Complete Transcript: Osama Bin Laden To The Peoples Of The West


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Nov 27, 2007
Complete Transcript: Osama Bin Laden To The Peoples Of The West
May 27, 2008
The Jihad Media Battalion has released the complete transcript of Sheikh Osama Bin Laden's last address titled "To the peoples of the West" that comes on the 60th anniversary of the founding of the Zionist state on Palestinian land. Here is the complete transcript, published uncut and uncensored by JUS.

We remind our viewers that the opinions and points of view expressed in this statement are those of the author and shall not be deemed to mean that they are necessarily those of JUS, the publisher, editor, writers, contributors or staff

To the Islamic Ummah (Nation)

In the Name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful

All the praises and thanks be to Allah, the Lord of the "Alamîn" (mankind, jinn and all that exists).

And peace be upon our prophet Muhamad, his family and all his companions.

Dear Muslim Ummah:

Assalam Alaikom Wa Rahmatu Allah Wa Barakatuh

The celebration of the 60th anniversary of the founding of the Zionist Entity on the extorted land of Palestine by the Jews with the participation of Western leaders, confirms clearly that the values of justice, freedom and humanity are nothing but empty slogans used to deceive the weak (ill-treated) peoples. These slogans mask the reality of the dominant law in this epoch; it is the law of the jungle, the law in which the strong eat the weak, the law of the predator lions. If you are not a wolf you will be eaten by other wolves ,the strongest survive, and the powerless become easy prey. The weak have no place under this law even if they are right, while the strong are the absolute masters even if they are wrong.

O my Muslim Ummah! It has been nine decades since Palestine became in the hands of the Christians and-later- the Jews. If those who lived in that period went to Allah's Judgment(i.e. passed away), if the governors and kings sacrificed Palestine and al-Aqsa to save their thrones - which is proved by the facts and documents-, if many scholars have chosen to be submitted to the governors in order to save their fame and positions, claiming that it is in the interest of the" Dawaa", and if all these "masters" and "leaders" gave up the Palestinian issue, we are not exempt from the responsibility before Allah, each one of us is responsible for the death of our afflicted people in Gaza.

Dozens and dozens of people have died because of this oppressive blockade which must be broken primarily by the Egyptian heroes who are the only people having frontiers with Gaza, so they have to break this blockade and overthrow the arrogant hardhearted governor of Egypt ,and killer of the children of Gaza, who is similar to Hamaan and Pharaoh who killed the children of "Bany Israel", may Allah retaliate upon him and his supporters.

To avoid more unsuccessful attempts to free Palestine, as those of the previous decades ,the generation of nowadays should ponder the reasons behind such failures and learn a lesson from them. Here I will mention some spots on the defect to overcome them. To start I say:

The Ummah was not defeated because of the fewness of the truthful persons whishing to volunteer and make Jihad to retrieve Palestine, but because the majority of its people had no knowledge of the new political situation after the falling of the Ottoman State. Since that time, the decisions in the region have been taken by the crusaders who have appointed their agents as leaders of our countries, and the Ummah thought that those agents were its legitimate leaders who would take care of its interests, and people trusted them and believed that they would fulfill their duties and retrieve Palestine, and that
was a big mistake.

Here I would like to give an example to summarize and clarify the situation of the Ummah, it was like the cattle in an insecure land under the protection of the shepherd who behaves improperly to his herd but he still protects it from wolves. But his enemies gathered on him and killed him to be replaced with wolves from our compatriots who are in reality our enemies, so these new shepherds have harmed the sheep and goats who hope daily to be secure from the wolves that devour them, but their hope is in vain. Could a wise man doubt that this hope is not in its convenient place? This is our status.

The Ottoman State despite its great defects, was protecting the Ummah from the crusader Western wolves, then Britain acted in collusion with some Arab leaders ,at the head of them al-Sharif Hussain and his sons, and the king Abdul al-Aziz Aal-Saud. They colluded with Britain to fight and overthrow the Ottoman State, and that what happened. Then Britain appointed agents to carry out its policies and protect its interests at our expense.

