT]

    Lakini ifahamike kwamba kwa misingi ya sheria, kitendo cha mtu kufunika kombe au kuatamia kosa lililotendwa na mtu mwingine, kwa lengo la kumwepusha mtu huyo mwingine sheria isichukue mkondo wake dhidi ya mtu huyo, na au kosa alilotenda lisijulikane, kinamfanya mtu huyo mwenye kutaka kumwokoa huyo mtu mwingine na yeye kuwa mshiriki wa kosa hilo kwa kiwango sawa na cha mtuhumiwa halisi wa kosa.[/FONT]

    Kwa hiyo, viongozi wanaowalinda au kuwasafisha mafisadi wana hatia ya ufisadi ule ule wa wale wanaojaribu kuwaokoa. Huu ndio utamaduni wa kulindana kwa maovu, unaoshika kasi nchini kwa machukizo ya umma kana kwamba viongozi na washirika wao wana kinga ya kimsahafu (Luka 12:32) kwamba: "Msiogope, enyi kundi dogo; kwa kuwa baba yenu (wa kifisadi) ameona vema kuwapa ule ufalme-(wa ulaji?")[/FONT]

    Kampuni ya Meremeta iliandikishwa na kusajiliwa nchini Uingereza, Agosti 9, 1999 (kisiwa cha Isle of Man) na kupewa namba ya Usajili 3424504, lakini Serikali yetu inadai bila uthibitisho kwamba huo ni ubia kati ya Serikali ya Tanzania yenye asilimia 50 ya hisa, na kampuni ya Triennex ya Afrika Kusini, inayomiliki hisa asilimia 50 pia.[/FONT]

    Utata unaongezeka zaidi pale inapodaiwa kwamba makampuni ya London Law Services Ltd na London Law Secretarial Ltd, nazo ni wanahisa wa Meremeta.[/FONT]

    [FONT=&quot]Madhumuni ya kampuni ya Meremeta yanaelezwa kuwa ni kununua dhahabu kutoka kwa wachimbaji wadogo wadogo nchini, pamoja na kuwasaidia zana za kufanyia kazi waongeze ufanisi. Swali linalojitokeza hapa ni kwa vipi kampuni inayomilikiwa na Serikali, na ambayo shughuli zake zinafanyika hapa hapa nchini na kwa misingi ya Usalama wa Taifa, iandikishwe na kusajiliwa katika nchi ya kigeni?[/FONT]

    Kati ya mwaka 2003 na 2005, kampuni hii ilitelekeza na kuasi wajibu na madhumuni ya kuanzishwa kwake kwa kujiingiza katika uchimbaji dhahabu yenyewe huko Buhemba, mkoani Mara. Hapo ndipo hadithi ya Meremeta kuhusisha Usalama wa Taifa ilipoanza, na hapo ndipo madai ya uongo ya vigogo kwa Meremeta kujihusisha kusaidia kiwanda cha magari cha Jeshi cha Nyumbu mkoani Pwani, ilipoanza kupikwa na kusikika.[/FONT]

    Ikumbukwe kwamba katika kipindi hicho (2003 – 2005), kiwanda cha Nyumbu kilipangiwa fedha kutoka serikalini kiasi cha Sh milioni 950 kwa ajili ya kutengeneza magari 21 ya kijeshi, kwa wastani wa Sh milioni 45.2 kwa kila gari, na hakukuwa na fedha zaidi zilizoingia kutoka vyanzo vingine kipindi hicho.[/FONT]

    Ukweli juu ya kwamba mradi wa Meremeta haukuhusika kwa namna yoyote ile na Jeshi la Wananchi, unathibitishwa pia na aliyekuwa Waziri wa Ulinzi wa wakati huo, Profesa Philemon Sarungi, katika hotuba yake ya Bajeti ya 2004/2005, aliposema: "Mradi wa Buhemba umejengwa katika eneo lililokuwa Kambi ya Jeshi, na shughuli za uchimbaji na uzalishaji zinasimamiwa na Idara ya Madini." Hapo suala la Meremeta, Jeshi na Usalama wa Taifa, linakujaje kama si uongo tu na kujihami?[/FONT]

    [FONT=&quot]Kile tu kwamba mradi huo ulijengwa mahali ambapo zamani ilikuwa Kambi ya Jeshi, hakiufanyi uwe mradi wa Jeshi wenye kuhusishwa na Usalama wa Taifa. Ukweli ni kwamba mgodi mpya wa Buhemba ulijengwa kwa Rand milioni 240, karibu dola za Marekani milioni 56 na kampuni ya WBHO (Pty) Ltd ya Afrika Kusini, na ulikamilika mwaka 2000.[/FONT]

