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EYE SPY: The clowning and lies are on!

Discussion in 'Jukwaa la Siasa' started by BAK, Jan 25, 2009.

  1. BAK

    BAK JF-Expert Member

    Jan 25, 2009
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    EYE SPY: The clowning and lies are on!


    ACCORDING to the government, more than 1.27 million jobs have been created during the last three years. But then you would expect them to say that, wouldn�t you?

    You don’t need to get A-pluses in the political show in Bongo to know that the ruling CCM has unofficially kicked off the election campaigns for the 2010 general elections. They are now busy tarting themselves up to look pretty before the people of the United Republic of Tanzania.

    But are the people buying that? I bet they donèt. If you hear some government ruler start the process of going to a salon to tart himself up on how beautiful the government is, reach for your remote control and watch soccer. Watch Brazilian soccer star Kaka think with his feet. Or phone your chick for a chat.

    According to the government, they have created 27 per cent above the one million five-year target set by the Fourth Phase government, which came into office after the 2005 general elections.

    If you believe that then you will believe me too. My real name is not Adam Lusekelo, but Julius Caesar, Emperor of Rome!

    There are more flowery truths coming from the government. The economy of Tanzania is growing very fast. In fact last year it recorded a 25 per cent growth. All that amid crippling water shortages in the real capital Dar es Salaam and not that designated capital joke called Dodoma.

    By the way only the other day, the Prez, Jack Mrisho, was photographed by the ubiquitous State House press corps inspecting sketches of the planned Julius Nyerere convention centre in Dodoma? No bozo in Dar! The planned shift to Dodoma is going to take only a few hundred years. As I told you my real name is Julius Caesar.

    So while the economy has been booming, there have been intermittent power-cuts. No fear, I hear the government has imported millions of night-vision goggles for Tanzania’s students to wear while reading and doing their homework at night.

    Talk of students, Tanzania is also leading in persuading students to go to classes in universities or any pretension calling themselves universities or institutions of higher learning!

    By the way, after lengthy meditation and reflection, the government has decided to stop importing those eyesores called ’shangingis’, those embarrassing four-wheel cars for the status-conscious ruling class.

    Instead the Prez, says he will buy tractors from the money saved. After saying that agriculture is the backbone of the economy of Tanzania for the last 45 years, the government has now come to realize that it has to do something about that backbone of the economy.

    These are times for flowery speeches which will go on until after the 2010 general elections. You ve to give it to those politicians. They will yap a lot without actually saying anything. Without batting a lid. What a tough way to make a living!
  2. Japhari Shabani (RIP)

    Japhari Shabani (RIP) R I P

    Jan 26, 2009
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    Imekua kawaida ya viongozi wetu kutoa hotuba za kuvutia majukwaani na katika makaratasi jinsi gani nchi yetu inavyoendelea kiuchumi,kisiasa,jinsi gani CCM ilivyo safi na makini,amani, utulivu,vita dhidi ya rushwa na ufisadi n.k.Vitu amabvyo ukivichunguza havina uhusiano na hali halisi.Kunawakati inafikia nikikiri ya kua hawa viongozi wetu hawaishi katika nchi hii au wanakopi hotuba za viongozi wa nchi nyingine na kuzisoma katika hotuba zao bila kujua nini wanachokisoma sitashanga kwamba kunawakati kiongozi atasimama na kusema "kutokana na kuanguka kwa snow kwa wingi mavuno yamekua madogo"Hayo maendeleo yanayotajwa ni ya nchi kama Sweden,Finland n.k.TUNA KAZI MUNGU IBARIKI TANZANIA.
    Advocate Jasha.
  3. Mnyamahodzo

    Mnyamahodzo JF-Expert Member

    Jan 26, 2009
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    I'm looking forward to see
    -Who is the best liar among the Cabinet members.
    -who is best in giving and defending his/her lies.
    -who is best in repeating his/her lies to Tanzanians until many consider it as the truth.
    professors have started( Mkuu hillo and Kapu Sawa NAjuya)
  4. T

    Tikerra JF-Expert Member

    Jan 26, 2009
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    Yes tough indeed,lying so that you may it!

  5. Nyambala

    Nyambala JF-Expert Member

    Jan 26, 2009
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    Na huu ni mwanzo tu, watatudanganya sana hawa jamaa. Ila what they fail to understand ni kwamba language ya layman ni kuona na sio statistics.

    Kingine kikubwa hawa jamaa bado wanaendelea ku-undermine dynamics za politiki na kuiona society yetu in the same way it was in the 60's!
  6. Steve Dii

    Steve Dii JF-Expert Member

    May 14, 2011
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    Oo' R.I.P. Brother Lusekelo!

    His articles were humorous but delivered the message with Swiss precision.