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Emeralds are usually considered to be more precious than diamonds found in TZ; Why R W Poor?

Discussion in 'Biashara, Uchumi na Ujasiriamali' started by nngu007, Mar 24, 2011.

  1. nngu007

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    Mar 24, 2011
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    Emerald is the most precious of the beryl group (aquamarine is also beryl).
    The name "emerald" seems to have come from the Persian word for "green stone". Emeralds are usually considered to be more precious than diamonds. This is due to a large part to their scarcity. Beryllium, an element necessary to form emeralds, is very rare.Because of the way they grow, emeralds often contain inclusions; bubbles, healing cracks, "carbon" flecks, and foreign crystals. These are not necessarily faults, and they can indicate the genuineness of the stone. A perfectly clean emerald is almost unheard of!
    Large deposits are found in Brazil, Columbia and South Africa. Sometimes the particular shade of green can indicate where it is from. Other sources include: Australia, India, Pakistan, Tanzania, the U.S. and Zambia.


    Below is one place in Manyara Region where you can find Emeralds

    Manghola: Emerald in Waiting

    In 2004, an onion farmer named Mzee Nanjai was working his fields outside the village of Manghola, in the Manyara region of Tanzania, when he happened to find a mysterious green stone. He sent the stone to Arusha, a city in the region with an active gem trade, hoping his find might be worth something. Several months later, he got word from an Indian gem dealer that the stone was a five-gram emerald. The dealer bought the stone from Nanjai for 800,000 Tanzanian shillings ($714) -- more than the farmer could have hoped to make in a year.
  2. The Finest

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    Mar 24, 2011
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    You are asking why are we poor??? Don't be like the President of Tanzania who doesn't know why his country is so poor