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Exclusive: The Law Society of Kenya: Realising Integrity law-walking the talk...Jipatie nakala yako.

Discussion in 'Kenyan News and Politics' started by Ab-Titchaz, Jan 16, 2013.

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    A Consolidated Analytical Account of Adversely Mentioned Persons as Contained in Publicly Available Reports


    This report is based on a study that was conducted by LSK in November and December 2012. The study comprised of a detailed review of published documents, some of which were not publicly distributed, the majority of which were either judicial or parliamentary commissions set to investigate serious human rights abuses putting the integrity and standing of individuals in question. The study was intended to introduce new approaches in the broader policy discourse on leadership and integrity in Kenya by providing evidence based tools for the vetting of potential leaders and State officers.

    The study examined various public documents, including Parliamentary Investment Committee reports, Parliamentary Accounts Committee reports, and Parliamentary Select Committee reports, Controller and Auditor's Reports and Commissions of Inquiry to analyze the roles of public and State officers adversely mentioned.

    The specific documents reviewed for the study included the following:

    • The Report of the Commission of Inquiry into the Illegal and Irregular Allocation of Public Lands, 2003/2004 (the Ndung'u Report on land grabbing)
    • The Report of the Judicial Commission appointed to inquire into tribal clashes in Kenya (the Akiwumi Commission)
    • The Report of the Commission of Inquiry into the land law system of Kenya, 1999/2009 (the Njonjo Commission)
    • The Report of the Select Committee on the disappearance and murder of the late member for Nyandarua North, the Hon. JM Kariuki, 1975 (Mwangale Report)
    • The Report of the Parliamentary Select Committee investigating circumstances leading to the death of the late Dr. the Hon. Robert John Ouko, 2005 (the Sunguh Report)
    • The Commission of Inquiry into the death of Robert Ouko, 1991 (the Gicheru Commission Report)
    • The Report of the Joint Committees on Administration, National Security and Local Authorities and Administration of Justice and Legal Affairs on the matter of the Armenian Brothers
    • The Report of the Parliamentary Select Committee to investigate ethnic clashes in Western and other parts of Kenya, 1992 (the Kiliku Report)
    • The Report of the Judicial Commission of inquiry into the Goldenberg Affair, 2004 (the Bosire Report/the Goldenberg Report)
    • Report of the Defense Committee on the Sale of Embassy Houses
    • Report on the ownership of South Ngariama Ranch
    • Report status of ownership of LR 2890 in Timau Township
    • The Report of the Public Accounts Committee on the matter of currency printing contracts between the Central Bank of Kenya and De La Rue Company (De La Rue Report)
    • Report on alleged irregularities on the rolling-out of the Civil Servants' Out-patient Medical Insurance Scheme
    • Seventeenth Report of the Public Investments Committee, 2010
    • Sixteenth Report of the Public Investments Committee, 2009
    • Public Accounts Committee Report on the 2004-2005 Financial Year
    • Project KTM Kroll Consulting Report
    • Report of the Parliamentary Select Committee on the decline of the Kenya shilling against major foreign currencies.
    • Country Development Fund (CDF) Mismanagement (the Ababu Namwamba Report)
    • Parliamentary Anti-Corruption Select Committee, 2000 (the Musikari Kombo Report)
    • National Social Security Fund (NSSF) special management audit report, 2008
    • Special audit report of Controller and Auditor General on the purchase of land for cemetery by Nairobi City Council
    • Report into the Maize Scandal, 2008