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Feb 27, 2006
Bandugu, Nimesoma kwenye gazeti la This day nikaona ni share na nyinyi:

Pata habari,

SERIOUS questions are being raised about the contract signed between the government and Cotecna for the scanning and destination inspection of all containerized cargo imported into the country.

Experts say the contract between the Tanzania Revenue Authority and Cotecna Inspection S.A is lopsided in favour of the foreign investor.

Under the terms of the contract, any dispute arising between the Swiss company and the government cannot be resolved in Tanzanian courts of law. Like the infamous IPTL contract between the government and private investors once upon a time, such disputes would have to be automatically referred to international arbitrators.

Specifically, the International Centre for the Settlement of Investment Disputes (ICSID) has been singled out as the would-be arbitrator.

The same London-based ICSID was used for the arbitration of the quagmire between the Tanzania Electric Supply Company Limited (TANESCO) and IPTL that cost the government hundreds of millions of shillings in legal costs and travel expenses to and from London.

Furthermore, under the contract, Cotecna has been exempted from paying Value Added Tax (VAT) in the delivery of services. Surprisingly, the main contract, which came into effect on January 1, 2004, was not signed by the principal officers of TRA and Cotecna.

Instead, the document was signed by the Commissioner for Customs and Excise, Mr George Lauwo, on behalf of TRA, and Mr Verne Kulyk, General Manager of Cotecna Inspection S.A Tanzania branch.

Among other lucrative emoluments which the Swiss company is entitled to for the destination inspection services rendered by its local subsidiary, Tiscan Limited, include free office space, salary to its employees, paid-up residence permits and work documents and free space at the port for the $4.5 million (over 5.4bn/-) special scanning truck.

According to the contract, the company also gets paid a ’Destination Inspection Services (DIS) at 0.82 per cent tax inclusive fee of the assessed FOB (free on board) value of goods subject to the DIS as per reports of findings (ROFs) issued.

However, importers are charged 1.2 per cent, raising questions over the difference in the remaining 0.4 per cent.

The scanner system started working on July 1, 2004 but the company started charging importers the DIS fees in January of the same year -- which means that the $4.5m scanning truck was actually bought from money charged to Tanzanian importers, said one source close to the import and export business.

The company was until last year charging $11 (approx. 13,200/-) per single bill of entry (SBE) issued, but complaints from importers forced authorities to reduce the rate to $5 (approx. 6,000/-).

Industry sources allege that the Swiss company is earning a whopping $60 million (approx. 72bn/- ) per annum from its activities in the country.

According to the contract, which legal experts describe as lopsided in favour of the foreign investor, the payments, which are made monthly in US dollars, are remitted by TRA to Cotecna?s Swiss bank account in Geneva.

Section 5.3 of the contract states: The Company will present a monthly invoice to the Authority on the 5th working day of each month. After review by the Authority, the invoices are settled promptly, latest 30 days after submission of the invoice, through normal banking channels and payments made to the account of the Company. All payments under this contract shall be made in US Dollars to the account of the Company: Union Bank of Switzerland/Geneva/Account No. 0240-257.556.60Q.

The contract has conflicting dates of expiry, which include seven years as indicated in Section 2.3, while in Appendix 5 the contract expires in five years? time from the commencement date.

Hewala, sisi ndio wajinga waliwao. Mzee FD, ukichunguza zaidi utakuja jua kuna watu kama akina siye tuliowahi kuishi nje na sasa tuko seriaklini TZ tumo kwenye "payroll", utashangaa tuwatu wana-Swap tu vi credit card vyao kufanya transfers, hii haitofautiani sana na NetGroup Sln

naomba kuelimishwa, mikataba ya mashirika ya umma yanaingiwa na nani? sio mkurugenzi/kamishna mkuu? sasa hili linalohusisha utendaji wa TRA kwanini imesainiwa na Kamishna wa customs tu? halafu kwanini wateja walikuwa wanalipia mashine ambayo haikuwepo? huu si ni wizi?


Kuna kitu huitwa "delegation of power" huwa vinakuwa defined kwenye Contracts, zaidi kuna definitions ya nani ni "Client" and nani ni "Contractor", kwa case ya hao jamaa, sijui hivyo vitu vimekuwa defined vipi. wakati mwingine nasikia huwa wanasaini "dummy contracts" prior to original contract yenyewe ambayo lazima wakuu ndio wasaini.