    [FONT=&quot]Ujenzi huo ulifanywa kwa niaba ya Meremeta na Triennex (zote ni kampuni tata), na si kwa niaba ya Serikali ya Tanzania. Ulizihusisha pia kampuni za kigeni za Jefferies and Green na Time Mining, zote za Afrika Kusini.[/FONT]

    Niharakishe kusema hapa kwamba mmoja wa wanahisa wakubwa wa kampuni ya Time Mining (TM), alikuwa Anna Muganda, mke wa aliyekuwa Gavana wa Benki Kuu ya Tanzania, Daudi Balali, ambaye ndiye pia aliyeileta kampuni hiyo nchini kuja kusimamia na kuendesha mgodi wa Meremeta eti kwa niaba ya Serikali ya Tanzania![/FONT]

    [FONT=&quot]Cha kushangaza hapa pia ni kwamba wengi wa watumishi wa nje (expatriates) wa Kampuni ya Ukaguzi wa Madini ya Alex Stewarts ya mjini Washington, iliyoletwa Tanzania na Daudi Balali kukagua mauzo ya nchi za nje ya dhahabu kwa makampuni makubwa ya madini nchini, ndio hao hao waliokuwa watumishi pia wa kampuni ya Time Mining ya mke wake Balali, Anna Muganda.[/FONT]

    [FONT=&quot]Kama kweli Serikali ilikuwa na maslahi katika Meremeta, kwanini iliruhusu mtu binafsi (Anna Muganda), kusajili kampuni binafsi ya kigeni kusimamia mradi huu? Na Daudi Balali alikuwa na mamlaka gani kuajiri kampuni binafsi kukagua uzalishaji na uuzaji nje, madini ya nchi hii, na kwa manufaa ya nani?[/FONT]

    Hatutazungumzia suala la Alex Stewarts hapa, kwa sababu liko Mahakamani, ambapo Mawaziri Waandamizi wawili wa Serikali ya Awamu ya Tatu, na Katibu Mkuu Mwandamizi mmoja wa awamu hiyo hiyo, wanakabiliwa na kesi kwa tuhuma za ufisadi mkubwa.[/FONT]

    [FONT=&quot]Baada ya kukomba dhahabu yote huko Buhemba na Buhemba Kusini, Nyamongo na Magunga, mwaka 2006 Meremeta ilijitangaza kuwa ilikuwa inafanya kazi kwa hasara, na hivyo ikaundwa Tume ya Serikali ya watu watano, kuchunguza matatizo ya kampuni hiyo. Wazito hao na Waheshimiwa sana waliokuwa katika Tume hiyo, ni Mabwana Daudi Balali (Gavana wa BoT) na Mwenyekiti wa Tume, Gray Mgonja (Katibu Mkuu Wizara ya Fedha) Patrick Rutabanzibwa (Katibu Mkuu wa Wizara ya Nishati na Madini).[/FONT]

    [FONT=&quot]Wengine walikuwa ni Vincent Mrisho (Katibu Mkuu Wizara ya Ulinzi na Jeshi la Kujenga Taifa), Andrew Chenge (Mwanasheria Mkuu wa Serikali) na Michael G. Garner (kama Mshauri Huru wa Tume, ambaye alikuwa pia ndiye Mshauri wa Benki ya Nedbank, yenye uhusiano na kampuni ya Nedcor Trade Service Ltd, iliyochota Sh bilioni 155 kutoka BoT katika mazingira ya kutatanisha).[/FONT]

    [FONT=&quot] [/FONT]

    [FONT=&quot]Nasaha za Mihangwa[/FONT]

    [FONT=&quot]Tusiwalinde waliotorosha mabilioni ya fedha zetu[/FONT]

    [FONT=&quot]Joseph Mihangwa[/FONT]

    [FONT=&quot]Toleo la 270 [/FONT]

    [FONT=&quot]28 Nov 2012[/FONT]

    [FONT=&quot]KATIKA sehemu ya kwanza ya makala haya toleo lililopita la gazeti hili, tuliona jinsi Kampuni ya kifisadi iitwayo "Meremeta" ilivyoundwa bila kusajiliwa, mahsusi kwa ajili ya kukwapua mabilioni ya fedha kutoka nchini kupitia Benki Kuu (BoT) kwa ushirikiano wa watumishi wa ndani ya nchi na mafisadi wa nje, na kufanikiwa kukwapua zaidi ya shilingi bilioni 155. Tuendelee na sehemu hii ya leo.[/FONT]