It would be sheer folly to think that the agents of the crusader-Zionist alliance will stop fighting our religion or stealing our wealth, they are like wolves which will never stop devouring sheep
He who slumbers whilst grazing sheep in the land of beasts;
The lions will graze them in place of him (i.e. will eat his sheep)

And if the fault of our nation today is that it hasn't done what it's supposed to do in facing the agents of the crusaders and getting rid of their danger, but it still has many sincere sons who when realizing the subordination of the Muslim countries' rulers to America, they loathed them , deserted them and joined Islamic groups that call for the ruling by Islam, returning back the" Khilafah" and retrieval of Palestine.

The truth is that the leaders of these Islamic groups found that it was too heavy burden, and also the rulers didn’t permit them to work for their aims, and they excreted pressure on them and obligated them to give up the legitimate approach ; the Jihad which would have enabled them to establish the Islam state, or they would be tortured or killed. So they-these leaders- chose giving up Jihad, moreover, they termed fighting the apostate rulers "violence", and they insulted this Jihad and the Mujahedeen all together, but Allah is That Who assists and helps us.

In fact, these leaders got those who wanted to get rid of the subordination to the rulers back to recognize and be obedient to them again, claiming falsely that it would be for the sake of "Dawa" and Islam. That is why we still have many sincere sons of this nation in the same vicious circle where the Ummah has been in the last ninety years.

O my Muslim nation, Isn't it the time now for you to get out from this labyrinth?! The inflicting wounds have greatly weakened you and the great losses have greatly exhausted you, and you are still following every stubborn tyrant!
Isn't it the time now to get rid of and disavow the Arabian and non Arabian apostate rulers from Indonesia to Mauritania? For the way to the pride, dignity, glory , happiness and retrieving Palestine is clear and manifest in Allah's religion. This way was the way which "Salahuddin al-Ayyobi", the Muslim hero, took.

Let us make a small comparison between his deeds and those of the Arabian rulers through the past decades, so the way to retrieve Palestine -Allah willing- will be clear.

First: Salahuddin held fast to the rulings of Islam and read Allah's words : { Then fight (O Muhammad) in the Cause of Allâh, you are not tasked (held responsible) except for yourself, and incite the believers (to fight along with you), it may be that Allâh will restrain the evil might of the disbelievers. And Allâh is Stronger in Might and Stronger in punishing. }(84:4).Hence he realized that the way to stop the evil might of the disbelievers is fighting for the sake of Allah. But the rulers of the Arabs have ignored the rulings of Islam and followed the rulings of America, which require that the Aayat (verses) of Jihad and fighting must be excluded from the curricula of schools, and that we should surrender under the name of peace. Hence all of them chose making peace with the Zionist entity as a strategic choice, and what a bad choice it was!

Second: Salahuddin used to accompany the Muslim pious scholars, seeking knowledge even in the battle fields in order to put it in practice, and used to help them to encourage the Ummah to fight the crusaders. On the other hand, the Arabian rulers have had the scholars bound by their jobs to hide the truth, and anyone refuses that will be imprisoned. They opened the media ways to the bad scholars to discourage youth from doing Jihad , distort the image of the Mujahedeen and fix the subordination to the apostate rulers by claiming that they are legal rulers.

Third: Salahuddin killed the emirs and their supporters who had fought on the side of the crusaders against Muslims, despite those emirs used to say" La Ilaha Illa Allah", but he knew that when they had fought against Muslims, along with the crusaders ,they nullified the" shahada" and got out the fold of Islam. In contrast to that, the Arabian rulers have fought side by side with Bush under the banner of the Cross and Christianity against Islam and Muslims, claiming that they are fighting against terrorism, and this is clear apostasy. Still, when the Mujahedeen fight against them, they accuse them of being" khawareg".

Fourth: Salahuddin welcomed the youth who volunteered to fight, and he didn’t set the agreement of the king of Britain or his agents as a condition for beginning the Jihad, while the mufti (interpreter of Islamic law) in the Land of the Two Holy Mosques along with a group of official and semi official scholars ,headed by the former "Sahwa"(awakening) leader, have set the agreement of the Americans' agent in Riyadh as a condition of fighting against America. And the Prophet(PBUH) said:" “If you feel no shame, then do as you wish.”

