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EYE SPY:Here comes another tsunami!

Discussion in 'Jukwaa la Siasa' started by BAK, Feb 1, 2009.

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    Feb 1, 2009
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    EYE SPY:Here comes another tsunami!

    Adam Lusekelo

    ANOTHER tsunami has just hit the Bank of Tanzania (BoT). Some $221m has been stolen by the real people who know how to chop big. The twin-towers have been built at the quadruple its real price.

    One dollar has been inflated to four by the real eaters. They simply pocketed the other three dollars. Allegedly.

    I hear even the West Africans are now casting respectful eyes at the United Republic of Tanzania for having thieves who really chop big. With that kind of money a guy could run a small army!

    But Tanzanians are very modest. They don’t want to run armies for self-protection. They prefer to run harems. I know a few of the guys who are so drunk with money that they have been given special names by the ladies.

    A man called Jina Tunaliminya, is a managing director of some bank. The way he behaves when he sees chicks is simply scandalous. You would think that he came in late to the game. You would think he came into the world of the joys of womanhood when he got his managing directorship.

    Discovering the joys of feminine sex can be a problem when you are 35 years old. Anyway the guy has been nicknamed Mr Rav4. It is said that whenever he casts his lusty eyes on a woman of his fancy he runs out to the motor showroom and buys her the car. When she looks at him in astonishment, he rushes off to the most expensive parts of Dar to get a plot and buys her a house. That's what most of the money stolen in tsunami scandals in our country does.

    It has come to the point whereby to be seen as doing well in what you do is dangerous. Joint whispers of ’’That bloody fisadi!’’ are now aplenty among the people.

    You feel pity on the guys. It is not very pleasant to be called a thief everywhere they go.

    You would think that we have had enough tsunamis from the year 2005. Only to hear of another tsunami gathering in the shores of the United Republic of Tanzania.

    There is a $152m identity card deal. That is good chop and, mark my words, it is going to explode on the government faces soon. Home Affairs Minister, Lawrence ’The Law’ Masha is crying foul by some State House honchos including the Chief Secretary, Philemon Luhanjo, interfering with the deal.

    ’The Law’ has officially brought the matter to the attention of the Prime Minister, Mizengo Pinda and other top government leaders. It is understood that the home affairs ministerial tender board had initially sought to float a restricted tender, but the government ordered the tender process to be made public to avoid loopholes for corruption and other wrongdoings.

    ’The Law’ was not amused. According to sources: ’’The minister was not happy with the way the preliminary evaluation of the tender was conducted, after some of the bidders were uplifted and given conditional pre-qualification while others with similar qualification were left out.’’

    The sources further hinted that the minister told Pinda of spreading the ’notion’ that he (the Law) was personally favouring the French company, SAGEM SECURITE, to be awarded the tender. This is because he had decided to act on the company’s complaints after it was short-listed. Impliedly that ’The Law’ was on the take of the French company.

    A total of 54 companies initially tabled bids for the tender to supply a national identification, system based, Smartcard technology, and a special government evaluation committee then picked 21 of the bidders for the pre-qualification stage.

    The project is understood to have attracted the interest of quite a number of local politician-cum-businessmen, said to be eagerly waiting to pounce on the deal.

    You can imagine many a calculator at work. Ten per cent of $152m is a lot of moola around $15m. Take that money, and shower it the way the $12m of the radar deal was done, then you have a couple of very rich guys. That kind of money could do a lot in next year's elections!

    Of course the tender will be awarded to a Tanzanian of Asian origin. Black Tanzanians don’t know how to do business. Predictably he will be using front in the Ministry of Home Affairs, and Ikulu. Then, like the radar dealer who has used Tanzanians as fronts, he will flee to Canada or Switzerland and nothing will happen. Punishment is not in our culture.