    [FONT=&quot]Kutokana na Kampuni ya Meremeta kujitangaza "mufilisi", lakini baada ya kukomba dhahabu zote za Buhemba, Buhemba Kusini, Nyamongo na Magunga, mbali na kukwapua bilioni 155/= kutoka Benki Kuu, iliundwa tume ya watu watano kuchunguza kampuni hiyo na kutoa mapendekezo serikalini.[/FONT]

    Tume hiyo ilipendekeza kusitishwa shughuli za Meremeta, kununua dhahabu kutoka kwa wachimbaji wadogo, jukumu ambalo hata hivyo tayari ilikwishalitelekeza tangu mwaka 2003, na kujiingiza yenyewe katika uchimbaji na umiliki wa migodi niliyoitaja hapo juu.[/FONT]

    [FONT=&quot]Tume ilipendekeza pia kuanzishwa kampuni mpya ya kusimamia na kuendesha Mgodi wa Buhemba itakayomilikiwa na serikali tu.[/FONT]

    [FONT=&quot]Na kwa uzito wa mapendekezo ya tume hiyo ya Balali na wenzake tuliowataja hapo mwanzo, Meremeta ilifilisiwa, mali na madeni yake yalichukuliwa na Kampuni mpya ya "Tangold," inayodaiwa kumilikiwa na serikali, pia asilimia kwa 100. Na ingawa Meremeta (halisi) ilifungwa rasmi mwaka 2006 nchini Uingereza, shughuli zake hazikukoma nchini Tanzania wakati huo, kama tutakavyoona baadaye katika makala haya.[/FONT]

    Hapa kuna utata mwingine, kwamba kumbukumbu zinaonesha kuwa, Kampuni ya Tangold ilianzishwa katika Visiwa vya Mauritius, Aprili 4, 2005; na kupewa Leseni ya Biashara Aprili 8, 2005 kama Kampuni binafsi. Lakini kumbukumbu nyingine zinaonesha kuwa, Tangold ilifungua Akaunti ya Benki Namba 011103024852, Tawi la Corporate Drive la NBC, Dar es Salaam, Januari mosi, 2003; kabla hata Tume ya Balali na wenzake haijaundwa kutatua tatizo la Meremeta.[/FONT]

    Taarifa nyingine zimeonesha zaidi kuwa, Kampuni hiyo ni ya kigeni iliyosajiliwa nchini Mauritius na kupewa leseni nchini Tanzania, Februari 20, 2005 kama tawi la Kampuni ya kigeni; na ilianza kupatiwa fedha na BoT Agosti mosi, 2005 kwa kazi isiyojulikana.[/FONT]

    [FONT=&quot]Je, hii ina maana Tangold ilikuwapo Tanzania kabla ya kuanzishwa nchini Mauritius mwaka 2005, au ni aina fulani tu ya usanii? Hata kama ilikuwapo, iliwezaje kufungua Akaunti Benki, Januari mosi, 2003 ambayo ilikuwa Sikukuu ya Kitaifa ya Mwaka mpya? Kama ilikuwapo, kwa nini Tume ilipendekeza kuundwa kwa kampuni ambayo tayari ilikuwapo? Nini tofauti kati ya Tangold iliyofungua Akaunti Januari 2003, na Tangold iliyosajiliwa Mauritius April 4, 2005 kurithi Meremeta?[/FONT]

    [FONT=&quot]Ingawa mapendekezo ya Tume na tamko la Serikali yalikuwa kwamba, Tangold imilikiwe asilimia kwa mia na Serikali, utekelezaji wake ulikuwa kinyume chake, inaelekea wajumbe wa Tume iliyochunguza matatizo ya Meremeta, ndio hao hao waliogeuzwa au kujigeuza kuwa wakurugenzi wa kampuni hiyo mpya. Hao wanatajwa kuwa ni Daudi Balali, Gray S. Mgonja, Andrew Chenge, Patrick J. W. Rutabanzibwa na Vicent F. Mrisho.[/FONT]

    [FONT=&quot]Inawezekana, kwa mtazamo wa enzi hizo na kwa kusudio hilo, kwamba hao watano ndio walikuwa serikali yenyewe. Lakini kifungu cha saba cha Katiba ya ya Tangold kinatibua dhana yote hiyo, kinaposema, "Wenye hisa ya kampuni wanaweza kurithisha hisa zao kwa ndugu zao".[/FONT]

