First East African International Agreement!


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Oct 31, 2007
According to EU Ambassador Vincent De Visscher "The agreement will establish a strategic trade and development partnership with the objective of promoting regional integration, growth and good governance within EAC. The agreement also stipulates that EAC states will gradually open their markets to goods from EU over a period of 25-years.

What are these markets and why?
At the same time, EAC will see 82% of EU exports enter EAC after just 15 years.

Does it mean EAC markets in 15 years, will be able to consume 82% of the EU exports? :confused:

How much of our export will reach the EU?
Apparently, EAC textile manufacturer will be able to source raw materials from anywhere make clothes and export duty free without quota restrictions. This sounds fishy!

The question that lingers in my head is still in many developing nations including our beautiful East Africa;-

Were any of these safeguarded? East African nations Common Interest, Criteria;-what is our balance of payment? In addition, how this agreement is going to address the issue of balance? What did EAC compromise?

Answering these questions might just put a light onto what East Africans are capable of being as an integrated economic block!

Awaiting your favorable discussion
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Do not worry friend, this is exactly the federation. Selling ourselves in wholesale after the retail sales (individual countries) proved time wasting on the part of our potential buyers!
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