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Famine in somalia: Where’s africa solution

Discussion in 'International Forum' started by Nguruvi3, Jul 22, 2011.

  1. Nguruvi3

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    Jul 22, 2011
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    The word ‘Africa solution’ is a mantra when AU wants to express the outrage over western military interference in its domestic affairs. The AU has lashed out to western nations on Somalia, Ivory Coast and lately Libya with assertion that Africa problems need Africa solution.
    Given an opportunity to deliver, AU has achieved nothing except endless meetings with villains. Somalia is a proto type of AU failure despite the prerogative given by the International community. The AU incessantly describes ‘foreign’ military intervention to defeat militia as nonstarter.

    Currently the European Union is working on the Greece debt crisis which could trigger another global recession. America is struggling to settle the debt ceilings which can impact other nations if not acted responsibly. The EU and America have shown their aptitude to deal with problems as blocks.

    The television networks worldwide are airing the disgusting images of people succumbing in horn of Africa. We all know that Somalia is beset with civil strife for decades hitherto. Famine has raged war torn country to brink.

    In this world of technology and statistics famine is not an incidence that no one anticipated. Suffice to say Al Shabaab has a share in this saga. The Organization stopped the International aids groups to intervene when every signs indicated the looming catastrophe, however it’s not worth talking about evils, we need to point a finger to irresponsible AU for giving them a heaven place.

    The World anticipated that AU will organize the relief aids in Somalia in collaboration with International Organizations.
    Unfortunate the AU has failed(as usual) to take the lead role in this situation. As a result of this, the images are all around the world depicting and despising the Continent as failure.

    The AU could provide food or other humanitarian necessities to abate the agony and anguish to Somalians. Not! The talk club is lip tight waiting for Harry Belafonte to organize another concert for Africa, almost 30 years down the road we have learn nothing on natural disaster management.

    In this context, where is the boundary between military and humanitarian intervention?
    Where is ‘Africa Solution’ to curb famine in Somalia.
    I wonder if AU deserve any seat in the UN Security Council if she cannot provide solution in her back yard!