Ethiopian drug mule's story from Hong Kong prison

Fr John Wotherspoon

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Aug 3, 2013
Do you think a jury will believe this 31 year old Ethiopian's story???


An elderly man from the Czech Republic was last month sentenced to 16 years in prison for drug trafficking to Hong Kong

A young man from India was last week sentenced to 27 years in prison for drug trafficking to Hong Kong

Please spread the message in Africa: DON'T TAKE DRUGS TO HONG KONG!

To make things worse: later this year a new rail station will open in HK ...for fast trains to/from Mainland China. It will be a "co-location" station, with Mainland police in charge HK! Which means if anyone is caught at the station with drugs, they won't go to the High Court of HK...but to a death sentence in Mainland China!

My hope for 2018: not one person from the whole of Africa arrested in HK for drug trafficking.

p.s. I've been to Africa 3 times as part of my anti-drug campaign...and the number of African drug mules arrested at HK airport has fallen from 47 in 2015 to about 8 last year. Thank you Jesus! Last month I went to South America on the same mission. A report of my trip is here:
V2Catholic.Com I had a special message for the Nigerian Drug Lords in Sao Paolo:

God bless the whole world!

Fr John (a prison chaplain in HK)


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Jan 23, 2012
We still have a mule problem in our society, the news of the child whose parents are arrested for drug trafficking has hurt alot of people..
Never used, will never use

Fr John Wotherspoon

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Aug 3, 2013
By the way, i gather you are a father / Padre / Minister specialising in helping prisoners in Hong Kong and people caught in criminal activities. Three questions:-

1. I am curious to know why are you so interested in helping African drug mules

2. How did you discover this forum (Jamiiforums)

3. What message will you give to young men and women thinking of making fast buck.
Thank you for your message.

1. Four years ago I was very sad to see a big increase in the number of African drug mules arrested in HK and I wanted to help stop the flow. I've always had a soft spot for 1968 at Monash University in Melbourne, I helped organise a walkathon to help Biafra.....10,000 university students took part ...we raised about AUD$100,000

2. Brother Google

3. Read this: V2Catholic.Com (Gandhi, Mandela, Jesus!)

God bless Africa!

my three trips to Africa:

2015: Tanzania, Malawi

2016: Kenya, Uganda

2017: Southern Africa

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