Convenient and comfortable Stair lifts


JF Admin
Feb 26, 2006

Stair lifts are a great invention that provides safety while moving up and down the stairs. With a stair lift, you can be assured of the thing that the elderly or disabled people in your home or business are safe and protected and able to move more independently. Products from ThyssenKrupp Stairlifts, available at Tchibo, provide significantly greater autonomy and security in your home. They are offering two types of stair lift models, the Guarantor and the Flow. The Guarantor is a stair lift for straight stairs while the Flow is a winding stair lift for stairs. Priced at €4,995 and available in 5 upholstery colors, the Guarantor offers extreme space at 27.5 cm distance collapsible wall and is able to accommodate 1 person weighing 135kg. Other salient features include simple and safe operation, fast and professional installation, and comfortable seat with a safety belt. On the other hand, the €13,995 Flow comes in six different colors and features fully automatic revolving seat for easy boarding and disembarking. There is no limitation on corners and curves. Both the stair lifts are meant for indoor operations and come with 5 years service and maintenance warranty.
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