Dwayne "Rock" Johnson, Rocked Bottomed By Ex-Wife

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Sep 5, 2006
Rock has to pay $22k(!):eek::smh: a month in child support.

"That's right ... keeping stroking them big checks my way."

Now here's the truly FUCKED UP PART, Rock IS NOT the breadwinner of the family ... she is! His salary and total net worth just started creeping up on his wife's net worth about 4 years ago! His wife is an investment wiz who became VP at a top investment bank, and then left to start her own private firm.

She's been the primary breadwinner for most of the marriage, supporting the family for most of the marriage, and managing the family finances since they got together. And he still got ganked for $22k a month :lol:

"Yo, I've been through that high child support payment shit. If you want - I got a lawyer and judg ... I mean lawyer on payroll, Rock.
We'll get your shit cut down in half .... or we can just schedule a tragically convenient house fire accident until she gets the hint. Just holla at me."

Ha ha...nimeipenda hiyo caption ya fif....whats the deal na moto uliochoma nyumba yake...?

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