Fraud of Ukrainian elections in Europe. Frustrated hopes for a change in local elites


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Apr 11, 2019
On March 31, presidential elections were held in Ukraine. According to observers, the voting was free of any serious irregularities. In the second round to be held on April 21, Ukrainians will have to choose between current president of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko and a new player in Ukrainian policies, namely showman Volodymyr Zelensky. It is worth mentioning that the credibility and authority of the current Head of the State remains very low in the eyes of Ukrainians. This is all because of endemic corruption, fast deteriorating living standards and the ongoing war in the east of the country that has been under way for 5 years. But for some reasons, this man has the backing of a number of European countries.

As shown by the out-of-country voting, particularly in Spain, the backing is very significant. A high level of participation was observed at every of the three polling stations opened for voting of Ukrainians in that country. The majority of the votes went to Petro Poroshenko. And the next day after the vote, Ukrainian Ambassador to Spain thanked Ana Maria Salomón Pérez, the Director General in the Spanish Foreign Ministry's Directorate-General for North America, Eastern Europe, Asia and the Pacific.


Nowadays there is much talk of foreign interference in the affairs of other countries. Obviously, the Spanish government's attempt to influence electoral preferences of Ukrainians is just the case.

"Ukrainian citizens have shown a high level of civic awareness and participation. They came to the polls to exercise their right to vote and to make the right choice for further development and prosperity of the country. We appreciate the well-established partnership between our departments and hope that all previous agreements will remain in force," writes Ukrainian Ambassador. It is hard to say what exactly Mrs. Salomon Perez has promised for the right choice of Ukrainians, and to whom. But the fact is that in order to ensure support for the Ukrainian presidential candidate, Europe pursues violations of the most fundamental principles of democracy, which is clearly unacceptable in legal and moral terms.


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