Fear of Quitting Buries Your True Potential

The Puncher

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Mar 5, 2019
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Human being was programmed, compatible with prosperity.

Quitting whatever doesn’t change or takes you nowhere is one but crucial step towards meeting your goals and purpose.

Taking a quitting decision is uncommon that’s why for many it’s more than just a frightening move. When quitting most people, especially those you know each other well, may consider you arrogant and even disrespectful without assessing their positions, too.

It’s sad that many people don’t know that a man was programmed and authorised to rule over all the circumstances under the world. We were programmed compatible with prosperity, containing all the circumstances.

It’s fear of quitting that keeps many trapped in jobs they hate for the rest of their lives. Quitting, besides subjecting you to confront challenging times ahead, allows your mind seeking alternative means for your survival and prosperity. Be brave challenges are just there to refine and strengthen us.

In his book, Dr Reginald Mengi, titled I Can, I Must I Will says “In my business, I have been aware of risks and have experienced failure but I’ve not feared them. I understand that fear is one of the greatest enemies to success, but it has never deterred me from capitalising on an opportunity. I find pleasure in taking risks”

Too often, however, fear of quitting traps the minds of people in a cage struggling to ponder ways to free themselves from troubling circumstances.

Instead, they find themselves normalising, endorsing and adopting mentalities from whom they are surrounded by.

If you’re to realise your potential for living a purposeful life, change your mind and actions, now. You were born with the potential to live an abundantly prosperous life not just existing and perish as though you came into being by chance.

I want to let you know that according to the principle of creation nothing was created without the potential to prosper and meet its demands and fulfil the purpose. No creation was attached to words like lame, sluggish, dormant and the like.

A leverage you take for granted is the only seed the world waits for greatness to come out of it. Discover your leverage and make use of it now.

Your potential is like a seed that within it there’s more than just a tree, but a forest as well. It’s a matter of how you see it. While one vividly sees a mere seed the other gets a sight of a ‘Sao Hill Forest’.

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