EYE SPY:Hooray ... Finance Bill is passed by Bunge!


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Feb 11, 2007
EYE SPY:Hooray ... Finance Bill is passed by Bunge!


THE Bunge has just passed a bill on financial leasing that would enable entrepreneurs secure loans without collateral, ostensibly in a move aimed at boosting their productivity.

To this guy you see on the picture, the whole thing stinks to high hell.
It is said that the proposed law will enable entrepreneurs to benefit from financial services including loans for equipment and other capital goods. They would say that, wouldn't they?

We are still aching from Richmond, EPA and other assorted efforts to dismember TANESCO. We know who did EPA thugs in suit. Nothing has happened to them of course. Instead they are shamelessly being protected by our beloved government. Mark my words, dear reader - nothing will happen! Imetoka hiyo!

Now we are told there will be loans without collateral. I know who those entrepreneurs who will get those loans will be. You don't need a doctorate in rocket engineering to know that the loans will go to the wives, hawaras and kids of the rulers. It has, and will always be that way, until the people of Bongo really decide that they have had it up to the necks with injustice called 'Amani na Utulivu'

It has always been 'them'. So the coming entrepreneurs will be the wives and concubines of some guys and their kids will be the ones to benefit from the loans.

One thing most of thieves do not realize is that you need that Amani na Utulivu thing to drive and enjoy the peace and tranquillity itself. You don't want someone machine-gunning your Mercedes or shangingi when you are busy kissing your hawara.

You could be in your tinted shangingi and enjoying yourself somewhere. But if there are increasingly legions waiting to shoot you, then there is no fun. In fact the world could turn deadly. You and your baby could be shot and your shangingi stolen.

All this is because of injustice. The system we have now is simply unjust. Very unjust! If we are one big family called Tanzanians, how come some guys and chicks wallow in money stolen from the government and the same government goes on to protect them?

I know there is a system whereby we have untouchables. But the people of the United Republic of Tanzania are not fools, although quite a bunch of politicians in Bongo think we are.
Politicians are increasingly having nothing new to say, short of singing on Amani na Utulivu. The song is getting very stale. Condemning people to outrageous poverty while others steal vast sums with impunity is also a vicious form of violence.

You don't have to beat up someone to be violent. But to deliberately starve the vast majority of Tanzanians and plunder their resources with impunity is unforgivable. One day the empire will strike back!

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