Chinese link up with Canadian firm to seek minerals in Tanzania


Feb 11, 2006

China is partnering with Canadian firm Douglas Lake Minerals Inc in the exploration of minerals in Tanzania.

The Chinese are interested in exploring and developing gold, copper, nickel, uranium and diamond mining projects in Tanzania.

Already, a delegation of Chinese geologists has inspected Douglas Lake’s properties in Canada, and is expected in Tanzania to inspect the Canadian firm’s properties in the country.

Harp Sangha, president of Douglas Lake, said the firm has finalised details of the itinerary for a visiting delegation of senior geologists from three Chinese mining institutes — the Tianjin Institute of Geology and Mineral Resources, the Tianjin Geological Research Institute and the Tianjin Institute of Northern China Geological Exploration.

Mr Sangha said after completing due diligence, the Chinese said they wanted to look at Douglas Lake’s properties in Tanzanian.

The Tianjin Institute of Geology and Mineral Resources and its partners are subsidiaries of the China Geological Survey, a department of the Chinese Ministry of Land and Resources.

Established in the early 1960s, the institute deals with special geological projects conducted in China and worldwide.

The institute currently has 380 professionals, most with advanced degrees and some with international renown.

Douglas Lake has been exploring and developing gold, copper, nickel, uranium and diamond mining opportunities in Tanzania.

Over the past three years, the company has assembled an extensive portfolio of mineral properties and a technical team to guide its growth.

During 2007-08, Douglas Lake will focus on developing and drilling the Musoka, KM7, and Ashanti SW gold properties as well as its uranium properties near the Malawi-Tanzania border.

Source: Nation Media
I think we should be very careful with chinese investors, See what they have done at sam nujma road and other projects, most of their products are of sub standard.My caution is we have to keep our eyes wide open when we are entering into contracts with Chinese.
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