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Dec 9, 2013
Now that we are getting stronger by day, Perfect Internet has decided to use our worldwide network of members to share great products/services offered in your local area and internationally through recommendation process. If you are a Perfect Internet member and happen to buy a great product or service from a business located in your local area or internationally, please let us know so that we use the power of our network to share great products/services across the globe. If you are not a member, you will have to join for free first before you can give your recommendations. See which other benefits you will get by being a free member of Perfect Internet as well as getting a link to join this website here

Since Perfect Internet members want to enjoy great products/services, only Perfect Internet members are allowed to recommend the products/services.

Businesses cannot do recommendations themselves to avoid our members ending up getting mediocre products/services.

The business that its product/service has been recommended will get free marketing exposure (free listing) in our brand new Perfect Pages that will be officially launched on 1st March 2014. The recommended businesses will also get a Certificate of Recommendation from Perfect Internet so that our members can notice them in their physical locations.

From 16th November 2013, Perfect Internet members have started to recommend these quality businesses so that members can locate them to enjoy quality products and services.

Perfect Internet will pay members who recommend quality businesses valuable Deal Points that will enable them to do free shopping from our Perfect Internet galaxy of online shopping platforms as appreciation for them to share these great businesses with the rest of the members. Later on when these recommended businesses opt to use our online platforms to sell their goods/services to Perfect Internet members at a discount, then those who recommended the opting businesses will be paid in Cash in addition to Deal Points.

Perfect Internet Profit Instructors will approach these recommended businesses and inform them of the opportunity to sell their products/services online using Perfect Internet galaxy of online shops. These Profit Instructors will start to cash in immediately after bringing in recommended businesses to sell their goods/services in our online shops. Starting from 19th November 2013, Perfect Internet is going to open a special website to be known as Perfect Jobs in order to recruit these Profit Instructors. Each city/area within the globe will have a Profit Instructor for that matter hence a massive employment in the internet industry history is about to be witnessed soon. Don’t miss this Perfect Job that has no limit as to how much you can earn. The more recommended businesses in your area you bring in to sell their goods/services within Perfect Internet galaxy of online shops, the greater will be your pay check. Sky is the limit.

Perfect Internet is getting stronger by day. Despite the fact that it started its internet business 2 years ago, it is already among the top 3,000 websites in the world according to Alexa ranking (

Perfect Internet members please login here to recommend great businesses for us to share

Note that recommending businesses from your local area and your country in general will help those businesses to reach out to hundreds of thousands of Perfect Internet members as well as billions of people worldwide through Perfect Internet Madvertising program hence assist your country to get noticed worldwide and ultimately assist it in raising its economic development.

The new Perfect Internet member driven Business Directory will be located here

Perfect Internet. “The Power of We”.


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