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Do MPS represent ‘wananchi’ or themselves?; The African Newpaper Opinion on Zitto Kabwe

Discussion in 'Jukwaa la Siasa' started by nngu007, Apr 30, 2011.

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    THERE is an archaic saying among the many African proverbs that “a poor man will always die poor”. On the other hand, the rich will always continue championing for better incentives. This proverb was further confirmed by Kigoma North MP Kabwe Zitto when he wrote an article in one English daily, people pleading for more MPs incentives.

    It’s just a few months gone since the Tanzanian public went out to cast votes definitely with confidence that the people they had entrusted with their votes would help lobby for development in their areas of representation.

    It’s another few months gone since the elected Members of Parliament (MPs) took over offices but surprisingly, no motion has been moved in Parliament to addresses the plight of the poor people except the 90 million loan car loan and constant war over who should eat this and who should vomit that.

    It is no doubt the standard of living has increased drastically following an inflation rate that has hit 7.5 percent. The prices of foodstuffs have been skyrocketing at a terrible speed coupled with the increase in fuel prices but the petty argument is only rested on sugar as if people can eat sugar alone; petty minds one would say, giving an easy answer to a complex question.

    It is no surprise and shame that whereas no incentive has been reached to improve people’s welfare in form of salary increments, our ‘so called’ MPs have the audacity and motivation to bargain for more fringe benefits.

    Lord have mercy, with such kind of ideologies, its no doubt that Africa has always remained poor. While poor Tom, Dick and Harry in Tanzania’s Maragarasi Village in Kigoma leave on the mercy of lord, their representatives are not bothered though.
    Just recently, the Kigoma North MP Kabwe Zitto while stressing out a number of challenges the MPS face in executing their day to day duties with reference to the National Assembly (Administration) Act hence making some recommendations which all reflected on creating the right incentives for the MPs in a bid to serve communities right.

    “Never the less, there are challenges that we as MPs face in performing our duties. The challenge we face as MPs in performing these core functions effectively at both local national level have been documented in recent years
    At constituency level, many MPs do not have offices, for those MPs who manage to obtain office space; it is often inadequately furnished and ill-equipped. This discourages MPs from spending time in constituencies because the working environment is less than idle,” he said.

    Zitto do you want to say you can’t afford a modem and at least a couple of wooden chairs? Frankly speaking I know in good faith you can for the good of your people.
    Tell me Mr. Kabwe, if one can withstand a long and thundering rain in the name of just a girlfriend not even a wife, can’t you afford just an office for the love of the people who made you be called mheshimiwa.Yes, the people who at least have made sure that through their honest queuing during voting they managed to help you have an earning and exposure you now enjoy at Dodoma, in Dar es Salaam, Kigoma and abroad!

    The wrong perspective
    It is so disgusting that MPs of Zitto’s thinking caliber would prefer luxurious and furnished offices in a bid to serve communities at a time when their constituents are going without educational and health facilties.Why the desire to live a posh life at a time your voters are living from hand to mouth. I thought you would come forward and push for legislations that are voters centered. I do not think you went to parliament to find an option for a good life and not to serve the people! Is serving the people starts with mouthful to yourself?

    To my knowledge, the majority of the MPs if not all come from very poor families and honestly understand the impact of poverty upon an individual or a community. I do not deny the fact that almost every politician whether in an opposition party or ruling party wants to be treated like a king.

    Hon. Zitto Kabwe, I must say I read your article at least so well and to be honest, part of the agenda was candid but the other was self centered. I have been tempted to nurture rational doubt if a real man of the people like you is still with the people or voluntarily out for primitive self gain.

    Well, you have every reason to support an agenda that would give MP’s more incentives because you believe that the government has a lot of money that is only shared by high corrupt officials. You have an idea of what is in the treasury and that is why you are advocating for a lump sum package for you and your colleagues in the politics business but what about your voters. They have been reduced to walkover ladders or stepping stones in politics?

    Poor Zitto, have you forgotten the old days when you had to make it to a school knowing that there were no desks to sit on. Well maybe you are that lucky to have not gone through that dark part of education struggle but at least you must have heard from the voices of the poor.

    Voters’ children have got only a single pair of uniform moving long distance bare- footed in a bid to get the right education which in most cases never coming. Sadly enough, it is ironical the politicians are asking for more incentives at a time their voters do not even have pieces of chalk in the classroom. Worse there are no desks or forms for their children at school and not to mention books and exercise books!

    Honorable Zitto Kabwe, you must know that your success as an MP will not be determined by the lavish office you have at the constituency level. Forefathers of this nation did not call for imported furniture to establish offices before the struggle for independence but they ultimately won the struggle because they were with the people and knew what they wanted a fact that seem to be distorted now.

    If they managed to go though all those hardships can the unfurnished office really deter an MP from going to the constituency where he or she grew up? If that is the case, the instance brings a lot of unanswered questions on the issue of patriotism. Since they started calling themselves ‘waheshimiwa’ they have stopped being men of the people and this is adequately manifested by their rehtorics when demanding their rights.

    Another faulted and biased opinion you wrote on the article is trying to talk of research that was carried by Commonwealth countries as concerns MPs remunerations.

    Well, you desperately champion for more incentives like they are paid in Kenya and not like they are paid in Malawi. As for Malawi you said an MP was paid half the monthly income of a high school headmaster which in essence you must have abhorred. In other words you were trying to say that an MP is more important than a high school headmaster. Wrong observation dear Zito! Teachers are not getting 90 million as car loan every five years but they could be far much better. I believe you know that.

    I suppose the best thing you MPs or the politicians should know is that politics is a duty of giving out to the people and changing their lives before you talk of better incentives for yourselves. Politics is not and should not be taken as a business of reap your share and dash off.
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    Do you guys think Zitto is honest with his current fuss attitude on posho? I am not sorry to say that he is nothing but just a wity politician who understands the game of grabbing...........................