As for Egypt, the Muslim Brotherhood Guide-General requires the approval of the Americans' agent in Cairo (Hosni Mubarak) to send 10.000 men to fight the Jews!
What a disregard for the minds of the youth is this !

And in Lebanon, Nasrullah says that he does not want money, because he claims to have pure money, as well he claims that he doesn't need men because he has enough of them, however the truth is the reverse of that, for if he was truthful in having enough men and money, then why didn't he go on fighting to liberate Palestine and free our people there from the hands of the Jews?

On contrary, he welcomed the crusader troops to protect the Jews !The truth was revealed by the former secretary of "Hizbullah" party ,"Sobhi Tufayli", who said that "Kofi Annan" came to Lebanon and met the leaders of the party to adjust the agreement between the party and the Zionist entity, this is why the party rejected the volunteers of mujahedeen, because this contradicted the agreement. Hence, it has become clear regarding the difference between the approach taken by "Salahuddin al Ayyobi" in fighting the infidels and repulsing them, and the one taken now by the Arabian leaders which is the approach of surrender to the enemy. Also, the approach taken by the scholars, parties and sects that ally the governments has become clear, it is the manifest straying. So don't be deceived by those people, even if they raise the banner of 'Islam is the solution', for they contradict it when they recognize and ally the governments, they resemble a man who has embraced Islam, and says that Islam is the solution, and at the same time he says that "Abu Jahl" and the rest of "Quraish" leaders are his legitimate governors, and accepts the non- Islamic legislations and rules of "Darul Nadwah", could any reasonable Muslim doubt that such a person has gone astray from the right path?!

And when I describe the Islamic sects with what they are in reality, that will be out of advice and care for the nation, to warn it from going wrong, for the soundness of the methodology comes prior to the safety of the countries, sects and people. And if the safety of those seems to be contradictory with the soundness of the methodology, then it will be illusory safety, for the true safety comes by following the methodology of the Prophet PBUH which was revealed by Allah .Cajoling the falsehood –as well as being a sin- encourages others to take the wrong path, thinking that they are supporting the religion, while supporting the religion comes only by following His revelation not by following the inventions of the innovators in Allah's religion. Those cajolers will not free Jerusalem, who will free Jerusalem are the youth who believe in their Lord and He increased them in guidance, the youth who give priority to al-Walaa and al-Baraa (allying believers and disavowing disbelievers) over the kings and princes, the youth who don’t wait the permission of their head people if they preferred not to fight, and who don’t submit to the fatwa of their scholars when they deviate, the youth who receive their beliefs and orders not from the legislations of the United nation, or from what is called "international law", or the "tagoots" of east, and not from deviated scholars or sects' leaders .Their source of receipt is not the political analyses from the tendentious media which don't follow the rulings of Allah, media that mock at Allah's religion under the name of humor, and spread atheism under the name of freedom of expression and seek to distort the image of the Mujahdeen and let them down.

However , their source of receipt is Allah's book (Quran) and Sunnah (prophetic traditions), and when the trees and stones call them "O Muslim, O Allah's slave.. this is a Jew behind me, come and kill him", they rush like a shooting star, beheading enemies, and they prefer death to ask permission from a "taghut"- or his allies- to implement the
order of Allah and His messenger (PBUH).

In conclusion, I say that the way to liberate Palestine is clear and obvious theoretically, however when it comes to actions on the ground, disputes grow up, for it is well-known that there is no way to free Palestine except by fighting the so-called "Islamic" governments and parties, which surround the Jews on all sides, but keep us away from reaching them. But when that happens, many people will shout : "How could you kill those who say La Ilaha Illa Allah?!"