    Je, ni kweli Tangold ilimilikiwa na Serikali asilimia mia kama ilivyopendekeza Tume ya Balali na kwa mujibu wa tamko la Serikali? Ni ndugu wapi hao wa serikali [kama kweli serikali ina ndugu binafsi!) waliostahili kurithishwa hisa za Serikali?.[/FONT]

    [FONT=&quot]Haya ni maswali magumu, na tunashawishika kuamini kwamba, huenda Tangold haikumilikiwa na Serikali asilimia mia; bali ilikuwa kampuni binafsi iliyorithishwa mali za Kampuni ya Meremeta.[/FONT]

    Wakati matatizo ya Meremeta yakiendelea, na wakati huo huo tayari mapendekezo ya Tume ya Balali ya watu watano yakiwa yameanza kufanyiwa kazi; Machi 18, 2004 iliundwa Kampuni nyingine iitwayo "Deep Green Finance" [DGF], ambayo madhumuni na shughuli zake hazijafahamika vizuri mpaka sasa. Wakurugenzi wa DGF walikuwa ni Mark Ross Weston wa New Zealand; Antón Taljaard wa Afrika Kusini na Rudolf Van Schalkwyk, pia wa Afrika Kusini.[/FONT]

    Wanahisa wa DGF walitajwa kuwa ni Protase R. G. Ishengoma, Stella Ndikimi wa Kampuni ya uwakili ya IMMA, ya jijini Dar es Salaam; Benki ya Nedbank Africa Investment Ltd ya Afrika Kusini (ambayo Mshauri wake, Michael G. Garner, ndiye pia alikuwa Mshauri huru wa Tume ya Balali yenye watu watano, iliyochunguza matatizo ya Meremeta na kupendekeza kuundwa kwa Tangold), na Kampuni ya SBM Nedcor Holdings, ambayo haijafahamika bado, kama ina uhusiano wowote na Kampuni ya Nedcor Trade Service, iliyolipwa na BoT malipo tata ya zaidi ya Sh. 155 kwa niaba ya Meremeta.[/FONT]

    Wakurugenzi hao watatu wa Deep Green Finance, ndio waliokuwa Ma-Afisa pia wa NedBank; na jina la Deep Green limetumiwa mara nyingi na NedBank katika miradi yake mingine ya kijamii. Haifahamiki pia ni kwa vipi na kwa njia ipi, Watanzania wawili pekee, Protase Ishengoma na Stella Ndikimi, walitembelewa na bahati ya kununua hisa za kampuni yenye kumilikiwa na wageni kama hii (DGF); na kama ni kweli inavyodaiwa, kwamba hatimaye walichukua hisa (kwa njia ya kuhamishia au kununua) katika Nedbank Ltd na Nedbank Africa Investments, hapo Aprili 15, 2004.[/FONT]

    Kama ilivyokuwa kwa Kampuni ya Tangold, iliyofungua Akaunti siku ya Sikukuu ya mwaka mpya; ndivyo ilivyokuwa kwa Kampuni ya Deep Green Finance, iliyofungua Akaunti Benki ya NBC, Na. 011103024840, tawi hilo hilo la Corporate Drive; safari hii ilikuwa Sikukuu (ya mapunziko) ya Mei Mosi, 2004.[/FONT]

    Kuna utata pia kuhusu utoaji wa namba za Akaunti za Benki hiyo kwamba, Akaunti ya Tangold, Namba 011103024852, iliyofunguliwa Januari mosi, 2003, ni kubwa (kwa Akaunti 12 zaidi,011103024852 – 011103024840), ikilinganishwa na Akaunti Namba 01110302840 ya Deep Green Finance, iliyofunguliwa zaidi ya mwaka mmoja baadaye, Mei mosi, 2004. Je, ni utaratibu wa NBC kutoa namba za Akaunti kuanzia na namba (kubwa) za juu, kushuka chini? Kama sivyo, basi kuna walakini mkubwa kutufanya tuamini kwamba kulikuwa na mchezo mchafu, ikizingatiwa pia kwamba akaunti zote mbili zilifunguliwa siku za mapumziko ya Sikukuu za kitaifa.[/FONT]

    Tangu Mei mosi, 2004 akaunti ya Tangold ilipofunguliwa, hadi Julai 31, 2005 (zaidi ya mwaka mmoja), hapakuwa na shughuli za DGF zilizoingiza fedha katika akaunti hiyo; hadi Agosti mosi, 2005 ilipoanza kupokea mabilioni ya fedha kutoka ama BoT, Deep Green Finance au Tangold, kwenda ama Deep Green Finance, Tangold, Meremeta, IMMA Advocates ya Dar es Salaam, au kwingine kusikojulikana.[/FONT]

