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Deusdedit Mahunda

Deusdedit Mahunda

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Jun 12, 2013
Deusdedit Mahunda

Deusdedit Mahunda

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Thanks for a visitor of my creations.Delete any Facebook profile

Actually this is not a hacking tutorial. Its only a trick by which you can delete the
facebook profile of anyone.

This is my creation about the facebook security, so how it works what we need
and how to do this ? Let me explain you in detail

Step 1 :

Click Here first
This is the Url we will use to Report our slave. This Form allows you to report a
deceased person (someone who is dead).

Step 2 :
Complete the Fields:

Explain: Full Name: Your Victims Full name(Name last name)

Date of birth: Go at his profile and click at Info tab and get his date of birth.

Account Email Addresses: Do the same thing, go to his profile and click on info tab and get his email addresses.
Networks: Again,go to his profile and click on Info tab and get his networks,
copy them and paste in the form.

Web address of profile you would like to report: Just go to his profile and copy the link in the address bar. Relationship to this person: To make more believable select Immediate Family. Requested Action: Remove Profile Proof Of Death: This is the hardest part ofthis form.

Now to make a proof of a death just Google in your language a "Death
Certificate" or "Certificate of a Death". It doesn't matters from what country you are, Download any death certificate and edit it with the help of photoshop.

Save your image to desktop and upload it in one of the Image Free Hosting like: ImageShack® - Online Photo and Video Hosting
And it's done.

Yeah that is only the trick and that is only the creation. Think Think! Wink Wink
;) ;)

Additional Information: Write what you want, just write that you are in his/her
family and you would like to close his/her Facebook account because you won't
like that when he is dead, his Facebook is opened.
Attachment includes the note and its objects.
Finally Submit and wait for 24 hours. Please don't misuse my creation. Its only
a service of facebook.

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