Freedom of Education

Augustine Moshi

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Apr 22, 2006
Freedom in Education

We do not want bureaucrats in the Ministry of Education taking over control of private schools. Above all, we resent the recent announcements by the President and by the Minister of Education about curricula and pre-form one training in private schools.

President Kikwete and Minister Sitta have assumed power at a time when private schools are making massive contributions to the educational sector. It is their independence that has allowed them to work so well. Leave them alone. They are not yours.

Private schools should be left free to choose what to teach, who to teach it, and for how long. If they wish to prepare those who are not ready for form one by teaching them for one year before admitting them, then so be it. It really is a mater between them and their clients.

The government only needs to see to it that all schools operate within the laws of the land. These laws, I submit, are enacted by parliament, and not by the office of the Minister of Education, or by the President.

Augustine Moshi
So even if they teach children to be homosexuals it is OK as long as they are private schools?
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