And if such people had been in power at the time of "Salahuddin al-Ayobi", they would have hindered him from taking practical steps to free Jerusalem, and then al-Aqsa mosque would have remained for centuries in captivity. Such people may be ignorant about their religion , for all the companions –may Allah be pleased with them- agreed unanimously on fighting those who refused to pay "zakat", despite they said "La Ilaha Illa Allah" and performed the rest of the rituals of Islam. How then about rulers who have replaced Islam with man-made laws, who are fighting side by side with the crusaders against Muslims? Another possibility, those people may be cowards and can't afford fighting the enemy and bear the costs and difficulties of Jihad, such as leaving one's people and homeland. Or may be they simply don't realize, for the rulers are not ruling with Allah's rulings, and they have reached their thrones with rather a military coup or armed support from outside, then such people order us not to bear arms! I say, nobody gives up his arms voluntarily except that who has his chivalry weakened and his religion deviated.

For the Mujahdeen have heard what Allah says : { Of the believers are men who are true to the covenant which they made with Allah: so of them is he who accomplished his vow, and of them is he who yet waits, and they have not changed in the least.}(33.23) The weapon was in the hands of the faithful men, the companions, may Allah be pleased with them, whether those who gained martyrdom or the others who survived, and the same we are holding fast the covenant and we will not change in the least, Allah willing.

O Muslim youth, there is no solution but the Jihad for sake of Allah, to free Palestine and al-Aqsa mosque and to return back the khilafah, Allah willing. So rush to the battle fields and specially Palestine which is the nearest, and I assure you that the Zionist entity above the land of Palestine is a very weak one and has many weak points. And they (i.e. Zionists) know that their entity lacks the essential elements of survival - since they are within a large Islamic vicinity - without the aid and support from the West and its agents of the region's rulers.

And this is exactly the cause of this entity's survival as well as it has never been subjected to a serious war launched to free Palestine .Some people may say that the Arabs have fought several wars against the Jews but they haven't taken Palestine back. I say that who is aware about the reality of such wars will be sure that none of them was a real one, and none of them was launched in the cause of liberating Palestine. In addition to that, all these wars lacked the conditions required for success

And it is enough to know that the commander-in-chief of all the Arab armies participating in the first war sixty years ago –known as the war of 48 - was a British officer named " Glubb". Could any sane person believe that the Arabs were serious to recover Palestine? It was Britain which handed over Palestine to the Jews, and appointed that officer to be the leader of the Jordanian army, and he was the real leader, and the previous king "Abdullah ben al-Sharif" had nothing but the title and flag. So this war was nothing but a pretence and it is a model of treason.

For they –directly after this war- accepted the immediate armistice and later the permanent one.

There was no war against Jews which was fairly prepared except the one of "10th of Ramadan", however the main concern of the supreme commander of this war, the former Egyptian president "Anwar al-Sadat", was recovering Sinai, not liberating Palestine, and it did happen.

And about the war in south Lebanon two years ago, in which the Jews incurred heavy losses, when being classified properly, it was a self-defense war, not for the liberation of Palestine.

Thus, it is clear now that the survival of the Zionist entity till now is not due to its strength, however it is because that the neighboring governments don't resist or fight against it, apart from it is being protected by them due to its weakness.

And I assure you that the Zionist entity can't withstand one tenth of the efforts put into the fighting against the Russians by the Mujahedeen in Afghanistan, or one tenth of those made by the Mujahedeen today against America and its agents in Iraq.

O my nation! All these efforts are your sons', not the governments', so trust Allah then trust yourself and stick to the path of Jihad.

And you must know that the weakness of the Zionist entity only is not enough to annihilate it, for the decayed tree despite being weak, must be subjected to force to fall down, and I hope you will be that force which will annihilate the Zionist entity, Allah willing.

O Muslim youth:

Our aspirations are asking me:" for what is the cowardice and frailty?"

While we are led by harmful policies that spoil our lives.
Aimed at weakening our belief and here is the danger.
O my brother !you are a major power, fighting infidels is your duty.

How could you fear death though it has your heaven!
The religion won't go strengthened by voting and elections.
I swear, nothing helps except fighting.

All praise and thanks are due to Allah.
And may the peace and blessings of Allah be upon our Prophet Muhammad, his family and his companions in entirety.

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