EYE SPY:The ’Abracadabra’ budget


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Feb 11, 2007
EYE SPY:The 'Abracadabra' budget

Adam Lusekelo
Dar es Salaam

IN his state of the economy survey presented to Parliament in Dodoma on Thursday, Finance Minister 'Braza' Mustafa Mkulo, predicted a steady rise in the rate of growth in each year to 2011.

''The economy will grow by 7.8 per cent in 2008, 8.1 per cent in 2009, 8.8 per cent in 2010, and 9.2 per cent in 2011,'' he told the Bunge.

Oh yeah? I know Braza Mkulo is a Math magician of some sort. He excelled at Mathematics while at Pugu Seco (When Pugu was really Pugu!) He did well. He also attended other respectable institutions. He definitely knows his sums.

One thing I didn't know. That Braza Mkulo is also into astrology. That he is some sort of a soothsayer. That he can predict the future for the people of Bongo.

Maybe he should team up with Sheikh Yahya Hussein and start a consultancy business. Because he has already predicted that our economy will be churning on valiantly up to 2011 when we will be having a 9.2 per cent.

I have always said many times that I am highly suspicious when politicians give us flowery speeches about economic 'growth'. We are presently facing terrifying oil prices in the world market. That hurt, and will continue, to hurt us very badly.

There are the crazy weather patterns all over the world. Food prices are rapidly rising. But still the Tanzanian 'Tiger's economy is rising.

Now if you go to, say Norway or most of the countries in Europe you look around at the average people. You 'see' with your very eyes the economy growing. You see their standard of lives. That is quality living. And it is fair! A thing we can only dream of in Bongo.

Well, if there is an economy growing in Bongo then I don't see it. I see hunger, hopeless poverty and disease all around me. I see kids getting some mis-education. They can hardly even write their own names

Then we are told the economy is growing beautifully. Some of us get confused just where is that economy growing? Some cheeky fellow told me the economy must be growing in some people's paunches. I agree with him.

Of course now and then you find the economy growing to some people. You find the occasional shangingi being shown off by one fisadi and other thieves (EPA). But for the rest of us, we get flowery speeches. We simply cannot eat tarted up speeches by the wazee at the Bunge.

Or, maybe Braza Mkulo was, in a way, trying to kick-off a campaign by a certain political party. It could be the idea was to tell us that we are having it so good under the reign of the Prez, Jack Mrisho?

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