Do you have the right leader?


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Feb 11, 2007
Do you have the right leader?
BBC News Online

Africa's history is littered with leaders who have governed using different styles.

From dictators to military leaders to authoritarians to liberals - these leaders have had their share of successes and failures.

African leaders have often come under fire for not being bold enough to condemn erring colleagues. They've also been accused of being used either by foreign powers or international agencies to pursue their agenda.

But is there a style of leadership that works for your country? Do you find that your country fared better under an authoritative leader but is struggling under a liberal one or vice versa?

What skills would you want in your leader? Does he or she have it? Send us your views.

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All i want is for my Top leader (Mr. President) to be confident in dealing with his corrupt ministers and all other government oficials who are alleged of misusing their positions for their personal benefits.
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