Compatibility Issues btn Win VISTA and Win Svr 2003

Yona F. Maro

Nov 2, 2006
Hi guys. Am asking for your HELP/ADVICE here.

I have a network, where by some Of the workstation are installed with Windows Vista, and DC Server is installed with Windows Server 2003.

Have come to realise to strange things:

1. When ever a user log in to the domain/server from a workstation with Win VISTA, a new folder "user.v2" is created on the users' profile folder on the Server. This folder "user.v2" is empty.

2. Whatever a user did On the workstation (installed with WinVista), does not update itself Of her/his rooming folder (both "user" and "user.v2" folders) on the server.

Previously, while was using workstation with WinXP, everthing was fine.
I have not touched MS systems in a minute but here is what they say.

Compatibility with previous user profiles
The user profile namespace used in Windows XP is identical to the one used in Windows 2000, making interoperability between the operating systems transparent. However, the significant changes in the Windows Vista profile namespace create a challenge. These significant changes prevent Windows Vista from loading user profiles from previous versions of Windows. Also, previous versions of Windows do not load Windows Vista user profiles. Therefore, Windows Vista roaming user profiles will add "v2" to the end of the profile folder. The "v2" is to used isolate Windows Vista roaming user profiles from roaming user profiles created by previous operating systems. You can find more information about user profile interoperability with Windows XP user profiles later in this document.
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