Easy Friday:The silence of Tanzanians is not their stupidity


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Feb 11, 2007
Easy Friday:The silence of Tanzanians is not their stupidity


MOST of the time foolish people have scorned Tanzanians as being ignorant; people who agree to everything, people who are as meek as sheep and people who don’t have the guts to say ’no’ even when they are maltreated.

That is to say a Tanzanian is a ’yes man’ even when someone puts a finger in his eye. They say the most he can do is to close his eyelid to protect the eye; but he can’t use his hands to prevent the intruder poking his finger into his eye.

They are people without speech even when they are hit on the left cheek. If the hitter wants to continue, they will turn the right cheek, too. They have no problem.

They say they are people who cannot stand for their rights even when a man who is mad but wealthy or has authority violates these rights. They are people who love to adore the wealthy and treat the poor with contempt. When you have money, the body and the intelligence of a Tanzanian is your property. This is quite regrettable!

Tanzanians are people who do not have the temerity to demonstrate, to reject or show dislike to bad deeds done to them or those in relation to them. That they are people who complain silently and continue to suffer; they stupidly endure problems, remain silent while they are exploited endlessly.

It is said that they are people who can remain silent while they don’t have water for many days; they will continue to use the water that is not safe thus risking their lives.

All water tapes are just there for decoration; family members can die because of the dirty water, but people will not complain to the authorities, they will only bury their dead and continue to draw water from the pools. If the situation gets worse, they will take water from the Indian Ocean for use at home and other various needs. Only sea water is saltier.

They can’t say anything, but will keep on complaining while they treat themselves of cholera and diarrhea, diseases caused by the lack of safe water.

What is more, they will continue receiving monthly water bills without complaining and they will pay bills and continue to complain albeit quietly.
It is the same with electricity; for a Tanzanian who lives in a house with electric wiring, it is a luxury to use electricity and the day power becomes available� children rejoice loudly�.eee-h there is power�.electricity !!!

When you write, politicians jump on you saying you are instigating people to demonstrate, riot or to hate their government. It’s terrible to work under this environment. Thus most of Tanzania’s journalists are believed to be hypocrites.

I am even told that if a beer customer finds dirty particles swimming in the ’golden’ liquid, what he can do is just to throw out the beer and then buy another one without complaining to the bar owner.

If he develops stomach upsets, he swallows some tablets and life goes on.

Many shops are full of bad and second-rate products but many customers do not care about the quality or the expiry date. One thing remains is to eat.. eat.. eat�drink�drink�drink. Nobody cares even for his health.

That is why many shops owned by ’clever’ (call them conmen) people, particularly in those areas where there are many residents putting up in high-density areas are full of sub-standard products. They sell everything. If they die from treatable illnesses �aah it is the will of God! But the deaths are certainly caused by eating a lot of dirt in the products they use.

Nobody complains or does so on behalf of these poor people! Everybody is concerned with his own affairs and even those responsible will be heard saying: ’’Ah, it is their problem, can�t they even look after their own health? It is regrettable.’’

How many students can approach the National Examination Council to argue against their failure in the examinations despite their being intelligent in class? Not one. It is even possible their headmasters are unaware of such a possibility.

Everywhere it is silence and fear. Our intellectuals are even more foolish. Even after studying for a long time and staying without employment they consider the situation to be normal and do not fuss about it. They are told that there is no employment but at the same time relatives of a minister, a principal secretary, a director or a board chairman get employed, even when they are not well educated like them.

These intellectuals cannot even raise their disapproval. They keep quiet and if they are seen to ask questions of that nature they are told to go and employ themselves by forming cooperatives. They don’t even ask where they will obtain capital to start their enterprises. They keep silent and continue to complain. Wake up now!

Banks are another ridiculing entity. They charge high interests, and above all they ask for a lot of valuable assets before issuing their money. Who possesses those assets? It’s only wives, sons and daughters of those big fishes, without forgetting their nephews.

The list of mal-practices is long, but who will dare to tie the bell on the cat’s neck?

Time is the ultimate judge. May I wish you all a silent Good Friday.

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I guess you and i are both one of those foolish tanzanians..here we are writting articles instead of mobilising people to go fight for their rights

Indeed i am one of those foolish ones and i didnt have to look far to reach that conclusion..Kenya right next door has shown us the way..u want change you hit the streets and get it..(the bloodshed gave them a new constitution and PM from the opposition)

I think this is second time i will be asking this question..je sisi wanaJF wenya uchungu na hasira juu yanayotokea nyumbani tunaweza kwenda Manzese or else wer kijiweni na kumobilise watu? I'm beginning to think that the need of change is that of the young educated folk only...i once spoke to my own father about how life was when he was studying and the issue of patriotism, when did it die??
Can the 0.00001% of tanzanians (jf) convince the 99.9999% who are soo brain washed by CCM Slogans?? Have the Majority of Tanzanians forgoten what the role of the government actually is?? Or they have never really understood that concept from the getgo??

Some may have opposing views lakini nadhani HAKUNA hata mmoja hapa ndani ambaye atathubutu kusema hana hata ndugu kule vijijini kwao ambaye ukianza kumwelezea ufisadi mnakuwa kama mmetoka sayari mbili tofauti? Na bibi ambaye kaishi kijijini miaka 60 ajaona umeme , barabara wala maji lakini kanga za CCM anazo??
I guess you and i are both one of those foolish tanzanians..here we are writting articles instead of mobilising people to go fight for their rights

I agree with you kapinga, unajua most of us jf members we are like generals in the army without footsolders at the battlefield we just keep on shouting orders but nothing is being done,it is a high time now to start mobilising, but i have a question mkuu how can we go about it?
Huyo mwandishi naona anaota. Ajaribu kumwuliza EL, Karamagi na kundi lao la kifisadi. Serikali isingekuwa na nia ya kuifunga JF kama kweli hakuna kinachofanyika hapa.

Habari zinazotoka hapa zinaamsha mamillioni ya wabongo, just wait few years down the line.

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