Former Mukono DPC sentenced to death over spouse murder



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Nov 22, 2007


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Former Mukono district police commander, James Peter Aurien, could have gone off the hook at his initial murder trial, but not after the file was recalled and murder charges against him re-opened.

A special High Court in Mukono yesterday sentenced Aurien, 55, to death by hanging for murdering his wife, Christine Apolot.

Justice Lawrence Gidudu found Mr Aurien guilty of killing his wife on the night of April 19, 2008 at their home in Lugazi barracks.

However, before court could pronounce its sentence, the judge asked the accused what he had to say.

And Aurien, who was re-arrested on August 16—22 days after he was freed after the Director of Public Prosecutions dropped the charges against him, saying key witness Christine Akello, Apolot’s sister, had gone missing, replied:“I am extremely sorry for the death of my wife especially her dying when am seeing.”

While handing him the maximum punishment, Judge Gidudu said: “Those charged with keeping law and order should be the least people to kill their beloved ones. He cannot get away with it lightly as the defense lawyer asked me to do. I therefore sentence you to suffer death as provided by the law.”

The Judge reached this decision after being in agreement with the submissions of prosecution made to court by Ms Jane Okuo Kajuga.

Ms Kajuga had asked court to base on the overwhelming circumstantial evidence on record and convict Mr Aurien.
Ms Kajuga had submitted that Aurien’s actions soon after the incidence were of a guilty person.

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