    Wakati imeelezwa Tangold ilianzishwa Aprili 5, 2005 na kupewa leseni ya biashara Aprili 8, 2005 kuchukua nafasi ya Meremeta, na mali na madeni ya Meremeta kuhamishiwa au kuchukuliwa na kampuni mpya kwa maana kwamba Meremeta ilikuwa imefilisiwa na kufungwa; lakini kumbukumbu zinaonesha kwamba, Oktoba 12, 2005, jumla ya Shs. 1,690,500,000 zilihamishwa kutoka Tangold kwenda Kampuni (mfu?) ya Meremeta; na vivyo hivyo Novemba 23 (Tshs. 555,300,048), na Desemba 12 (Shs. 551,060,000). Iliwezekanaje Meremeta kulipwa fedha hizo wakati ilikwishafilisiwa? Nani aliifufua na kwa utaratibu gani?.[/FONT]

    Kwa kifupi, kati ya Agosti mosi, 2005 na Desemba 21, 2006, jumla ya Sh. bilioni 32 zilihamishwa kutoka Benki Kuu kwenda Deep Green Finance na Tangold; mbali na zile zilizopelekwa kusikojulikana. Tunashawishika kuamini, Deep Green Finance iliundwa kurahisisha na kuhakikisha utoroshaji wa fedha za Meremeta na Tangold kwenda nje ya nchi, na si kwa sababu nyingine yoyote ile.[/FONT]

    [FONT=&quot]Baada ya purukushani hizo, na kuonekana kwamba Mradi wa Tangold hauwezi kuendelea; Serikali iliuza haki za Mgodi huo kwa Kampuni ya "Rand Gold" ya Afrika Kusini, kwa bei ya chini ya soko, na kusababisha kwa Serikali hasara ya dola za Marekani milioni 100; na pia Serikali kutakiwa kulipa dola milioni 132 (adhabu na riba), kutokana na Serikali kudhamini wakopaji/wawekezaji waliofilisika, na hivyo kuachiwa mzigo wa kulipa madeni hayo ya kitapeli.[/FONT]

    Huku ikielewa fika juu ya uporaji wa madini na ukwapuaji wa zaidi ya Shs. 55 uliofanywa na kampuni hizo za kitapeli; Serikali ya awamu ya tatu ilikubali na kuridhia "hasara" ya dola milioni 232 (Sh. bilioni 232) kwa Kampuni hizo. Na kwa kasi ya kushangaza na ya kutisha, Serikali hiyo ililipa madai hayo Oktoba 2005, mwezi mmoja tu kabla ya kumaliza muda wake wa kuwa madarakani.[/FONT]

    [FONT=&quot]Kwa hiyo, wanaodai kwamba kashfa ya Meremeta haizungumziki, eti kwa sababu inagusa mambo ya Usalama wa Taifa, ni waongo. Tunawataka wajichunguze kwanza kabla ya kusema, kisha watueleze hayo wanayatoa wapi; vinginevyo tutawahesabu wasaliti wa Taifa letu.[/FONT]

    Wakati huo huo, ni maoni sahihi kwamba hoja ya Zitto Kabwe, juu ya kukwapuliwa kwa Sh bilioni 155 (pia Sh. bilioni 232) na kutoroshewa kwenye benki za nje ya nchi, ina uzito na mantiki ya kutosha. Kujaribu kuzuia au kuteka nyara hoja hiyo, ni kujipambanua au kujitangaza "adui wa umma" wa Kitanzania.[/FONT]
  4. M

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    [FONT=&amp]Inawezekana, kwa mtazamo wa enzi hizo na kwa kusudio hilo, kwamba hao watano ndio walikuwa serikali yenyewe. Lakini kifungu cha saba cha Katiba ya ya Tangold kinatibua dhana yote hiyo, kinaposema,

    Ukisoma baadhi ya haya mambo hata unashindwa kuelewa hii Nchi inakwenda wapi.
    Kampuni inayodaiwa kuwa ya Serikali na Yenye masilahi na Usalama wa Taifa unaweza kuwa na kipengele kama hicho na wabunge wanadiriki kukubaliana na upuuzi kama huu .

    Lazima kuna laana fulani mahali na mwisho wake hautakuwa mzuri.


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    Harakati zao zinaelekea kuliamsha dude la Deep green