DAILY NEWS & HABARILEO - Improved Online Features: Kudos !!

Steve Dii

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Jun 25, 2007
I'm so pleased to see new developments at www.dailynews-tsn.com and its sister online paper HabariLeo. I think they deserve commending for their endeavors to improve access to information and the will to let readers post comments without difficulty. Though there are still minor glitches, but hey, that is when strategy and review comes into place. Waigwe kwa kweli na kikubwa wasiishie hapo kujiendeleza!!

For instance see this article: http://dailynews.habarileo.co.tz/home/index.php?id=3049

To me, this goes a step further to improving freedom of the media, access to information but also greatly enhances the gateway to opinions for Tanzanians.

Bravo guys!!

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