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Dr. C. Mzindakaya: People don't hate CCM, they Want reform of the party

Discussion in 'Jukwaa la Siasa' started by nngu007, May 25, 2011.

  1. nngu007

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    May 25, 2011
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    By BILHAM KIMATI, 24th May 2011 @ 12:00,

    VETERAN politician and long serving legislator Dr Chrisant Mzindakaya has proposed momentous reforms within the CCM administrative structures, that include continuous training of clean party recruits from institutions of higher learning.

    "Under the leadership of the national chairman, President Jakaya Kikwete, the party is determined to return to its roots.

    Disciplined intellectuals must be engaged in ideological training to become accountable and responsible politicians to serve the nation with sincerity," Dr Mzindakaya observed during interview last weekend.

    According to Dr Mzindakaya, people do not hate CCM and therefore there is no reason for despair.

    But people do need their voices to be heard for the political 'wheel' to turn smoothly. Corrupt leaders will have no chance in the coming elections.

    "People can identify corrupt elements that bring shame on the party's sovereignty. The problem starts from village, district, regional and national levels.

    They want them removed and the best way to sustain well-regarded leadership succession is to prepare fresh brains through training to keep alive the leadership and moral ethics," he elaborated.

    The politician had done quick research on the extent of the problem and discovered that still here were few principled leaders and that corruption had greatly influenced the nomination of leaders prejudicing dedicated candidates unable to bribe committee members.

    "This is dangerous and the situation must be redressed without delay, otherwise only rich people will become legislators in future irrespective of their ability and commitment to serving the nation," he observed.

    Another surprising discovery was the pace at which the country is blindly sliding into corruption, such that more people are willing to offer bribes.

    For example, in hospitals those unwilling to remain in long queue give money to solicit sympathy.
    However, his message to all dishonest leaders is loud and clear: "Take responsibility and step aside immediately and don't wait for court evidence.

    People's disapproval against you is just enough to make you uncomfortable. No one is interested in criticizing you, but for the sake of the party's strength and integrity bow out."

    Commenting on the culture of taking responsibility, Mr Mzindakaya said it was not a new concept.

    He recalled the time former Home Affairs Minister Abdallah Natepe resigned after prisoners escaped and former Industry and Trade Minister Joseph Mungai also resigned after giving conflicting statistics on emergency supply of sugar.

    Asked whether he believed President Kikwete was committed to allow party reforms to take place and intensify the war against corruption at all levels, Mr Mzindakaya not only expressed the trust he has in the president, but also gave four concrete reasons to defend his strong conviction on the president's dedication.

    "His (JK) approval for the resignation of the Central Committee (CC) members proved the president's determination to give way to serious reforms within the party."

    "His powerful speech during the instructive seminar (Elekezi) to ministers and permanent secretaries in Dodoma early this month calling on leaders to reach the people and work out solutions to the challenges facing them proved his willpower."

    "The Prevention and Combatting of Corruption Bureau (PCCB) is more strengthened and well established throughout the country than ever before. And finally his directives to have PCCB report made public shows that the president does not compromise with corruption," Mzindakaya elaborated.

    The elections ended last October and the new government needs time to fulfil its obligations as all entrusted presidential appointtees are expected to deliver to the convenience of the people.

    Reacting to allegations that the president did not act quickly to punish corrupt suspects, the veteran politician proved his wisdom and experience in both local and international politics.

    "Patience is the mother of invention. The president receives information from different sources.

    He needs time to contemplate on information gathered for appropriate action. This is good governance we all prefer.

    Suppose you have a dictator who overreacts to every bit of information received, how safe would you be?" he challenged.

    Commenting on the ability of the newly appointed CCM Secretary General Mr Wilson Mkama to spearhead changes within the party, the experienced man sounded confident and again declared the trust he has on him.

    "Mkama is educated and well-versed with the rudiments of the Arusha declaration. He is not advocating for restoration of Ujamaa as some misinterpreted, but rather calling for adherence to leadership norms which include honesty, revered leadership, fight discrimination and avoid misuse of public office," he explained.

    He gave an example of China currently with very strong economic base, saying the country has moved forward because it adhered to the fundamentals of communism in building economy and that is why even today punishment against corrupt elements is administered along Marxist lines.

    The country's prosperity largely depends on the performance of politicians, the media and clerics who have substantial influence on the country's stability, adding, all have to cherish peace and abusive language against democratically elected leaders was unacceptable.

    Mzindakaya, who is also National Development Corporation (NDC) Board Chairman, challenged all entrusted leaders to fight corruption practically.

    The president, the prime minister and the vice-president have powers to censure corruption, the rest of the leaders should take action on the directives. The government under CCM has recorded tremendous achievements.

    Go and defend the success to the people to counter the disillusionment by the opposition," he said.
  2. N

    Ndinani JF-Expert Member

    May 25, 2011
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    Huyu mzee ni fisadi tu, anaacha kwenda kuchinja nyama kwenye kiwanda alichopewa kifisadi na marehemu Ballali anaita ita waandishi wa habari ili nae aonekane kuwa bado yupo hai; yote hiyo kutaka asamehewe asilazimishwe kulipa madeni kama contract zinavyomtaka afanye!! Mbinu yake kuu ni kujipendekeza kwa Kikwete lakini ajue kila kitu kina mwisho wake na hayo madeni lazima atakujakuyalipa tu!
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    May 25, 2011
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    Achivements which ones

    1. Do we have Clean water NO
    2. Do we have good Roads NO
    3. Do we have water in Villages NO
    4. Do we have Electricity in major cities and Villages NO
    5. Do we have good Healthcare System NO. NO emergency care at all and the solution for major problems is India and South Africa
    6. Do we have good Education System NO
    7. Do we have alot of corruption in many level YES
    8. Do we have a Goverment system NO
    9. Do we have Good Leadership NO
    10.Do we care about Poor Tanzanians NO

    THINKINGBEING JF-Expert Member

    May 25, 2011
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    I hate its members.
    I hate its existence.
  5. I

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    May 25, 2011
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    THINKINGBEING my analysis of CCM has shown me that the problem is not the PARTY, MEMBERS or the HISTORY of its establisment but rather the LEADERSHIP. It was a One Man Show Party since its inception and now the MAN is gone it is in an AUTO MODE.