Ni muhimu kujua structure/framework nzima ya hio mkataba

Wizi kupitia mikataba utaendelea kuwepo, mpaka pale tu serikali itapoamua kuweka wazi hiyo mikataba kwa wadau wote. kwani kuna kitu gani ambacho Cotecna wanafanya WATZ hatuwezi???, ndio maana wataalamu wetu wengi tu mko nje, tumewasomesha wenyewe lakini hatutaki kuwatumia kwa ajili ya CHOYO walizonazo baadhi ya viongozi wetu.

Hilo nalo ni tatizo linalotakiwa tulijadili humu, kwanini wabongo walio nje wanafanya vizuri (wasomi) wakati wakiwa hapa nchini michango yao haithaminiwi?!!, hao wageni wameajiri wabongo, wapo kwenye uongozi ngazi za juu tu, sisi tunashindwaje? hapo ndio naungana na JK kuhusu KUWEZESHWA, serikali ituwezeshe sisi wabongo kufanya kazi kama hizi za Tiscan.
Mambo yanaendelea.....

THERE is no easy exit clause for the Tanzania Revenue Authority, now mired in its contract with Cotecna for the scanning and inspection of containerized cargo in the country.

Under the terms of the contract, any request by TRA to opt out of the deal would have to wait until the failure of arbitration procedures by the London-based International Centre for the Settlement of Investment Disputes (ICSID).

If TRA and Cotecna fail to reach an amicable settlement of disputes, the contract expressly dictates that the ”arbitration shall be conducted in London, England.”

In effect, the contract renders Tanzanian courts of law devoid of jurisdiction to deal with any contractual dispute that might arise between the two sides.

However, the decision of ICSID shall be ”final and binding and shall be enforceable in any court of competent jurisdiction.”

In the deal, both TRA and Cotecna agreed to waive any objections or claims of immunity in the enforcement of the decision of the arbitrator.

This means that, despite TRA officially complaining about alleged inefficiency of Cotecna’s subcontractor -- Tiscan Limited -- it’s real options are limited.

TRA is required to give the company a 30 or 60-day written notice on its intention to terminate the contract based on specific reasons of breach of contract.

But the exit clause would require the authority to pay a hefty price for premature termination of the seven-year contract signed in January 2004.

Experts say TRA can try to go around the cumbersome exit clause by demanding compensation from Cotecna for poor services.

The contract allows the Authority to seek compensation not exceeding 10 times the sum paid to Cotecna monthly as destination inspection fees.

Under clause 3.7 on liability of the company, it is stated that the company shall be liable to the Authority for any loss suffered as a result of a proven default due to its performance.

The clause states thus: "The company shall immediately attempt to remedy any damage caused to the Authority that results from the performance and the execution of its duties herein, provided however that the amount payable as liquidated damages or otherwise by the company shall at no time in respect of one event exceed an aggregate of 10 times of the fees paid by the Authority to the company with respect to the activity carried out by the company which is the subject of the claim."

The contract also offers the Authority compensation if: "It demands, in writing, compensatory payment from the company (Cotecna) in cases where it is proved, from the auditing or verification of services, that import duties or other charges for a given shipment inspected by the company were under-charged due to mistakes or negligence on the part of the company in the carrying out of the services."

TRA has written to local managers of Cotecna, as well as its bosses in the Swiss headquarters of the company, to complain against alleged unsatisfactory performance of the firm.

In one such letter, the TRA Commissioner-General, Mr Harry Kitillya, officially informed the Senior Vice-President of Cotecna?s Africa Division, Mr Didier Reymond, about the alleged shoddy work.

He listed a catalogue of shortcomings in the firm?s work uncovered by TRA auditors.

Some of the weaknesses identified in Tiscan's performance included its failure to develop and keep an up-to-date transaction price database (TPD).

"Using this database, you are required to verify all relevant import transactions for price, customs value and classification before clearance. This has not been done and you are relying on outside prices to verify imports," he charged.

Mr Kitillya also raised concern that Tiscan was not performing destination inspection it was hired to carry out.

He explained in the letter that TRA auditors had found out that there were notable delays in finalizing the valuation process caused by Tiscan, particularly at the Tanga port.

"The delay is mainly caused by the fact that Tiscan is not actually performing destination inspection, but their main approach is, among other things, communicating with the manufacturers and experts from the exporting countries to verify the declared value and tariff classification," the letter says in part.
Kuna rafiki yangu mmoja alishawahi kusema kuwa viongozi wetu ni Pimbi wababaishaji na Mbilikimo wa mawazo. Hao ndio walipotufikisha huko. :x
FD, Jasusi,

Ama kweli hawa ni mapimbi,, yaani hii mikataba tunanza kuisikia ikishaanza kuwaendea vibaya

