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Distorted truth?

Discussion in 'Jukwaa la Siasa' started by BAK, Nov 24, 2008.

  1. BAK

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    Nov 24, 2008
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    Distorted truth?

    2008-11-23 12:07:29
    By Staff Writer

    With a total of 1,059 days at State House, President Kikwete`s regime is paying a heavy price for former president`s slip-up especially in mega corruption scandals which together have cost the nation close to $1billion.

    Kikwete-a man who scored an overwhelming votes in 2005-and one of the popular leaders the ruling party has managed to groom, is suddenly becoming unpopular among some groups of people, just because of carrying the cross masterminded by Mr Benjamin Mkapa`s regime.

    However, as the nation ponders the future of the war of corruption, the main question that lingers among his loyalists is; is he fairly assessed or wrongfully judged for the blunders committed by the previous regime?

    On November 2, 1995, Benjamin William Mkapa inherited a perishing nation economically, but managed to perform better in macro economics reforms, during his first term in office, boosting the revenues collections from Sh25billion to Sh70billion.

    Viewed by the party`s insiders as a hand-picked president backed by the late Dr Julius Nyerere, Mr Mkapa recorded stable economic growth during his first term in office, before opening the doors for serious blunders which today are costing President Kikwete dearly.

    Today, it is undeniable truth that the plummeting JK`s popularity is judged not according to what the fourth regime has so far committed, but basing on how it is coping with corruption scandals planned and executed during the third phase regime.

    Suddenly President Kikwete- a man once described by some religious leaders as the choice of God-is now seen by some political analysts inside and outside the ruling party, as a leader who is failing to attain his dream of `better living for every Tanzanian`, after spending three years at State House.

    But, if he was to be judged fairly, President Kikwete is paying the heavy price for `sins` that were fully authorised and committed by Mr Mkapa`s regime under the slogan of truth and transparency.

    From the EPA scam to the controversial radar deal, luxurious presidential jet to controversial BoT twin towers project, Alex Stewart to controversial mining policy, auctioning of government houses to the botched Zanzibar peace accord, President Kikwete has continued to pay the heavy cost amid growing public pressure.

    For instance, according to details from the Central Bank of Tanzania, France-based Lazard Group, advised the government to suspend any EPA payments, insisting that since most of these debts were outdated and can`t be verified, no single shilling should be paid.

    But, in mid 2005, the Mkapa`s regime ordered BoT to initiate payments in what is today haunting the current regime-EPA scam-which has cost the nation a whopping Sh138.195billion.

    ``We would like to be judged fairly by the public�but what is puzzling us is that all of a sudden our regime has become worse, viewed as the most failed and corrupt one,`` one visibly angry cabinet minister, who declined to be named told The Guardian on Sunday yesterday.

    The minister added: ``We have reviewed mining contracts by forming an independent review committee; we have thoroughly allowed the investigation and prosecution of EPA; we have allowed open criticism through the media, public forums and parliament�but we are still labelled as a failed government.``

    The annoyed minister is not alone. His feelings are also shared by some members of the ruling party, business community and loyal supporters of President Kikwete.

    ``People are not judging us fairly including the media during the previous regime, MPs were threatened by the party`s chairman for criticising the government journalists were told to shut up because they were considered to be naive.``

    ``Today with three years in office, all of you have suddenly become blind, pretending you are not seeing what the government has done.`` Dr Charles Tizeba, the Sikonge District Commissioner said.

    According to supporters for three years since it took over, JK`s regime has committed only one big blunder - the $179million controversial Richmond power deal.

    However, the scandal has cost prominent politicians including former premier Edward Lowassa, Nazir Karamagi and Dr Ibrahim Msabaha.

    More big shots could soon join the fraying pan should the government decide to fully implement the Dr Harrison Mwakyembe led parliamentary committee`s recommendations.

    ``We have proved that we are not ready to protect graft tainted leaders�you can count the number of leaders who have resigned after being named in various mega scandals.``

    Another senior official from the ruling clique told The Guardian on Sunday.

    Both tested
    In terms of their early days or years in office, the two leaders have ranked fairly, whereby both of them were highly tested by corruption scandals and major tragedies.

    In 1996, just six months in office, Mr Mkapa was tested by the national tragedy when MV. Bukoba capsised in Lake Victoria, killing about 1000 people.

