EasyFriday-Pinda, where ’fisadis’ roam, corruption swells


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Feb 11, 2007
EasyFriday-Pinda, where ’fisadis’ roam, corruption swells


THE other day I heard my Prime Minister Mizengo Kayanza Peter Pinda few days after he was sworn in say he will never take any bribe.

Pinda didn’t stop there. He went on and on and concluded by saying ’’Should I take any bribe or involve myself in any tainted deals, I ask The Almighty God to terminate my existence in this world.’’

Wow! What a vow Pinda gave out! That was great. Isn’t it? I trusted him and still am. You know what, the guy looks very systematic, straight and above all a man of action. I hope that he will stand for that till he turned to past tense.

But yesterday I was a little bit shocked to read a cross-section of Dar es Salaam newspapers alleging that PM Pinda is now seemingly afraid of ’fisadis’.

You know what? He said it is very difficult to detain those fellow Tanzanians who involved themselves in the Richmond and EPA scandals.

He said his government cherishes principles of good governance and respects the rule of law. This is very good indeed.

Not only that, I heard him say detaining and taking to court the big-moneyed-citizens involved in the scandals might put the country in trouble. The country can shiver? I don’t know this.

That with money or power in Tanzania you can do anything you want and go free without any shouts from the government machineries. Ruffians cannot be touched in this country no matter what bad they do to the government itself and its people.

By that statement, if he was quoted well anyway, it means that our judiciary system is so corrupt that it can’t do anything right to individuals who hold big chunks of money.

Pinda and others must understand that all those shouts from the media and other Tanzanians do not mean that we hate our fellows, but what they did to flatten our economy is totally unacceptable.

Now the government should come out and show that it has muscles to impede corruption and other evil acts for the betterment of every individual in this country.

Mwalimu Nyerere, in his lifetime was so adamant that shielding ’fisadis’ and keeping a low profile in helping the poor was characteristic of a corrupt government.

Nyerere was visionary, and when you gauge what is happening in Tanzania now several years after his death, you come to understand that the vision of the Father of the Nation is no more.

Leaving those ’fisadis’ roam in our midst is a shame to the government, and it shows her weakness in fighting for the people who voted it into power.

President Kikwete has shown willingness to address the slaughter of ’fisadis’, but the rich individuals seem to have more power than our government.

Kikwete should be prepared to use his power to defend our dignity and economy by confiscating what belongs to the government from those corrupt individuals.

Granted, there are no neat solutions in stopping those looters of our resources but force, putting aside friendship, in-laws relationship and comradeship.

Ignoring brutality has only magnified it, and it’s just shameful to pretend not to notice the terrified Tanzanians who are dying of hunger and diseases just because there are no medicines in our hospitals; and many go without proper education.

Kikwete and your government: The time to stand firm for Tanzania and its people is now. And history will recognize you positively ever.

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