Huyo Kitillya anajikosha tu, hana lolote la maana, wao wamekaribisha wezi nyumbani kwao, na huku wakijua kabisa (wamesaini wenyewe huo mkataba feki) huyu ni mwizi, sasa mwizi anaendeleza wizi wake, eti ndio unakuja kutueleza eti huyu ni mwizi!!!, hell NO na Kitillya achia ngazi mara moja, from the very begining kwenye huo mkataba mlitakiwa kuweka vipengele ambavyo vitahakikisha huyo mwizi awe responsible ( hata sijuikama hilo linawezekana.........maana hawa ni wezi tu)
Tuko katika awamu ya pili ya ku-recolonise Afrika. Kibaya zaidi awamu hii wanashiriki wale tunaowaita eti ni viongozi.
Huyu Mzee Karimagi,

Ni mzee wa macontena, yaani mfanya biashara za kuyasafirisha makontena toka bandarini mpaka sehemu mbali mbali yanakotakiwa na customers,

pia ni mwanamtandao halisi, nafikiri katika list ya mtandao kuna JK, RA, EL, Kingunge, Sitta, Karimagi, Diallo, Nchimbi, kuendelea kwa hiyo ni mtu muhimu sana kwenye power yetu,

kazi kubwa aliyoifanya kwenye uchaguzi, ni yeye na Diallo walilipia sana shughuli za kampeni, locally na ninaamini kuwa kwa pamoja walilipia at least shillingi BLLIONI 5 mpaka 10 ikiwa ni pamoja na mzee Kamalla & Masha,

Hawa ni watu waliokuwa wakipiga kampeni ya ubunge na kuwaambia wananchi kuwa watakuwa mawaziri, kwani walishaahidiwa mapema haikuwa siri,

Now kuhusu hayo aliyoyasema, ndio exactly JK anavyotaka viongozi wanaofikisha ujumbe kama alivyosema kwenye vikao vyao vya siri ambavyo hufanyika kila siku usiku baada ya vikao vya bunge, JK hawezi kukataa kuwa huyu jamaa amesema ambayo hakuyasema au kuyapitisha, ndio maana JK amewachagua kina Makamba ni kwa ajili ya kupitisha kila analosema bila ya kuuliza wala kubisha!
Mzee ES,
Basi kuna kazi. Sasa hayo mamilioni waliyotoa watarudishaje kama si kufanya mambo ambayo yatakuwa na madhara kwa nchi? Ndiyo maana nimesema huu ni ukoloni namba 2. Wakoloni wa kwanza walikuwa watoka nje na hawa ilikuwa rahisi kuwatambua na kuwatimua. Hawa wakoloni wa sasa wamo ndani kabisa kama vile chawa. Watatumia nafasi zao katika uongozi kujitanua. Hakuna conflict of interest, hakuna national interest ni personal interest peke yake.
Na kinachoudhi... chombo pekee ambacho kingeweza kuchunguza na kuwaambia wananchi nacho kiko kimya..!! Bado ni wapinzani ndo wanaonyesha uchungu zaidi na nchi kuliko chama CHAWALA! Hakuna mwaandishi ambaye yuko tayari kuwabana na kuwahoji maswali na kuwaweka kwenye rekodi! Hakuna mtu ambaye yuko tayari kwenda mahakamani kudai habari fulani zihusuzo jamaa zitolewe hadharani!! Watu tunakwenda mzoba mzoba tu!!!
Nchi imetafunwa sana na awamu ya tatu! bado tena tuna mawaziri wa amamu ya nee ambao tena wanatakata kututafuna!!

huyu Karamagi mbunge wa huko kigoma labda ni mrundi kwa kwa maana mtanzania asilia anapaswa kuwa na hurumu tumekamuliwa sana na akina Sumaye sasa wameona aibu hadi kukimbia nchi!

Sasa huyu Karamagi na Masha tena JK anataka kuwatumia kutumaliza kabisa!!!!!!!!!!!

beating a dead snake again!!





More of Karimagi......,

Huyu mzee Karimagi ni juzi tu amefanya maajabu makubwa kwa kumnyang'anya mke wa mwanamtandao mweziwe, mzee P. Mongella, mjube wa NEC ya CCM na ambaye juzi alizawadiwa u-DC,

Mke wa mzee Patrick Mongella, ambaye ana watoto watatu naye, alikwenda India kwa scholarship ya miaka miwili, kumbe haikuwa ya kweli zilikuwa njama za huyu mzee Karimagi, ambaye alikuwa akijimwaga huko mara kwa mara kujirusha naye, wiki mbili zilizopita mke alirudi, sasa mzee P, na familia yake walikwenda kumpokea Airport, walipofika tu nyumbani mama akamwambia mzee P, kuwa it is over na kwamba "amechoka na umasikini wa Patrick" anaondoka,

kutoka pale akahamia kwenye apartment ya kifahari aliyokuwa ametayarishiwa na huyu mzee Karimagi, huko Obey na kumuacha mzee Patrick na watoto watatu, lakini mzee JK akampoza na u-DC,

now hawa ndio viongozi wetu wa awamu ya nne, ambao hawana aibu wala utu kwa viongozi wenzao, sasa vipi sisi wananchi wasiotuona wala kutujua? Mzee Jasusi, you got it right tena huu sio ukoloni ila ni ujambazi bro!