    Two months later, his key cabinet ministers and their deputies were forced to resign after they were implicated in tax exemption scam involving the importation of crude edible oil and exportation of Nile Perch fillets.

    Mr Mkapa lost his finance Minister Professor Simon Mbilinyi, Tourism and Natural Resources Minister Dr Juma Ngasongwa, Deputy Finance Minister Kilonsi Mporogomy, and Health Minister Dr Hassy Kitine. But no one was tried before the court of law.

    Again during his fourth year in office, Mr Mkapa faced a critical moment when Father of the Nation died in London, raising fear about whether Tanzania would continue to be a strong united and peaceful without Dr Nyerere.

    Mr Mkapa managed to handle that critical moment fairly, but later on opened the new chapter for the blunders to cloud his regime, ruining the dream to nurture the legacy of Dr Nyerere.

    His regime also faced dreaded business in human skins in southern regions and the killings of elderly women across Lake Victoria zone.

    Like the previous regime, the current one is clouded by the killings of albinos.

    Screening the current regime, it is obvious that today President Kikwete is also facing some tough tests during his early years in office.

    His first test was the power crisis that marred the country, forcing the government to enter into dubious contracts of emergency power generation with shoddy US firm.

    Another tough test was when some MPs from the ruling party maintained their stance that Mr Lowasa should resign as prime minister, after he was named by Dr Mwakyembe led committee.

    President Kikwete later described the period as `political storm` and one of the toughest periods he has ever faced as leader.

    He also faced another test from group of MPs who have openly staged the anti-graft crusade in the parliament, challenging the government`s move to fight grand corruption.

    Another tough test Mr Kikwete is facing currently is the debate on whether or not Tanzania should join Organisation of Islamic Countries (OIC).

    The issue has drawn furious reactions from Christian clergies as well as their counterparts from the Muslim community.

    Yet, other tests are endless teachers` strikes, unrest in public universities and unresolved arrears and gratuity of the East African Community retirees. He also lost four cabinet members during his 1,059 days of leadership.

    In terms of their dreams, Mr Mkapa had a dream of building a strong macro economy and investor friendly nation but at the expense of locals while President Kikwete has been struggling with fulfilling `a better living` dream.

    As the world`s most popular reggae star put it his lyrics, ``Time alone - oh, time will tell``.

    The time will tell one day whether this regime failed or performed better than imagined by critics.

    SOURCE: Sunday Observer
  2. P

    Phillemon Mikael JF Gold Member

    Nov 24, 2008
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    ..thats kikwete propaganda machine ...at work..i read this today...substutionizing our minds..move our attention to back rather than present and future..for me i would tell this boy......even if you inherited a desert ...you must work to make i a little or much better when you hand over ...so ....asisingizie mkapa ......afanye kazi yake!!!...stop crying like a small boy.....

    but si mnajuwa kampeni za re election bid 2010...ndio hizo zimeanza ..so tegemeeni behind the scene paid columns za aina hii kwenye magazeti mbali mbali....mwakani ndio 2009..kampeni zinaaza chini chini ready for 2010........

    kikwete atuambie kipimo kipya cha kumpimia ..tunaamua kusamehe blunders zote za nyuma kama kipimio...then sasa strategists wake waje watuambie tumpimie kipimo gani kwenye anga za AJIRA,ELIMU,UCHUMI,AFYA,MIUNDOMBINU,USALAMA...etc...lets share this..
  3. BAK

    BAK JF-Expert Member

    Nov 24, 2008
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    Naam karithi matatizo mengi kutoka kwa Mkapa, je amefanya nini kurekebisha matatizo hayo? Mpaka sasa hivi juhudi zake ni ZERO, kama siyo shinikizo la vyama vya upinzani, vyombo vya habari na wananchi EPA ingeshasahaulika. Tukirudi kwenye ahadi za kampeni zake 2005, maisha bora kwa kila Mtanzania, kuipitia upya mikataba ya uchimbaji wa madini, kupambana na ufisadi na ari mpya, kasi mpya na nguvu mpya, bado Watanzania hatujaona lolote. Kwa kifupi kuwepo kwake madarakani kwa miaka mitatu hakujaleta tija yoyote kwa Watanzania achilia mbali matatizo aliyorithi toka kwa fisadi.