FAO is seeking for an independent Consultant to conduct the Mid-Term Review

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Feb 10, 2014

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Within the framework of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) under the Authorization of the Ministry of Finance (MoF) and funding of the European Union (EU), FAO is implementing a project in support of improving the competitiveness of rice producing smallholder farmers through post-harvest management (RICE Project). The project has reached the mid-point (1.5 years) of its current cycle and in keeping with the project, and the Government requirements, led by the Ministry of Agriculture, FAO Tanzania will undertake the Mid-Term Review (MTR) of the project.

FAO is seeking for an independent Consultant to conduct the MTR. The review will be managed by FAO Tanzania Representation under overall guidance and coordination of the Assistant FAO Representative, Project coordinator and M&E Specialist.

The overall purpose of the review is to assess the effectiveness of the implementation strategy, Principally, it will inform FAO, EU-as Financier, MoF-EDF as contracting authority, project stakeholders and partners on the progress in implementation of the RICE project.

It will be conducted with an aim to assess the extent to which the project has achieved and delivered the intended results/outputs and its impact to the community and draw lessons learned, good practices and action-oriented recommendations to integrate in the project design and inform decision making.

The review will have a particular emphasis on the relevance, efficiency, effectiveness, sustainability and impact of the intervention carried out and approach adopted. The following key questions further define the objectives of the review as follows:

  • To what extent have project interventions been relevant to the needs and demands of key stakeholders and target group it intends to reach?
  • Which steps have been taken to assure that project design was a logical result of priority needs within the target community
  • Examine the nature of interaction and collaboration; in particular the partnerships and synergies established with other stakeholders and actors in the rice value chain.
  • To what extent has the project been implemented on budget and on time?
  • Are the available technical and financial resources adequate to fulfil the project plans?
  • What extent were project outputs against planned targets and indicators as indicated in the logical framework achieved ; focus should be on the 4 outcome areas after 1.5 years of implementation
  • What are enabling and limiting factors that contribute to the achievement of results and what actions need to be taken to overcome any barriers that limit the progress
  • What changes can be observed that are attributable to project interventions (e.g. Management practices; Rice Production, harvest and post-harvest practices, Collective/joint actions, Quality and market value of rice processed, transported and stored by value chain actors)
  • To what extent has the project identified and established sustainable, efficient, and effective models for achieving the purpose and project outcomes after the project support ends?
  • Have livelihoods been affected by results on the medium and long-term and how
  • Investigate the outcome of capacity building actions and mechanisms, and how they have ensured multiplier effects
Furthermore, the review will address specific technical questions relevant to the project components and also explore the extent to which project design and implementation has considered gender related differences in the roles, responsibilities, and needs of the target beneficiaries and enabled greater gender equality and women’s empowerment. It will involve conducting field Visits to twelve (12) targeted Producer Organization (PO) i.e : Idodi, Makifu, Tungamalenga, Mlenge, Magozi, Mkombozi, Makuka, Mafuruto, Ipwasi Ndorobo, Mapogoro, and Mlambalasi located in Iringa District, and at least five-(5) value chain actors (traders,, millers) in Iringa and Dodoma.

The review will include review of documents and consultations with stakeholders. It will involve qualitative and quantitative methods to evaluate RICE project implementation, its performance and make recommendations for the remaining implementation period.

The consultant and RICE team will agree on approach for data collection and then he/she will meet with the relevant project stakeholders and partners using Focus Group Discussions (FGD), Key information interviews (Kll) and other appropriate methods for data collection.

The consultant will provide a debriefing after the field work and an initial analysis and will be required to submit a final report on the findings.

Required Competencies (Qualifications and experience):
  • Advanced degree in Agriculture, Agricultural Economics, Rural Development or other related discipline.
  • Technical Competencies and Experience Requirements
  • Experience in applying qualitative and quantitative evaluation methods, with a minimum of 8 years of professional experience in programme and project evaluation of relevance to policy making demonstrating a strong record in designing and conducting/leading evaluations
  • Extensive knowledge of the global development arena especially in the field of Agribusiness development and Value chain analysis
  • Experience with Results- based Monitoring and Evaluation
  • Experience in formulating interventions to support smallholders to link to processors to benefit from value addition.
  • Good command of English and fluency in Swahili both oral and written
Duration: 35 days

Remuneration: Based on UN salary scales for Tanzania

How to Apply
Candidates should complete the FAO Personal Profile Form (PPF) accessible at: How to apply | Employment at FAO | Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations

Applications should be sent with a detailed CV and Personal Profile Form and a brief concept note 3-4 pages on the understanding of the assignment and methodology by COB 30th March, 2019 to:

FAO Representative​
SIDA H, Ada Estate​
Ali Hassan Mwinyi Road​
P. 0. Box 2 Dar es Salaam​

Email: FAO-TZ@fao.org

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