Finally EAC retirees to get their pension


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Feb 11, 2007
Finally EAC retirees to get their pension
By Florence Mugarula
The Citizen

Retirees of the defunct East African Community are set to be paid their pending retirement packages finally tomorrow, after waiting for nearly 22 months.

While pursuing the pensions, some of the retirees have spent nights at the headquarters of the Tanzania Railways Corporation in Dar es Salaam because of their inability to pay for accommodation.

Despite the promise, some of the retirees whose minds were still clouded by agony they have incurred during the past 22 months, are still skeptical about the stand on the payment of their dues.

Among the retirees who have been struggling for months to secure their pensions with their cheque numbers in brackets are Gabriel Jackson (793195), Okk Mwankanja (814063), William Mkongwa (652738), Paul Myila (670430), Ramadhani Issa (661024) and Alex Ngamilamu (791235).

Others are Ahmed Athuman (817028), Haruna Ramadhani (761326), Paul Michael (792128), Abdullah Hassan, and Lukas Jumbe (652476). Others whose cheque numbers could not be found immediately are Thomas Andrea, Nassor Said and Hamis Sambumwe.

Speaking to the Sunday Citizen early this week, Alex Ngamilan who is one of the stranded retirees said, We are waiting for the big day to get our payments but with suspicious minds.

If finally we shall get our money next week, it will be a great relief because some of us have been here for over 20 months, added Ngamilan.

To these old men, who served the nation for years, it is high time they went back home to see their families, after being out looking for their retirement packages.

We are tired of being beggars and sleeping out like animals.we want to go back home with our money and nothing else, Said Mohamed, another retiree told the Sunday Citizen.

Some of them have even reached the decision to return back home without getting their pays, but another problem arise here-how will they go back without having money-to pay for their fares.

With their hopes dwindling every day, the retirees face a daunting challenge as the treasury officials have asked them to produce a copy of salary slip of 1977, when the EAC collapsed.

But they believe this another factor to deny them their rights as the all retirees who were paid in 2005 were not asked to produce salary slips for 1977.

This is what makes us so suspicious about the government's promise where will you get the salary sleep of 1977 and it's impossible to get that salary record. Mwaishu Bugilu, a retiree from Shinyanga added.

Commenting about the same issue of producing salary slip copy of 1977, Nicholas Mbwina who is also one of the retires added, We are asked to bring the salary slip of 1977 but frankly speaking we don't have such thing, and they know that we don't have it but we understand that the treasury has our records so they can have a look from their documents.
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