Do you know this, GIS and Database?


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Aug 16, 2007
Hi Jambo Forum

In next few days i will come with topic refer the heading above.
This will base in GIS application mining industry and Databases...

I have decide this because is a very marketable Job i you know how its apply and trick to use it...

For know when am talking abt this there not more than 15 qualified people in tanzania local citizen who apply this field.

So it is best and good for every to be aware about this...kwani wengine we are getting old nani anakuja ku cover wakati tutakapo kuwa consultant?

Stay tune kama kuna mtu mwingine anajua kuhusu hili tuungane.

For your information, there are more than what you think in Tanzania. When did you do a research to come up with that figure?
That what i need you to come up with your figure..that might be my figure.(Mind you my figure is base in GIS application in Mining industry and not General in GIS like land survey,Rular development,military etc.)

So far that what i know bring up your research and share with us your skills..rather than start from the Air and end in the air Champ.

Correct me if am wrong.

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