EYE SPY:The names Shamsa Mwangunga!


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Feb 11, 2007
Adam Lusekelo
Dar es Salaam

THEY have been at it again. Those rapists of our country’s natural resources have been caught trying to sneak at least ten dozen containers full of different types of wood. They were on their way to China.

I know they have always been doing that. Take a ride in the TAZARA railway to Mbeya and you might end up crying. In nearly all the stations-en route you will see hundreds of illegally felled logs waiting to be exported mostly by thugs calling themselves exporters.

This time ten containers are at Dar port. The Minister for Natural Resources and Tourism, Shamsa Mwangunga, has made threatening noises that her ministry will arrest all those involved anywhere anytime.

’’Those caught will have their licences revoked and their ill-gotten loot nationalized,’’ she said. Tough talk. But is that all? Shamsa should tell all, is stealing from the republic a criminal act?

Yes, of course it is. That goes under the Economic Sabotage Act. We are just expecting those culprits to be taken to court and jailed.

Now my biggest question. What is the name or names of the eco-thug calling himself a businessman? We want to know his name. We want him photographed for all of us to see. I know most of our thugs masquerading as businessmen hide behind those four-wheel heavily tinted vehicles.

We also want to know the name of the other thug or thugs in her ministry who colluded with the eco-thug. I think all those involved can be called eco-thugs.

Why withhold their names, and hide under the pretext that investigations are continuing? We want to know the names of the suspects. I refuse to believe that Shamsa has taken a page from the EPA investigation in the Bank of Tanzania.

The facts are there. Ten containers full of logs stolen without a permit are at the Dar port. The eco-thugs lied and said they were exporting a certain type of wood.

The evidence is there, so what 'investigations' are we waiting for? Proof that the wood is real and not made of plastic? Another criminal in Shamsa’s ministry who colluded with the eco-criminal said he okayed the permit for the loot to be exported because he was suddenly possessed by the devil. That he did not know what he was doing. Bullcrap!

It simply shows how he regards his minister with contempt. If Shamsa lets him get away with that, it will be collusion from the top. Send the guys to court and we want their names. We want to know our thieves. The evidence is there. Name the names Shamsa!

The Ministry of Natural Resources is one of the most corrupt in Tanzania. The temptations there are just too much. But, Shamsa should know that the consequences that our grand-children face are just terrifying.
Hapo nyuma kila siku tulizoea kusikia wivu wa kuvunjwa banki. Serikali ikawadhibiti kupitia vikosi vyote vya ulinzi na usalama.

Siku hizi umekuja wizi mwingine (UFISADI) na serikali inaonekana kuwa out of control, na imeshundwa kudeploy all security forces, kuwakata hawa mafisadi.

Uncle Lusekelo,

You are reminding me of illegal logging in the Amazon jungle.

In this jungle there is no media coverage to see what is going on, nor activists to alert the authorities and there are no ministers to deal with eco-thugs.

In Tanzania we have these bunch of thugs and scumbags who are taking our country for granted that the they are able to collude with thick heads from the ministry and profiteering from our stupidity.

They have no respect for the laws of the land and are ready to shirking all normal procedures and regulations.

I hope all the secrecy surrounding the whole operations will be unfolded and all people concerned put before courts for justice to prevail.
Wizara ya maliasili inanikasirisha sana, ninafanya kazi za law eforcement mambo ya kuzuia majangili kwa muda wa miaka minne sasa. Muda wote huu sijaona wafanyabiashara wakubwa wakichukuliwa hatua yoyote. wana watu wanaowafanyia kazi zao za ujaangili huku wakishirikiana na maafisa wa wa wilaya wa idara mbalimbali, maliasili, polisi na hata mahakamani.

What happens hawa vibarua wao wanapokamatwa na kupelekwa mahakamani adhabu inayotolewa ni ndogo sana tena ambayo unaweza ukalipa fine. the big potatoes those who make the most money wanaishia kulipa hizi fines ili kuwatoa hawa vibarua wao kutoka jela. baada ya wiki wamerudi tena kuendelea na kazi.

kuna maeneo mengine unakuta hata magari ya maafisa wanyama pori ya ndio yanatumika kusafirishia hayo magogo. Na wanajua kabisa hakuna mtu atakayewagusa as long as hawa tycoons wapo kuwalinda.
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