Do we need a 'team' to investigate if our roads are pathetic!?


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Feb 11, 2007
RC Kandoro announces team to investigate standards of roads

2007-12-05 08:45:23
By Njonanje Samwel

Dar es Salaam Regional Commissioner Abbas Kandoro yesterday announced the formation of a team to investigate the construction standards of two roads in the city after a public outcry that they are substandard.

The team to comprise three members from the RC`s office, regional Tanroads office and the other from an independence source will dwell on the standards of Lindi and Sikukuu roads the city Kariakoo area.

The RC announced the move when he chaired the Regional Road Board meeting at the Temeke Municipal Hall in Dar es Salaam yesterday.

According to Kandoro, one among the reasons discovered to have contributed to the poor state of the roads is the low the poor construction by what he refered to as dubious contractors.

He said there are no genuine reasons for the road to deteriorate just a few days after it is completed.

``Empirical evidence shows that there might be poor supervision on the contractors who execute various projects in the city,`` he said.

``I`m not sure if the two roads meet the required standards. There are already potholes a few weeks after completion,`` he said adding that the government has spent a lot of money in rehabilitating the roads.

The visibly irritated RC also issued a strong warning against dishonest land officers and city planners who illegally allocate road reserves as land plots for residential purposes.

He said the tendency brings problems especially when it comes to expand roads as people whose houses are on the road reserves demand for compensation of their demolished houses.

``The government can not continue to tolerate such acts as they make it incur unnecessary expenses. I want the regional Tanroads boss to furnish my office with names of areas and list of dishonest land officers and city planners who involve themselves in such acts for disciplinary actions,`` he ordered.

The RC further said that the government through Tanroads is now advancing on the completion of 5.2kms feeder road from Kawe to Mbezi Beach-Jangwani to reduce traffic jams in both New and Old Bagamoyo roads.

SOURCE: Guardian
Niliwahi kusikia huko nyuma kila 10km ya barabara iliyokuwa ikijengwa chini ya Magufuli; 3km zilikuwa hewa, na pesa zilikuwa zinapelekwa kwenye account binafsi nje. Any data?
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