Pole pole wananchi wataanza kuyaona tuliyoyasema wakati wa uchaguzi kuwa Mungu hatamsamehe Mkapa kwa mambo aliyotufanyia watanzania na hii "Suprise!", ndio maana hawa kina Karimagi na the likes kina Masha, na Diallo wamepewa wizara za mlo na bila manaibu wawili ili warudishe hela zao za kampeni, that is all guys!
Mzee ES, hizi ni habari nzito tena kubwa na za kutisha!! Kesho nitapata nafasi ya kuwauliza hawa waandishi wetu ni kitu gani kinachowafanya kuogopa kuuliza maswali yenye kina na badala yake wamebakia kuwafuatilia watu wachache usiku kucha!! Ila hili la waziri kumzidi kete jamaa nalo ni kali kama nini....

Tatizo ni kuwa watanzania tumezoea viongozi uchwara, na hatuko tayari kuwawekea kiwango cha juu cha utendaji. Mediocrity is being toleraed while incompetence is rewarded! Nchi ya namna hiyo haitafika mbali... Mzee ES nipe data na zitawekwa hadharani bwana....
Mzee Mwanakijiji,

Kama unataka kujua ni kwa nini waandishi wa habari wanacheza dana dana, kwanza fuatlia ma-DC waliochaguliwa, kuna waandishi waliopewa u-DC, na kuna wanaosubiri ahadi zao kina Salva Rweyemamu,

leo ukiona waandishi wanamuandama kiongozi yoyote wa awamu hiii, ujue huyo sio mtandao, sasa hata wasiokuwa mtandao wamejifunza na wameanza kuwalipa waandishi wetu mbuzi,

Habari kama hizi za Karimagi zilipaswa kuwa kichwa cha habari hasa kufuatilia hizo kauli za kipumbavu alizozitoa kuhusu JK, lakini kimyaaaaaaaa!
Mzee Es
Habari hizi zimenfanay chai imeshindwa kupita na hata akili kuwaza imeisha kabisa .Mimi nilisema nyuma kwamba JK hana nidhamu na mwil na hata ndoa yake analala hovyo na wanawake hawezi kuwa kiongozi wetu safi watu wakasema ana sura nzuri na tabasamu kubwa iko kazi sasa .

Kuna mambo nafuatilia naona magazeti yako kimya na JK yuko kimya .Uranium imekamatwa TZ ikiwa inaelekea Iran kivipi? Jk unataka kutupeleka pabaya ndugu .Kitendo cha media kuwa kimya na wapinzani kubanwa kinaleta hisia mbaya sana .Bora Mkapa alikuwa mbabe lakinij baadhi ya habari zilisikika na akaonyesha ubabe wazi wazi kuliko huyu anayetumia kila aina ya njia kuziba ukweli .

JK kweli umeamua kuwa betray wapiga kura wako na watanzania ambao walifikia kukuita wewe ni Nabii kuna nini ? Mimi nilisema CCM haina maana hata JK hana maana ni mtu wa humo ndani miaka yote watu wakadhani nina roho mbaya .Nilikuwa kwenye kibanda nanyoa nywele baarabara hii Arusha Nairobi hapa wanapo osha magari .Akaja mzee mmoja yeye alikuwa ni mtu Ntagazwa akasema yeye kakaa sana kwenye system na alifanya kazi na Mwalimu na hadi anafanya kazi kwenye system aliahidi kutomchagua muhuni .Akiwa na maana ya JK alisema uchafu wa Dodoma wote na akasema hana uhakika kama miaka 5 ya kwanza itakuwa salaam maana Nchi uongozi umepatikana ma udhalimu na pesa na uganga wa kienyeji.Sasa haya ni maneno ya mzee leo kuna Kirimagi kuchukua mke wa mtu na JK anatoa baraka za kumpa u DC shame on your JK na unafiki wako .
Waandishi wa Bongo hawawezi kusema chochote. Wameshanunuliwa. Rai lilikuwa gazeti makini na independent lakini nasikia Rostum ameshalinunua na kuungwa mkono na Salva
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